29+ Best Group buy SEO Tools in India 2024 (Just Rs. 149/-*)

Stretch your budget further! Get Access to High Price SEO Tools like Ahrefs, MOZ, SEMrush, Grammarly at afforcable price by Group Buy SEO Tools. We have Covered 29+ Best sites to choose Best for you.

29+ Group Buy SEO Tools

29+ Group buy SEO Tools in India 2024 (Just Rs. 149/-* )

We all love binge watching, however, most of us do not have the cash to spend on monthly bills of Netflix, and that’s where the problem solving attitude of we Indians kick in and the strategy of sharing Netflix among our group works.

But you must be clueless on why am I discussing Netflix in the argument where I should be acknowledging Group buy SEO tools. If you are working for E-commerce that Etsy SEO Tools will help you a lot to grow.

What are Group Buy SEO Tools?

Before I start the argument for  SEO tools in India, I want to conclude that I have done my homework very well and did a lot of research to bring to you the most popular and trustworthy websites that are available in the market today. 

All these tools mentioned here have been carefully curated keeping in mind the needs and wants of a digital marketer.

The top 10 sites that  mentioned here are very important group buy SEO tools that should not miss out from the list of best SEO buy tools and also tell you about how you will get group buy seo tools coupon.

Best Group SEO Tools in India?

Buying SEO tools can be highly expensive just like monthly Netflix subscriptions and while most of us share the load for watching content by buying it in groups, it is not new for sure in the digital world.

Sharing Netflix subscriptions among peers might have come from best group buy seo tools. we will tell you the best group buy SEO sites.

If you are a digital marketer you must realize the burden of SEO tools and Ahrefs is must for a Blogger. how you can find ahref in seo group buy and how you purchase ahrefs seo group buy at the cheapest price.

as they are expensive if bought alone hence some third-party mediators offer you a combined set of SEO tools for a shared price that puts less burden on you while you are marketing your product or services digitally.

for affiliate marketers we have affiliate tools group buy. so, you can easily increase you sales. ahrefs group buy seo tools is best for marketers.

Example of Group Buy SEO Tools:- 

For Eg, A is a Group SEO tool provider, and B, C and D are digital marketers who are looking to purchase a set of SEO tools individually, in this scenario B, C, and D will have to pay individually in full to get the services running. 

However, A comes to the scenario and purchases the premium subscription of SEO Tools from the source and then resells by preparing a mix of service package to B, C, and D for a much lesser price that they would have spend individually, here A becomes a mediator who shares the load among B,C and D and offers them more value for a much lesser price.

I hope now you are clear about Group SEO Tools and how it works. So now let’s put your foot in the door and learn about some best group SEO tools available in India. 

Cheap Group SEO Tools Online 1

How to Buy Cheap Group SEO Tools online?

What tools are they providing? Write briefly about the main tools that service providers are giving…

The most common thing about all these best seo groups buy tools is that they share a similar set of SEO tools under their package, however, they differ a lot in pricing and hence you need to check out what tools are beneficial for you and which one you should buy as per your budget. 

For your convenience, I have also prepared a long list of buy group seo tools and best group buying seo sites that are also useful and you can have a look at them if needed.

However, I will personally request you to go with the above tools as it has been carefully curated keeping your personal data in mind.

we will not cover black hat pro tools group buy in this article. you can grab bulk group buy seo tool. Here are the list of cheap group buy seo tools Providers:-

Best Group Buy SEO Tools List


GFXToolz is Perfect for your need If you are a graphic designer or marketer looking for a budget-friendly website. They provide access to over 100+ tools for 31 Days. You can reach them via live chat or messaging apps like Whatsapp or Telegram at any time of the day.

With a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5, GFXTools is among the most trustworthy group-buying platform. With over 10000 active users.

Purchasing a single tool from this website that will only cost you Rs. 79/- per month. The basic package starts at Rs. 399/- per month and offers 26 tools and special bonuses.

You can purchase the Standard package for Rs. 499/- per month in which you will get 49 SEO tools, WordPress themes and plugins, and other bonuses.

Premium Plan includes 100+ tools for Rs. 699/- per month with special bonuses. 

Also, at just Rs. 3,999/-, You can buy a 6 months premium plan.

  • One Click Cloud access.
  • Tools are updated every 30 minutes.
  • One-click access.
  • Amazing and responsive customer support.
  • New Innovative,AI Tools are added and updated according to developing
  • Best organized and Modern designed panel.
  • Video Tutorials

Use the coupon “webjinnee10” to get 10% more Discount on all Plans. Grab this offer NOW!

NoxTools is a Top-Notch Website For all Your needs. With a Trustpilot Rating of 4.7 Out of 5 and a Google Reviews rating of 5 out of 5, Noxtools provides 50+ Premium Tools at affordable prices with 99.9% Uptime.

You can Buy ChatGPT for just 499 rupees. Only/- and Copymatic at just 699 Rs. Only/-. You can Get access to Canva for 49 rupees a Month and Semrush group buy Tool at Just 169 Rs. Per month.

They offer the best package for a digital marketer at a lower price. This lite plan starts at just Rs 249 per month, and The Pro plan starts at just Rs 499 per month.

It offers a comprehensive set of SEO tools, and the Advanced Plan offers you more than 40 amazing tools for just Rs 1499/-. They also have a Writer’s Plan at Just Rs 1799 per month, in which you will get all premium AI Tools.

  • Get Direct Access to 50+ Premium Tools.
  • Individual tool prices Start at Just Rs. 20.
  • They are Providing 24-hour access.
  • 24 Hour Chat Support System and Money Back Guarantee

WebToolz is the Newly launched website and access to 90+ Premium Tools Including SEO, Graphics Designing and AI Writing.

We can say that your all need is under one roof. They are providing Two types of plans one is the single Tools plan and other Bundled Tools Plan.

You can Buy their one-month Premium plan with 90+ Tools at Just Rs. 699 per month. This Basic plan starts at just Rs. 399 per month with 20+ Tools, and The standard plan starts at just Rs. 499 per month with 45+ Tools.

Their payment Method is 100% Safe and Secured and you can pay by using Stripe and Razorpay.

They are providing 18/7 Whatsapp, and Live chat Support and with also Detailed Tutorials available for how to access this with 99% Uptime

You can also Buy Leonardo ai at just Rs. 349 for 31 days, and stockimg at just Rs. 249 for 31 days with unlimited usage.

They also offer money-back guarantee if their tools experience a functional downtime exceeding 3 days.

  • Get Access to 90+ Premium Tools with AI tools.
  • 18/7 WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram Support.
  • Money-back guarantee for tools with downtime over 3 days.
  • You can also Buy Single Tools like Leonardo AI

Use the coupon “webjinnee” to get 10% more Discount on all Plans. Grab this offer NOW!

Toolszm is yet another place that offers you Group buy SEO tools packages for as low as 2.50 dollar. They also offers you a 7 day free trial to help you decide which package is useful for you to purchase. 

as they are claiming, Always maintain 100% uptime on the servers and provide a free trial for usres. 

Their Agency Plan begins at Rs. 1200/- per month and includes access to 22+ tools. Their pro plan costs Rs. 900/- per month with 14+ Tools and their lite plan costs Rs. 600/- per month with 9+ Tools.

you can also buy Helium 10 at just Rs. 420/- per month. You can do the payment via Razorpay, credit card, or offline method.

Use the Coupon “WEBJINNEE” to get 5% more Discount. Grab this offer NOW!

Toolzen also offers a comprehensive set of SEO tools for a decent pricing and good after sales service.

They give 99.9% Uptime serive and also 24*7 customer chat support. This is the cheapest seo group buy tools and the give you direct access to ahrefs seo group buy tool.

You can Buy package of group buy keyword research tools from here.

The Package starts at just Rs 299/- and offers a similar set of tools that are offered by other providers. However, it has a better trustworthiness rating than many other providers. 

The monthly cost of their Basic plan is Rs. 499/-. Their Elite plan costs Rs. 1999/- per month With Ahrefs. You can also get a discount if you buy a three-month, six-month, or one-year package.

Use the Coupon “WEBJINNEE” to get 5% more Discount. Grab this offer NOW!

Star SEO Tools is another Best group buy SEO tools Platform for bloggers. They give 24*7 Customer chat support.

They are Providing a single tool that starts with Rs. 79/- per month.

They are Providing 20+ Best SEO Tools in 56+ Countries.

They will refund your amount if tools doesn’t work more than 3 days.

They have two Best SEO tool packages at affordable prices. They have lite combo package at Rs. 399/- per month.

They also have All in one Package at Rs. 599/- per month with 25+ premium SEO Tools.

Use the coupon “WEBJINNEE” to get 10% more Discount. Grab this offer NOW!

Toolspur is an amazing group SEO tool buy platform for digital marketers that consists of more than 20 plus tools under one roof. You can buy a single SEO tool at just Rs. 99/- .

It offers a long list of Tools but Their Package starts with just at Rs 499/. You can save up to Rs. 1000/- by purchasing a six-month or a one-year tool package.

They will provide complete privacy protection and cloud-based access. Their tool uptime is 99.9%, and they are available 24×7. If you are unsatisfied with their service, you can request a refund within three days.

They provide an All-In-One Plan for Rs. 799/- per month. This Platform allows you to purchase pricey and well-known tools at very reasonable costs.

SEOtoolbuy is the most affordable and cheapest group buy SEO tool provider. A single tool can be purchased for ₹99 from this site. They no longer offer any packages and just sell single tools.

Most importantly, they offer the Ahrefs SEO tool for only ₹1199 per month.

Over 80+ SEO Tools are available to buy under one roof for each imaginable SEO task. SEMrush, Buzzsumo, WordAi, Grammarly, Canva, Netflix, and Skillshare Tools are all available for ₹99 each.

  • 100% Privacy Protection
  • one Click Access
  • 99.999% uptime
  • 24/7 Live chat support

Toolsmeen Provides Top-Notch Reliable Group Buy Services. Their Uptime is 100% and provides tool access at low prices.

They are also giving Whatsapp chat and telegram chat support. Toolsmeen provides 24/7 chat support service and you don’t need to install third-party extensions.

This lite plan starts at just Rs 499/- per month. They are also providing Designer Plan at just Rs/- 499 per month.

It offers a comprehensive set of SEO tools and they offer All in one plan with more than 20 tools for just Rs 799/-. You can an Individual tool that starts at just Rs. 49/- per month. You can also take a Two-week trial of All in One Pack at just Rs. 199.

Use the coupon “webjinnee” to get 10% more Discount. Grab this offer NOW!

Is Group Buy SEO Tools Safe?

No, not all group buy SEO tools are safe and take data privacy seriously, hence I will request all of you go through the terms and conditions of any of the group SEO tools before you reach any purchase agreement. We’re also doing a groupseotool Review.

As I told you earlier that the list has been carefully curated keeping in mind all the parameters and yes data privacy and safety is one of the most important factors of consideration over here.

However, the tools that I have discussed here are safe and trustable seotoolsgroupsbuy to the best of my knowledge. 

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What are the Best Paid Tools for SEO?

Best paid tools for seo

Digital marketer’s job is not easy, but SEO tools make it easy for us to handle our work. Choosing a suitable SEO tool to start the business is a very important work and this is where expertise work.

Group buy content marketing tools and group buy internet marketing tools helps you to rank high. We are providing the list of Cheap SEO Tools in India. 

Popularity of these SEO tools may influence marketers to buy some of them, but ultimately you only need to buy what you need for business. Some of the best paid SEO tools that you must have as a digital marketer are:

  • Ahrefs: Ahrefs is one popular and long time favourite SEO tool for all of us and is widely used among experienced marketers. group buy seo ahrefs is best keyword research tool.
  • All the group buy SEO tools provide you Ahrefs as part of their package.  Ahrefs offer you services such as rank tracking, content and keyword research, competitive analysis, web monitoring, and backlink research, it also offers you SEO toolbar for free that gives you insights on well known search engines.
  • Moz Pro : Moz Pro is a well recognized SEO tool with all-in-one capabilities, it offers a range of professional services that ranges from crawling to keyword research and is helpful in tracking the development of your project. All the group SEO tool platforms consist of this tool.
  • SEMrush:  SEMrush is an advanced digital marketing software that helps you boost your online presence among search engines. It helps you bring organic traffic and suggests the best SEO practices with fact-based insights. Semrush group buy tool is best for your all SEO need.

We’ve compiled a list of the best group buy SEO tools websites for you. All the popular groups that buy SEO tools also consist of SEMrush’s tools that help you with technical analytics so you can keep up with your position on search engines.

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Best group buy SEO tool providers

The Group of Tools that I have mentioned above are the best group buy SEO tool of the list although I may remark again some of the pro seo tools that are my personal favourite due to hassle free service and 100% authenticity and effectiveness:

What are the Benefits of Group Buy SEO Tools?

  • Access a wide range of premium SEO tools at a fraction of the price.
  • Improve keyword research, competitive analysis, and on-page optimization.
  • Save money by sharing resources with other users to get access to costly SEO tools.
  • Stay up to date on the most recent SEO trends and strategies without spending in separate memberships.
  • Generate organic website traffic and increase your site’s visibility in search engine results.

How Does Group Buying SEO Tools Work?

  • Join a membership club to have access to shared premium SEO tools.
  • Reduce costs by pooling resources through group purchasing.
  • Tools are provisioned via secure platforms or shared accounts.
  • Experience full functionality for a variety of SEO chores.
  • Ideal for individuals and small businesses who have limited budgets.

Factors to Keep in Mind when Choosing a Group Buy SEO Tools Provider

  • Choose a reliable Group Buy Service Provider with a proven track record of producing high-quality tools.
  • Make sure the group buy package includes the tools you require.
  • Understand the account sharing rules to avoid restrictions.
  • Look for responsive customer service from the provider.
  • Always check Service Provide’s reliability and reputation. (Read reviews and rating)

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Group Buy SEO Tools


  • Understand the terms of service for the tools.
  • Use the shared tools carefully and within the agreed-upon restrictions.
  • Always read reviews and share your experience with other users.
  • Keep current with tool changes and enhancements.


  • Share login credentials or allow illegal access.
  • Misuse the shared account, which violates the terms of service.
  • Exceeding agreed-upon restrictions or abusing shared resources.
  • Rely only on group buying tools; explore premium subscriptions if necessary.
  • Avoid engaging with the supplier about any concerns.

Alternatives of Semrush group buy SEO Tool

You can Buy alternatives of group buy Semrush tool at affordable prices. Best alternatives are-

  • Ubersuggest
  • Ahrefs
  • Keyword Revealer
  • Moz
  • Google Keyword Planner (Free)
  • Keywordtool.io
  • LongtailPro

Which Tools are Helpful As a Blogger?


As a blogger you may not only depend on paid tools but you can also take help of some free tools that are available easily and are effective most of the time.  multi access group buy seo tool is allowed. List of SEO tools group buy in india.

  • Google Search Console is an easy to use tool that requires URL indexing, it helps by providing notifications about your website analytics and problems, and helps with suggestions for optimization for free. 
  • Keywords Everywhere: Keyword research is the most important factor in SEO and this free tool is really effective in that task. Keywords Everywhere comes as a browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox and suggests you with real time data regarding all keyword trends.
  • Google Analytics Tool: Google Analytics is a popular analytics service offered by search engine major Googletr, it tracks and reports website traffic, and helps with tailored keywords for your project. Google Search Analytics and Google Search Console both work hand-in-hand to help you optimize your task.
  • SEO Optimer: SEOptimer is a Website SEO Checker which reviews articles to help identify problems that could be holding your site back from it’s potential.This also analyzes your website and provides simple, professional-quality SEO analysis and critical SEO monitoring for websites.

It is quite simple for a SEO group buy direct access via email and password. This post is only for those who cannot afford premium SEO tools.

If you can pay for that service, then we honestly request you to buy SEO tools from the original owner. but if can’t afford then bulk seo tools is good for you. I think SEO group buy tools for All you Need.

10 Hacks you Should Avoid in SEO:-

As you know after the Google’s march update, most of the sites are getting penalized and traffic sinks. So Avoid it:-

  • Keyword Stuffing- Avoid excessively repeating keywords unnaturally.
  • Cloaking- Don’t deliver different content to search engines than users.
  • Buying Links- Avoid participating in link schemes or buying links.
  • Duplicating Content- Avoid having identical or near-duplicate content across pages/sites.
  • Neglecting Mobile Optimization- Optimize for mobile users to maintain search visibility.
  • Ignoring User Experience- Prioritize factors like site speed, navigation, and usability.
  • Over-Optimization- Avoid going overboard with tactics like excessive keyword usage.
  • Black Hat Tactics- Stay away from deceptive practices designed to manipulate search engines.
  • Neglecting Technical SEO- Don’t overlook technical aspects like crawlability, indexability, and site architecture.
  • Ignoring Analytics and Monitoring- Track and analyze website performance and user behavior.
  • Don’t Publish AI Content- Publishing AI content will hurt your site’s ranking.

What are the FREE sources to find Keywords?

Free Sources to find Keywords:-

  • Google Keyword Planner
    Answer The Public
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Surfer (Chrome Extension)
  • Wikipedia- (Look at popular article titles and headers for keyword ideas related to your topic.)
  • Forums & Communities
  • YouTube & Social Media(Explore trending hashtags, video titles, and comments for keyword inspiration.)
  • Amazon & Retail Sites (Research product titles and descriptions for commercial keyword opportunities.)
  • Keyword Sheeter- A free tool that extracts keywords from top-ranking search results.


Is it legal to use group buy SEO tools?

It Depends, if the group buy SEO tools provider is following the legal guidelines so in that case it is legal. but it is a debated issue. Because it is a sharing tool, it is very beneficial for those who have a tight budget or can't afford expensive SEO tools.

Are group buy SEO tools reliable and effective?

Group buy SEO tools can provide reliable and effective results if used properly. However, shared accounts may have limitations or restrictions depending on the provider's guidelines.

Can I access all SEO tools through a group buy?

You have to checkout before buying any tool or plan. While most popular SEO tools are available in group buy packages, access to specific tools may vary depending on the membership and tool availability. 

How can I ensure the security of my data while using group buy SEO tools?

Choosing a reputable group buy provider that ensures data security and privacy is important. Avoid sharing sensitive information through shared accounts and rely on trusted providers. Read their terms and conditions before giving your data or buying plan.

How do I start with a group buy SEO tool membership?

To get started, find a reputable group buy provider (which is available on the list), sign up for a membership, and follow the instructions to access the shared SEO tools in the package.

Can I share the group buy account with others?

It is generally only recommended to share the account with others within the membership. Sharing may breach the terms of service and lead to account suspension. As i know and i follow, not a single service provider allows that.

What happens if a tool provider found that I'm using a group buy account?

While rare, using group buy accounts might have risks associated with violating tool provider terms. It will not affect you, if theyknow about it, they will take action on the website. Don't Worry!

Can I cancel my group buy membership anytime?

Membership cancellation policies may vary among providers. Review the terms and conditions of your specific membership to understand the cancellation process and any associated fees, if applicable. In most of the cases, you can cancel it anytime but the refund process will vary.

Are updates and support available for groups buying SEO tools?

Most of the Group buy SEO tools providers provide chat or ticket support systems. But it also relies on the group buy provider for assistance with your membership and access to the shared tools.

Are there any restrictions on the number of tools I can access within a group buy package?

Each group buy provider may have different offerings and limitations. Review the membership details to understand the specific number of tools included in your chosen package.

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  2. Great information…the coupon code you provided on some of the tools for discount are applicable on individual tools also?

  3. Please remove the seotoolbuy.com, they are cheaters, i found them from your post and bought ahrefs account in 1199INR.. but after so many attempts of foolish verification they finally provide the access link.. but the tool not working. and when i asked them to fix the tool they removed the tool link from my account and now not giving me refund

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    They asked for bank statement and said they will check with payment gateway and resole within 2 days. which i gave with time and date stamp on Mon and just now. Their chat just not now not available or blocked i don’t know.

    Kindly help me get my money back.

  8. Thanks for this list brother, Toolzbuy is my favourite group by seo tools provider.
    After your recommendation, am using SEMrush group tool from them for my SEO freelancing services. Worth for every rupees. Thanks again

  9. Evotoolz Added many tools but non of them working (semrush, spyfu, backlinkrepository, wave.video, vecteezy, texta, rytr, vyond more…. ) most of the tools redirecting to login pages… Totally wasting my time and money… I don’t recommend at all and this article misleading people like me so please test yourself before adding sites.

    • Hello, Sampath. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I double-checked that all tools were up and running. And if you are facing any problems, you can chat with them, and they will increase the duration of using tools because, according to their policy, if any tool is not working, they will increase the duration. If you experience any problems after that, don’t hesitate to contact me. All are trustable websites, and I personally researched their services.


      Nitin Mathur

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  12. I am Blogger and Content Writer. I used Toolszm.com Subscription its Best For Ai Article Writer, Content Writers or Seo Experts. its Have 50+ Tools. It Really amazing deal

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    Once again, really great job…

  14. I followed your suggestion and purchased SEMrush through GFXToolz as a group buy-on-top 1. However, I am experiencing issues with the tool. Many options are unavailable and there is no reliable support available during the night. Most of the services are offline. On the other hand, after trying out NoxTools, I found that they provide excellent support and all the options are working as expected. I have also tried other group buys before. By the way, if you have a hosting coupon, please share it here.

  15. This is a very helpful article for me. I bought from noxtools, and my tool is working fine. That is very good for me. I saved a lot of money to buy expensive tools and really great services.

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