11 Best Email Marketing Books in 2024: You Need to Read

We are providing best email marketing books for you that will grow your business instantly. Email marketing is one of the most popular online marketing techniques that promote your products or services.


11 Best Email Marketing Books in 2024: You Need to Read

Are you looking for the best Email marketing books and techniques? Well! Email marketing is one of the most popular online marketing techniques that promote your products or services. However, many of us don’t really know how to do email marketing effectively and efficiently. Do you?

Now Before I dive into reviewing some of the well-known and top-rated books on email marketing that can practically help run your business and earn business from customers. Let’s discuss what is email marketing and why should do email marketing. We are recommending marketing must-read books with email marketing resource.

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What is Email Marketing?

In simple words, Email marketing is a form of marketing done through emails. The Emails are directed to the real customers of a product or service and have the potential to strengthen communication between businesses and customers.

It is a cost-effective way to market your products and services directly to your customer. we are providing list of good email marketing books and email marketing strategy books. 

Email Marketing definition: Email Marketing is a process that involves advertising, and sales, by sending any information to clients and customers about your product, service, or organization.

With the help of Email Marketing, one can easily build customer loyalty and brand awareness and connect with customers in less time while also saving costs.

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Use of Email Marketing in Business?

Digital marketing at first comes with a lot of benefits. Email Marketing has a lot of positive advantages and benefits for your business, firstly it saves a lot of time, and cost and can be directed to the target customers easily. 

Email marketing helps you to batch emails based on customer interests, demographics, spending capacity with the help of various tools.

Email marketing helps in scheduling your advertisement, communication for your target customer. look best email marketing books amazon.

Email marketing helps you to reach your target audience with the amount of information you want and can get the desired action from them. To do the best email marketing you must have the best email stories or hook.

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How to do Email Marketing?

Email Marketing changes rapidly, and we need to adapt fast to the technological advancements to do email marketing effectively. so, in this article, we are giving best marketing books for small business or best books on b2b marketing.

There are a lot of great ideas to do email marketing with the help of email marketing software tools that accelerate and automate your works, thus saving time and costs.

  • The first step in effective Email Marketing is to find your niche, however, many of us depend on products or services and can skip this part.
  • Email Marketing can be done with the use of software tools that can help you manage a lot of data accordingly.
  • One can plan a campaign accordingly as per the marketing needs of a business and reach the target audience.
  • Sending newsletters, bi-weekly magazines, or monthly magazines regarding your business is a very popular form of Email Marketing.
  • You can create an interest group of emails for marketing and communicating your desired message to receive potential feedback. 
  • Sending a welcome message to your subscribers is a common practice that has a positive impact.
  • Provide your business information at the bottom of your email messages as it helps customers learn more about you and your products and services, hence resulting in increased traffic for your website. 

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11 Best Books on Email Marketing

Many of you will agree with the saying that Email marketing is the most important part of digital marketing and its ever-expanding horizon in the digital space makes it more challenging with every passing day. Here is the list of best books to learn email marketing and email marketing writing books.

For your benefit, I have carefully curated a list of the best email marketing books and digital marketing books that can guide you to run successful email campaigns for your business in 2024.

So, List ae here. Let’s Read:- 

Email Marketing Rules by Chad S white is the most popular email marketing book and has been appreciated globally by digital marketing experts.

In this book Chad S white, the author has shared his 13 years of digital and email marketing experience. This book briefly explains about How to do email marketing and offers the best techniques and methods for the same.

The Email Marketing Rules book contains everything one needs to effectively plan, build, and optimize your email marketing campaign.

Amazon – Rs. 0/- (Kindle), Rs. 1,703/- (Paperback)

Email Persuasion is an email marketing book in which Ian Brodie explains how to write an email to persuade customers and businesses.

If you want to understand just how good this book is, take a look at the reviews. Here’s one:

“There is more marketing wisdom in 10 pages of this book than you’ll find in 200 pages of most books on marketing. A “must study” book for anyone who wants to make sales.”

Excellent email marketing book that is jam-packed with practical advice, strategies, and easily-understood theory.

Email Persuasion also discusses the secrets to creating professional and inviting e-mail messages.

Amazon – Rs. 0/- (Kindle), Rs. 1,322/- (Paperback)

John Arnold’s Email Marketing for dummies is a book that explains how can we do email marketing, in an effective manner, and the results it can give to your business with the right strategy.

John also talks about combining e-mail with other marketing media to develop a winning strategy.

Amazon – Rs. 329.57/- (Kindle), Rs. 454.35/- (Paperback)

In his book the New Email Revolution, writer Robert W.Bly briefly describes the journey of a business with email marketing and mostly focuses on doing it in the correct way that saves your time and effort and other important resources.

Take a look at the one of review:-

“If you think email is dead, you need to read The New Email Revolution. In it, Bob Bly cites the data to back up his argument that email will remain the preferred communication medium for a wide range of demographics for the next five years. So you better know how to use it and that’s what this book delivers.”—Ilise Benun, founder of

You will also find various templates and guides to business emails and also discuss in minute detail with words, length, and style of writing an email for business.

Amazon – Rs. 636.30/- (Kindle), Rs. 2,303/- (Paperback)

Matthew Paulson in his email marketing book, Email Marketing Demystified, dives into the complexities of email marketing and develops various techniques to address email marketing in a way top email marketers do.

Matthew also discusses email copywriting and how to generate sales from email marketing. Email Marketing Demystified will teach you how to grow your list from 0 to 300,000 subscribers using proven strategies and techniques.

“Matthew has what amounts to a PhD in applied Digital Marketing. Email Marketing Demystified breaks down the exact strategies and tactics you can use to grow and (more importantly) leverage your email list into a long-term asset.” – Deacon Bradley

Amazon – Rs. 234.82/- (Kindle), Rs. 857/- (Paperback)

Susan Gunelius “Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business”  is a well-written book that comprehensively discusses the power of email marketing and how to create attractive emails for customers that can get business done and generate handsome revenue.

Gunelius demonstrates how to convert subscribers into purchasing customers and vocal brand advocates using the same email marketing techniques that marketing professionals use to grow their businesses and revenue.

Amazon – Rs. 767.60/- (Kindle), Rs. 808/- (Paperback)

How to Increase Your E-Mail Marketing Profits by 300% Using a Simple Formula by Anik Singal: As the name describes, Anik Singal book, the Email Lifeline genuinely revolves around profiting from Email Marketing and building relationship with your subscriber.

Apart from it Anik Singal also focuses on the visual and the speech patterns of writing copy in their emails. It will teach you how to create your first email list without the need for any complicated research, planning, or advanced strategies.

This is the greatest book on email marketing for beginners. this is one of the best Anik singal books.

Amazon – Rs. 620.68/- (Kindle), Rs. 3,120.24/- (Paperback)

The Step-By-Step System for Building an Email List of Raving Fans Who Buy From You and Share Your Message Kindle Edition by Tom Corson-Knowles:

This book by Tom Knowles is an entire workshop in itself that justifies the title of Email Marketing Mastery, the author explains about email marketing in a Step by Step process from rock bottom and goes up to mastering it. 

This book covers every aspect of email marketing, from subscriber engagement to revenue generation via email marketing. You can easily learn how to create your first email campaign without getting bogged down in technical jargon.

The book includes a case study demonstrating how the author set up an autoresponder to promote one of his books.

Amazon – Rs. 0/- (Kindle), Rs. 1373/- (Paperback)

Marketing Automation & Online Marketing covers a much wider subject than Email Marketing and if you want to learn how is email marketing different from online marketing and the key elements of both of these marketing then you must consider reading it.

This book covers the whole automation process of email marketing. You will learn how to automate your business through marketing best practises such as email marketing and search engine optimization.

This book specifically endeavours to demystify marketing automation, create awareness of what marketing automation is, and encourage small-scale and medium-sized enterprises to employ this great technology for their very own survival and competitive advantage.

Amazon – Rs. 324/- (Kindle), Rs. 1,598/- (Paperback), Rs. 1,687/- (Hardcover)

Ranking top among the most popular and desired email marketing books, Zero to 1 Million is the most perfect book on email marketing, whether you are entirely a new beginner or you want to learn new techniques in digital marketing and email marketing, this book covers everything in a more focused manner.

It explains in detail how to create a great product, hire an outstanding team, raise capital from professional investors, and then scale the business globally.

This book is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs, budding founders, and anyone interested in learning how to start and grow a successful technology start-up from the ground up.

Amazon – Rs. 1,415.22/- (Kindle), Rs. 1,874/- (Paperback)

Here are various authors who have written about profiting and generating income from Email Marketing, but Email Marketing for Profit by Jason Morgan distinctively talks about the failures in the process of monetizing emails and his experiments with the failed tactics.

With this book on Email marketing, you will be able to recognize your strategy and work on it accordingly. This book is a comprehensive guide – it covers everything from the fundamentals of email marketing to advanced techniques and revenue generation.

This guide will teach you how to create your own email marketing strategy and take you from zero to online guru in no time. Additionally, you will learn how to leverage your list to increase revenue, awareness, and influence.

Amazon – Rs. 0/- (Kindle)

The SaaS Email Marketing talks about the loose ends of email marketing and email marketers as a whole, for beginners, it is not a book that I should consider reading.

As it improvises for a more learned and experienced digital marketer who is implying various strategies and tries to drive away the fear and complexities in the email marketing business with its rich context.

This book will assist you in increasing lead conversion and revenue generation. This book demonstrates that you do not have to be an expert copywriter in able to send effective emails. You simply need the proper processes and knowledge to get started using email to grow your business.

Amazon – Rs. 999/- (Kindle), Rs. 3,949/- (Paperback)

What does an “Email Marketing” Specialist do?

Do you also want to learn what and how an “email marketing specialist does email marketing?  Not many will reveal the secret to Email Marketing but the books described here are written by Industry’s top-rated “Email Marketing specialists” so now you do not need to go anywhere to look for an email marketing expert. These good  marketing books or best selling marketing books must read.

With the help of these best marketing books of all time listed above, now you can easily fix your email marketing strengths and learn to do things like an avid expert, as these books have been written by industry experts and reveal all of the best ways to email marketing. you can search online for email marketing books pdf.

However, to save your time I am going to reveal a few additional secrets of email marketing that can also help you train yourself as a specialist. You can implement these practices which many specialists do. you can search online for free marketing books or the best b2b marketing books. free email readings with the best books to learn about marketing.

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The role and responsibilities of an email marketing specialist have been briefly described below: 

  • An email marketing specialist will help you build reader mailing lists and leverage your existing fanbase to sell more copies every time you release a new title. Generally, a professional marketer specializing in email marketing will offer to help you with:
  • Mailing list integration: Find elegant ways to make readers want to give you their email address. In particular, a marketer will think through the reader’s journey on your website from initial visit to subscription.
  • Increasing conversion through email sequence automation: Design and install automated email sequences for the readers subscribing to your mailing list. A marketer will then determine the most effective way of engaging with readers so your leads convert into sales.
  • Mailing list management: Ensure your mailing campaigns always target the right audience by segmenting your mailing lists.

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how to do free email marketing

How to do Free Email Marketing?

Email Marketing can also be done free of cost. Yes, you heard right there are a lot of free email marketing tools that can help you manage Email Marketing subscriptions free of cost. Some of the most useful techniques of free email marketing are listed here. I think these are the best books to learn marketing with email marketing reviews.

After reading the books on email marketing written by experts, I have carefully prepared a list of some of the most authentic and best free email marketing tools available in the market. You can also go through the above books to find in detail free email marketing tools and how they work.

Some Email Marketing Automation tools providers list:-

    1. Mailchimp 
    2. Sendinblue 
    3. Benchmark 
    4. MailerLite 
    5. Sender 
    6. Omnisend

Did you know that companies, on average, earn $32 for every $1 spent on email marketing? Not only is email marketing a lucrative venture for any brand, but it’s also one of the longest-standing marketing strategies.

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