Top 67 Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2024: Definitive Guide

Top 67 Digital marketing interview questions and answers are here. If you are preparing your next round of interviews and want to nail down what it takes to succeed, this Guide is for you! A must-read for any digital marketer with aspirations of climbing the corporate ladder.

digital marketing question and answers

Top 67 Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2024 : (Definitive Guide)

Do you want to get the job of your dreams? so, you’ll have to start by getting a job interview for Digital marketing. However, since the hiring process can be nerve-wracking, you need to prepare for your interview.

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We put together a list of the top 67 digital marketing interview questions and answers to make this easier for you. This is a perfect guide to digital marketing interview questions for freshers.

Interviews are an essential part of the hiring process in today’s workplace. From deciding on a potential candidate to assessing their skills and offering them a position, interviews play an essential role in hiring. this is the best Digital marketing questions for interview.

Because of this, interview questions have become one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a candidate is qualified for a position. 

If you are preparing your next round of interviews and want to nail down what it takes to succeed, this Guide is for you! A must-read for any digital marketer with aspirations of climbing the corporate ladder.

The future of digital marketing is very bright, and career opportunities in this field are very high. After reading this interview questions for digital marketing Guide, you will crack your Interview because we provide the most asked Digital marketing interview questions and answers Guide. So, let’s Get started:-

digital marketing question and answers

1. Explain Digital Marketing in Simple Words?

Digital marketing is all about brand marketing through internet media. SEO, S.E.M., link building, email marketing, P.P.C., affiliate marketing, and more techniques are included.

2. What is Customer Journey?

The customer journey is the collection of experiences that customers have when interacting with your business and brand. Instead of focusing on only one aspect of a transaction or event, the customer journey captures the entire experience.

 Stages of Customer Journey 

  1. Consideration
  2. Conversion
  3. Retention and Advocacy
  4. Retention
  5. Advocacy
  6. Awareness

3. What does funnel mean in Marketing?

A marketing funnel is a set of steps that leads prospects through the buyer’s journey. The funnel assists marketing teams in planning and measuring efforts to attract, engage, and convert leads using content and other marketing assets such as landing pages and advertising.

4. What is a Persona in Digital Marketing?

A persona is a comprehensive profile of your present customers that identifies who they are and what motivates them to purchase, including physical and emotional demands. It is more than a job title and extends beyond conventional demographic questions.

How to Create a Persona:-

Demographic: Describes the fundamental structure in terms of geography, income, level of education, and other commonly used descriptive qualities.

Psychographic: This is concerned with an individual’s values, beliefs, interests, aspirations, attitudes, and behaviors.

Ethnographic: Involves participant observation, in which insights are derived through seeing individuals going about their regular lives and picking up on what is not said clearly.

Transactional: Provides insight into a customer’s history, including direct and indirect purchases and post-sale service records.

Behavioral: Collects data passively due to customer contact with websites, mobile devices, and other media, content, and channels, demonstrating how consumers connect during a relationship.

Interest: The areas in which your persona demonstrates a greater level of interest. Are they receptive to your goods or service?

5. Why is Digital Marketing Booming and what are the advantages of that?

Thanks to digital marketing, businesses may now begin targeting their marketing resources to the right individuals via the proper channels.

This results in the most efficient utilization of resources and increased conversion rates. As a result, it has become a vital aspect of virtually all enterprises today.

And, particularly in the aftermath of the covid-19 outbreak, digital marketing has become a requirement. It is one of the most effective ways to contact your target market while they are at home and spending a lot of time online in an ideal world.

Explain to interviewer

Demonstrate how the continual introduction has facilitated marketers’ efforts and, more crucially, how precise targeting has become in the modern era. Discuss how you can reach a broader global audience while simultaneously categorizing them according to particular criteria.

Another point worth noting is the relative price of web marketing versus traditional marketing.

Additionally, highlight how there are tools available today to analyze and track the efficacy of your digital marketing campaigns, which enables you to make adjustments and determine what works and what doesn’t.


6. What are the Different Types of Digital Marketing?

Types of Digital Marketing are:-

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. E-commerce Marketing
  7. Advertising
  8. copywriting
  9. website planning
  10. ad designing

7. Explain the Categories of Digital Marketing?

There are primarily two types of digital marketing:– 

Inbound Marketing: This method leverages social media digital material in the form of e-books, webinars, or e-newsletters to increase link clicks and educate visitors about a firm and its services.

Outbound Marketing: It entails placing advertisements, making cold calls, sending emails, or reaching out to potential customers via digital channels.

8. Best Digital Marketing Tools Which you love to use?

Tell the interviewer about the tools you are already using and describe their features. however, my recommendation for the most excellent tools (which I am already using) is as follows:-

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Canva
  • Ubersuggest
  • google trend
  • mailchimp
  • google analytics
  • buffer
  • Content Idea Generator
  • MOZ
  • Blog Topic Generator
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Canva
  • Ubersuggest
  • google trend
  • google analytics
  • buffer
  • Content Idea Generator
  • MOZ
  • Blog Topic Generator

9. What are the Organic ways to Increase Website Traffic?

The Most popular and successful ways for increasing organic traffic to your website are as follows:

  • Content marketing
  • Writing crisp headlines
  • On-page SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Content optimization
  • Targeting long-tail keywords
  • Guest blogging
  • Seeking referral traffic
  • Posting content on LinkedIn
  • Linking Internally
  • Email marketing

10. How Digital Marketing is Different From Branding?

The primary differences between marketing and branding:-

When it comes to expanding your business, digital branding is the first step. You can’t advertise your product until you have a strong brand.

Digital marketing techniques evolve with the product and with time. However, digital branding techniques must be implemented indefinitely to acquire customers’ trust.

Digital branding impacts your employees just as much as it does on your customers. When a team is a part of an important brand, they work harder to bring it to the next level of development.

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11. Do you have any plans to Grow our company?

To begin, you must inquire as to what the employer’s specific purpose is.  Ask all of the pertinent questions. Go ahead and research their competition and examine their strategies. Take your time and come up with a smart solution.

12. Explain how will you Increase Traffic on our Website?

I Will Use these Strategies to Increase Website Traffic:-

  • Paid advertising
  • Display advertising
  • SEO activities
  • Guest blogging
  • posting on Social media sites
  • write content writing
  • catchy headline
  • Internal linking
  • Email marketing
Difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

13. What is SEO? How important It is?

SEO refers to the practice of optimising your website so that it appears more prominently when people search for items or services connected to your company on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

SEO is basically a practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher on the search engine result pages.

This signifies that you have to optimize both content and the corresponding HTML source code and the best part about this is it generates effective traffic on your website with the most useful on-page SEO steps.

14. What are the Different Types of SEO?

White hat SEO is the most widely used SEO strategy since it employs tactics and procedures to boost a site’s search engine rankings that do not violate search engine standards.

Black hat SEO takes advantage of different flaws in search engines’ algorithms to achieve high rankings. Black hat SEO does not conform with the search engines’ SEO rules. Keyword stuffing, link spam, hidden text, and hidden links are examples of black hat SEO practices. 

Grey hat SEO: Grey hat SEO is neither black nor white; instead, it is a grey area between the two. It is a transition from black SEO strategies to white SEO techniques and back again.

On-page- SEO

15. What is On-page and Off-page SEO?

On-Page SEO: It is basically a practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher on the search engine result pages.

This signifies that you have to optimize both content and the corresponding HTML source code and the best part about this is it generates effective traffic on your website with the most useful on-page SEO steps. 

Off-Page SEO:-anything and everything that happens outside your website that is purposely done to raise the ranking of your webpage on various search engines and increase its reach is considered as Off-Page SEO. Now read it below in detail.

Off-page SEO deals with the actions that are made outside your website to improve ranking on the SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages).

It has everything to do with link building, social presence and many others that do not really have to be present on the page.


16. What are Backlinks? How You Can Earn backlinks?

we can define backlinks as links from one website page to another website. If you’re reading a blog post and you click on a link and it takes you to another website, That’s actually a backlink. Backlinks are sometimes also called ‘inbound links’ or ‘incoming links’. 

The easiest way to imagine backlinks is to think of them as votes.The more votes you get from reliable sources, the higher the trust. It simply means the more high-quality backlinks your page has, the higher your content is gonna rank on Google or other search engines.

 To rank high on google you need high authority backlinks, like edu backlink, govt. sites, high DA sites backlinks etc..


Backlinks help search engines discover your pages faster. 

It helps Google and other search engines determine which pages should rank the highest for a given query.

Links to your website can give you more visitors through referral traffic. 

17. Best SEO tools for Website?

Best Time saving SEO tools are:-

  • MOZ Pro
  • Ahrefs
  • Majestic SEO tools
  • SpyFu
  • Google search console
  • SEO quake
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google analytics
  • Answer the public
  • Rank Math
  • Yoast SEO
  • keyword explorer

18. What is 301 and 302 Redirect?

301 Redirect is an HTTP status code that web servers send to browsers. A 301 is a signal that there is a long-term redirect from one URL to another. All users who request an old URL will be automatically sent to a new one.

302 Redirect informs search engines that a website or page has been moved for a short period.If you want to send people to a new site or page for a short time, like when you’re updating your site. Then you can use 302 Redirect.

19. What is Panda update?

  • The Google Panda was introduced in 2011 to penalise thin or poor content.
  • Content duplication
  • Pages with a low content-to-ad ratio
  • Pages providing a lot of general information
  • Content with limited information

20. What is Penguin update?

Google launched the “webspam algorithm update” in 2012, which specifically targeted link spam and manipulative link building practices.

The Penguin update primarily aims to combat webspam and optimise search results for users. This enhancement was made possible by higher-quality content and improved technical website performance.

21. What is Hummingbird algorithm?

In 2013 Google Introduced Hummingbird, a new search platform. This update transformed Google search because it helped to give meaning to the words people typed in their queries.

Instead of simply matching words in the query to words in the search results, the new algorithm attempts to understand the meaning of the query and match it with relevant results.

22. What is RankBrain update in SEO?

RankBrain is Google’s core algorithm that employs machine learning to identify the most relevant search engine results.

23. What is Medic update in SEO?

Google’s Medic Update was an attempt by the search engine giant to recognise authority and knowledge online. This is accomplished by utilising the algorithm’s key ranking parameters to ensure that quality, authoritative, and expert material is ranked in search results.

24. What is Bert update in SEO?

This algorithm is called Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, or BERT.

According to Google, “These improvements are oriented around improving language understanding, particularly for more natural language/conversational queries, as BERT is able to help Search better understand the nuance and context of words in Searches and better match those queries with helpful results.

Particularly for longer, more conversational queries, or searches where prepositions like “for” and “to” matter a lot to the meaning, Search will be able to understand the context of the words in your query. You can search in a way that feels natural for you.”

25. What is Google's MUM update?

The Google Multitask Unified Model (MUM) upgrade attempts to meet current search expectations by improving online search capacity using an AI-powered algorithm.

MUM is artificial intelligence (AI) meant to evaluate and produce information as humans do. In June of 2021, it was released.

26. What Is Goole EAT?

E-A-T means Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Google wants to make sure that when you search for anything, you receive not just the accurate search results that best match the intent of your query, but also high-quality results, with material generated by people who know what they’re talking about on websites you can trust.

Why is it important to reach Customers on their Mobiles when Advertising locally

27. Why Mobile-friendly content is important for indexing?

Digital is the new future and advertisers globally are moving or shifting most of their annual budget towards this new branch to spend about most of their budget, in 2022 alone advertisers globally are planning to spend about $275 million which is 5 times of the same spend in 2015. 

A lot of attention is paid to Google’s mobile-first indexing. And Google wants a better user experience, which will lead to more sales. It is Important to reach customers on their mobile.


28. What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a practical approach for companies of all sizes to reach out to prospects and customers. People discover, learn about, follow, and buy from brands on social media.

29. What is pay per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click or in short PPC is an online advertising concept which makes advertisers pay only when a user or reader clicks on the advertisement running on any online platform or website. A business generally bids for the PPC ads based on its budget and pays per click.

Hence, a business is only charged for the PPC advertising when a user or reader clicks through that advertisement on the website as the name reads “pay per click” or PPC ads.


30. What is Google adwords?

Google AdWords is a Google digital advertising tool that allows companies to reach their customers quickly. Advertisers use this service to promote their product on google and its advertising network.

Adwords allows businesses to specify a budget for ads, and payments are made when individuals click on the advertisements.

31. Can You tell us about some Adwords Extensions names?

Adwords Extensions Name are:-

  1. Call extensions
  2. Lead Form Extensions
  3. Location Extension
  4. Price Extension
  5. Callout Extension
  6. Promote extension
  7. Structured snippet extension
  8. Sitelink extension
  9. Affiliate location extension
  10. App extension
  11. Message Extensions
  12. Automated ad extensions
  13. Dynamic sitelink extensions
  14. Seller ratings extensions

32. Tell us Best Social Media Platforms To Run Ads?

Best Social media platforms to run ads:-

The more targeted you become on Facebook, the more likely you will capture a share of those billions of monthly users. If your target audience is B2B rather than B2C, LinkedIn may be the most cost-effective social media advertising platform.

If your target audience is B2B rather than B2C, LinkedIn may be the most cost-effective social media advertising platform.

LinkedIn stands out among the top social networks as a meeting place for business leaders.

Given that 69 percent of LinkedIn US users earn $50,000 or more per year, this platform has the highest average disposable income and high-quality leads in specific industries.

YouTube reaches more people aged 18 to 49 than any other network or cable channel.

When traditional marketers wonder where their audience has gone, they should look no further than YouTube.

Furthermore, YouTube is more than just a video-sharing website. Sure, creating for YouTube and sharing it on other platforms will get you more bang for your buck, but the platform is a community.

Because YouTube has so many users creating and sharing content, it’s a great place to share unique advertising content. Product reviews, testimonials, walkthroughs, and exclusive demos can all help propel any business forward.

Instagram is an excellent platform for brands with visually appealing products easily incorporated into visual media. Instagram has a massive user base, albeit significantly younger than that of other advertising platforms.

So, if your company and target audience fit both of those criteria, Instagram advertising may be the best option for you.

Twitter is a popular social media channel globally, as the go-to platform for discovering breaking news and engaging with small and big-name influencers.

Tweets are automatically promoted to your target audience by Twitter. All you have to do is select a promotable Tweet from your timeline and specify your target audience, and Twitter will handle the rest.

Pinterest is a visually appealing platform with whimsical wedding photos, cooking videos, and fashion reels. However, with a 71 percent female user base, Pinterest is primarily geared toward women.

Given that Pinterest users use the platform to find and purchase products, Pinterest is one of the best platforms for social media advertising.

85 percent of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on brand Pins.

33. What is a Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design guarantees that online sites function effectively across various devices. Such as desktop, mobile, and tablet. It ensures that the user gets a positive viewing experience regardless of the device used to access your website.

34. What is CPA, CPM and CPC?

CPM (Cost Per Mille) is the cost an advertiser incurs for every 1,000 ad impressions.

CPC (Cost Per Click) is a metric that indicates the average cost an advertiser incurs each time a user clicks on an advertisement.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is the cost an advertiser incurs each time a conversion occurs.

35. Which Metrics is Important to measure in Paid Search Campaigns?

It is important to measure the metrics listed below.:-

  • Quality Score
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Impression share
  • Clicks

36. What is Look a Like Audience and Audience Insights?

Audience insights provide you with the information you need to know your consumers better. This information may reveal everything about your consumers, from their age and gender to where they reside and what they prefer.

You may also learn what they think about your business and what kind of material they enjoy the most.

Lookalike Audiences are a Facebook segmentation tool that may help you locate clients whose hobbies and demographics are similar to your current customers or followers

37. How will you do Research about Hashtags?

You may find trending hashtags on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Simply type #keyword, for example, #SEO, and trending hashtags will emerge. Aside from that, there are several hashtag tools accessible.

  • Hashtagify
  • KeyHole
  • RiteTag
  • Hootsuite
  • Buzzsumo
  • Socialert
  • Brand24
  • Hashtags

38. What is Quality Score and Ad rank?

Based on their relevancy, a quality score is assigned to your advertising, keywords, and landing pages. Your quality score will determine your CPC for the ad. CTR, landing page experience and relevance are the criteria that influence a quality score.

Ad Rank, in Which position your ad appears on a search engine results page, is referred to as Ad Rank (SERP). The first variable is your bid (how much you are ready to spend), the second is your quality score, the third is your landing page, and the fourth is your ad relevance.

Ad rank= CPC × Quality Score

39. How to get better Ad Position on Google?

Use these strategies for better ad position:-

  • Maximum Bidding
  • Focus on Relevant Ad
  • Extensions OnlyImprove Your
  • Quality Score
  • Ad Relevancy
  • Improving Landing page experience
  • Expected click-through rate 

40. What are the Types of Ads in Google?

Mainly Eight Types of google ads are:-

  1. Search Ads
  2. Display Ads
  3. Shopping Ads
  4. App Promotion Ads
  5. Local Ads
  6. Video Ads
  7. Call only Ads
  8. Smart Ads

41. Tell us Difference Between Fb ads and Google Ads?

Google Ads is perfect for demand capture — that is, reaching out to people who have a high level of buyer intent.

On the other hand, Facebook Advertisements is excellent for targeting customers towards the top of the funnel. The Facebook advertising platform is used for sponsored social campaigns on Facebook, whereas Google Ads runs search and display ads.

While they both run pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, they do so on distinct channels and frequently target customers at various phases of the buyer’s journey.

42. How Will you Recover From Google Penalties?

A manual penalty is imposed when Google’s spam team identifies your website for violating one or more of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Remove unnatural links from your site since Google dislikes exact match anchor text, and disavow those links using Google’s disavow tool in Search Console.

Algorithmic Penalty can occur due to an entirely new algorithm update or “data refreshes” of prior algorithm updates. Algorithm-based penalties are more challenging to discover than manual penalties since you do not receive a Search Console alert informing you that your site has been punished.

Types of Algorithmic Penalty

  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Mobile-friendliness 

After you’ve fixed the problem, you’ll have to wait. Google only executes data refreshes of these algorithms every few months, and your penalized site will not be able to recover until a data refresh concludes that the site no longer needs a penalty.

43. Tell us the Best Twitter tools, which one is your favorite?

I am using Twitonomy Currently For twitter because It provides information on anyone’s tweets, retweets, replies, and mentions. You may also see which users do not follow you back and obtain terms, hashtags, and URL statistics.

  • Twitter Analytics
  • Twitter Analytics Dashboard
  • TruFan
  • SocialBearing
  • Twitonomy
  • Foller.me
  • Audiense
  • LeadSift
  • Keyhole
  • Buzzsumo
  • Twitter Lists

44. Importance of Youtube in Digital Marketing?

Because 65 percent of people are visual learners, it has become a highly crucial social media marketing tool these days. By making intriguing videos, we can provide a complete image of the brand.

YouTube has millions of users that check in every day, giving it a vast audience. To reach a large number of users and visitors on YouTube, you should employ the website’s search engine optimization features.

Inputting the correct keywords and tags will not only assist your video reach your target audience but also help you gain organic traffic for your company website. Making videos on YouTube is far more efficient and cost-effective.

Spending on video production equipment is far more cost-effective than investing in traditional advertising platforms. In certain circumstances, a video on YouTube receives enough views to become a viral video.

Creating a complex, attention-grabbing, and current video for your organization will eventually provide your firm the most visibility, not only on YouTube but throughout the internet.

45. Tell us what KPIs you would use in Social Media Reporting?

Your social media analytics should assist you in determining the performance and ROI of your social media activities.

  • Clicks
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Brand Mentions
  • Profile Visit
  • Impressions
  • leads
  • Engagement
  • Reactions
  • Conversion
  • Reviews
  • Post Reach

46. What is Google Analytics and Google search console?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free online analytics service supplied by Google to assist you with examining your website traffic. Suppose you conduct any Marketing activities, such as search ads or social media ads. In that case, your users will most likely visit your website somewhere along the route if they come across your Marketing campaign. It is the best tool for providing almost exact data on your marketing activities.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free-of-cost service that assists you in optimizing the ranking of your website. You may use it to figure out how many people are accessing your website and how they find it, regardless of whether they are visiting via desktop or mobile. It also assists you in determining which pages on your website are the most popular. It can also help you locate and correct website issues, submit a Sitemap.

47. What is Google Web stories and Google News?

Google Web Stories is Own by Google. In the event of current topicality, results from Google searches – mostly news – are displayed prominently as a box in the organic search results. When a page is included in Google News, it receives significantly more traffic than conventionally indexed websites.

Web Stories are a web-based adaptation of the popular “Stories” format that combines video, audio, images, animation, and text to create a dynamic consumption experience.

These are similar to story features found on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms; however, the main difference is that Google Web Stories allow you to publish stories on your own website for as long as you like.

48. How will you get more social media Followers?

Best Ways to Increase Followers On Social Media:-

  • Create a Powerful Brand Identity
  • Engage with Your Fans
  • Use Share-Worthy Hashtags 
  • Post Helpful Content
  • Customer service should be prioritized.
  • Keep an eye on competitors
  • focus on Quality rather than quantity
  • Ignore the trolls.
  • Organize competitions
  • Please share more video content

49. What is AMP? Is it still Relevant?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) platform is an open framework that was created with the goal of providing a user-first approach for web content.

Because it is still one way to provide a speedy, mobile-friendly user experience, AMP will remain significant following Google’s Page Experience change. However, as previously said, AMP is not the only approach to gain traffic.

50. How do you Respond to Negative Comments?

Negative feedback is beneficial. It enables your organization to obtain the best results by improving and growing faster. That doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your web presence. A negative review can be turned into an opportunity to demonstrate that you care about customer happiness.

  • Address the client
  • If the issue they have with your company can be resolved, the reviewer will be more cooperative if you begin the conversation politely.
  • Please apologize to the consumer.
  • Understand the customer’s predicament.
  • Declare that you have solved the problem.
  • Request a Review Change from the Customer.
  • Accept Negative Feedback.

51. Tell us Why You choose this Digital Marketing Vacancy?

It is the moment to review the job posting and think about what piqued your interest in the position. It could be anything from the brand name to the opportunity, classification, location, or anything else.

For this digital marketing interview question, you should focus on the role and state that you have always wanted to work for one of the most excellent companies in the industry.

52. What are the Major challenges in Digital Marketing?

Major challenges in Digital Marketing

  • Creating High-Quality Leads
  • Understanding Your Target Audience
  • Creating a Content Marketing Plan
  • Mobile first Strategy
  • Creating Desirable Content
  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • Promote brand
  • Data Metrics and Useful Analytics
  • updated with Changing Digital Marketing Trends

53. What are the latest Trends in Digital Marketing?

These are the latest trends of Digital Marketing:-

  1. More importance on video and podcast content: Businesses rely on internet video content. However, it is not confined to YouTube. Short videos on Instagram and Facebook are now converting customers higher than image-centric posts on those networks. The same is true for podcasts.
  2. Personalized messaging: Highly customized marketing initiatives have already taken over the world of online marketing. Amazon is a prime example. On the other hand, businesses are developing innovative tactics to engage their customers.
  3. Voice search: With the introduction of Alexa, Siri, and Googlebot, consumers are rapidly migrating away from typing to search for products on the web.

54. Tell us 5 popular Email marketing Tools?

Popular Email Marketing Tools are:-

  1. Activecampaign
  2. Sendinblue
  3. ConvertKit
  4. Autopilot
  5. MailerLite

55. Do You know about 5Cs of Digital marketing?

5 C if Digital Marketing are:-

  1. Content
  2. Creativity
  3. Consistency
  4. Communication
  5. Client Customization

56. What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is a digital marketing technique that aims to reach as many people as possible through word-of-mouth and social sharing.

Any viral marketing strategy aims to develop content that is likely to be shared and presented by social media users with high networking potential.

57. How will you do Email Marketing Automation?

Email automation is a vital marketing automation tool that allows you to send the correct message to the right people at the right time, utilizing automated workflows, which is incredibly effective for lead nurturing and, ultimately, driving sales from potential and existing customers.


58. What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process through which you research popular search words that people type within search engines and add them strategically in your content so that the content appears higher on a search engine results page (SERP).

The keyword research process requires picking a niche for your content that is focused on a set of targeted keywords for which you want your content to rank.

59. Tell us Best Keyword Research Tools?

Most Popular Keyword Research Tools are:-

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google search console
  • KeywordTool.io
  • MOZ
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keywords Everywhere

60. What are the popular content types?

Popular Types of Content in 2022:-

  • Make Videos
  • Blogs
  • Ebooks
  • List Articles
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies
  • How-to Guide
  • Images
  • Reviews 
  • Contests

61. How will you find your target Audience on Social media?

Find Your Target Audience on Social Media:-

  • Create identities for your intended audience.
  • Survey Your Clients
  • Determine the Size of Your Target Audience
  • Locate and Communicate with Your Customers
  • Encourage greater discussion
  • Make a Well-Balanced Content Strategy
  • Create interesting posts
  • Pose questions
  • Motivate Yourself With Visual Quotes
  • Make promotional posts.
  • Distribute Educational Content
  • More video stuff should be posted

62. Differentiate between Content and Context in marketing

Content Marketing

The term “content” refers to information or a material part of a single production.

On the other hand, ‘quality content’ refers to a ‘topic written in impeccable language free of grammar errors.’

The word content is frequently used to refer to the substance or material dealt with in a speech or a work of art.

The term content is sometimes used to refer to a thing’s capacity or volume.

Context Marketing

In a play or a short story, the expression refers to context’ means a reference to a specific occasion.’

The adjectival pattern of the word context is ‘contextual,’ and it means relevant,’ or something about an occasion or a location.’

The term “contextual advertising” refers to “advertising is done in response to the relevance of the location or the occasion.”


63. How do you calculate the ROI of Marketing?

To calculate the ROI of your marketing campaign, incorporate it into the total business line calculation. Take the product line’s sales growth, remove the marketing expenditures, and divide the marketing cost.

(Sales Growth – Marketing Cost) / Marketing Cost = ROI

64. Based on your knowledge Rate Yourself on the scale of 1 to 10?

The interviewer wants to know if you know your strengths and flaws by asking this question. Make certain that you do not exaggerate or underestimate your abilities.

Examine your abilities and knowledge, as well as the amount of work you need to learn, and then rate yourself.

65. What is segmentation in Email Marketing?

Segmentation is the process of categorizing your users to send them emails. Customers must be segmented depending on various factors, including their monetary value, frequency, and recency.

66. Tell us Difference between Content writing and Copywriting

A copywriter promotes your brand to your intended audience. On the other hand, a content writer informs, educates, entertains, or instructs readers.

Copywriters want people to take action right away. Content creators strive to establish a loyal following.

Content writers are still concerned with selling whether they attempt to market a product or service directly. Sales are a byproduct of creating excellent content.

In general, content writers are more concerned with SEO.

Short-form copy is written by copywriters, whereas content writers write long-form copy.

Copywriters convert organic traffic into leads generated by content writers.

67. In the next three years, where do you see yourself?

Answer according to your skill and knowledge. In the next 5 years, what you want to achieve and what you want to focus on most.

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