7 Best WordPress Hosting Providers In India 2024 (Honest Review)

Webjinnee Providing you the list of Best Wordpress hosting providers in India. WordPress hosting is easy and simple but finding the right hosting service as per your need is not that easy.


7 Best WordPress Hosting Providers In India 2024 (Honest Review)

Are you taking the first step to blogging? I mean are you looking for the best WordPress hosting in India for 2024. hosting WordPress is easy and simple but finding the right hosting service as per your need is not that easy.

It sometimes becomes complicated for newbies to start with the right package. cheap WordPress hosting India list. WordPress hosting plan are Budget-friendly.

Hey, not to worry, website hosting is difficult but reading my blog isn’t. host for WordPress without any hesitation because there are so many hosting sites in India.

With my several years of experience in multiple WordPress website hosting, I have learned a lot from my mistakes and to address them I have made the most technical cheat sheet to this complex problem of web hosting.

How to Choose a Hosting Service Provider?


There’s nothing uncommon in web hosting if you know what you should buy and what you should avoid while selecting the packages, but then if you are a newbie into website hosting or wordpress hosting india, you may not have the idea of what you will need while running a website. Ypu can compare WordPress hosting plans and cheapest wordpress hosting india.

There are a lot of articles and blogs on the internet that suggest you to go for a particular brand of hosting provider or best hosting provider for wordpress in india, without releasing your needs and requirements and without checking your application and moreover budget. 

To acknowledge I solely confirm that this is not a blog where I will be advertising or advocating for any particular hosting provider but this one will be solely based on their performance on various parameters and results of data collected from various users and bloggers but you can select best web hosting for WordPress.

At last, I will suggest which is the best for you based on your need and overall performance and after-sales service of the service provider. So Let’s begin with cheapest wordpress hosting in india.

Now before I jump to talk about the 7 best web hosting providers, Let’s discuss a little about web hosting. If you wish, you can also skip to the part that covers 7 best WordPress hosting providers in India or best hosting in india for wordpress.

What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Here I am going to explain Website hosting for beginners. To put it simply, it is an online service that allows you to publish your website on the Internet.

When one signs up for a web hosting service, that means they have got their web address registered on the internet and have rented a space on the server that works as a warehouse of your services and works over the internet.

What is WordPress Hosting?

What is wordpress Hosting

Most of us, especially newbies may think that Web hosting and WordPress hosting are one and the same things. Yes, both WordPress hosting and Web hosting are similar to each other.

However, hosting companies are specifically categorizing “WordPress Hosting”. All types of hosting can run WordPress effortlessly, hence it is the reason that WordPress is so popular along with WordPress hosting.

It is very difficult to choose website hosting and domain from the best website hosting services. buy hosting for website with free domain.

What to look for in the best WordPress hosting?

Hey, you! do not skip this part. This is the most important part of the article. I have specially curated some very important points, you must know before purchasing a web hosting service or WordPress hosting services. 

Speed: When you are choosing a WordPress hosting provider the most important thing lies on the speed of the hosting provider, it is not only speed that matters but it is what matters the most. Speed determines the loading time required to open a website on that particular hosting service provider. A loading speed of an ideal website should not exceed more than 1.8 seconds.

Security: Security is the most common thing that is considered, while looking for a hosting service you must also look for various Security updates, SSL Certificate Protection, malware updates and other Security and confidentiality certifications.

Reliability: Most hosting services are very cheap and affordable and market a lot of unnecessary features, but come with a poor integration of Plugins and inferior server management facility, apart from it they might also fail to offer expert support. One must avoid such hosting services at any cost. 

Price: Price is a great factor when deciding hosting service, many hosting services market themselves to be highly affordable or sometimes free for a year, it is not that they dont bring value with them, but one must also be considering speed, uptime, storage, traffic bandwidth  and other necessary features before choosing the right hosting service according to their needs.

In my blog, I have tried to eliminate all such hosting brands which should not be considered for a newbie blogger, however, there are chances of correction.  All these hosting services are tried and tested by me and have received positive feedback from my peers. buy a domain with hosting from the best hosting website for WordPress.

best wordpress hosting in india

Features of Best WordPress Hosting in India?

We are providing best hosting for WordPress websites list. According to my experience, the features of the best WordPress hosting in India consist of the following. 

  • Good loading speed 
  • Great WordPress support quality
  • Easy and transparent UI
  • Reliable server management system
  • Integrated local data and server management system 
  • Great After-sales service and customer support
  • Limited period Money Back Guarantee

7 Best WordPress Hosting in India

Almost 90 percent of the website hosting providers or WordPress hosting providers are marketing to offer all the services, however, only an active user can tell you the real truth behind such advertisements.

Now let’s read about the 7 best Hosting services for WordPress. You can take trial from google for free wordpress hosting india. 


Hostinger has been evaluated by thousands of bloggers like me as one of the best WordPress hosting providers or web hosting providers in India, it is backed by numerous factors.

Hostinger hosting plans are known for their speed,  security,reliability and great after sales service. 

Hostinger offers great performance for your sites with its long range of website hosting services.

It gets one click installation features and enhanced optimized UI for a smoother wordpress experience.

Hostinger offers the most affordable package for just Rs 69/- with the advanced WordPress hosting features. This is the best web hosting for wordpress in india

Bluehost is a big name in the Hosting arena, bluehost offers great features at a reasonable rate and has excellent reliability.

Bluehost is often recommended for WordPress by expert bloggers for its optimized user interface that supports maximum features and maximum traffic bandwidth of 25,000 monthly visits.

It also offers the maximum storage capacity of upto 50GB. 

Bluehost has an exclusive range of features such as free Cloudflare CDN, DDoS protection and free SSL, SEO, email marketing and social media tools.

BlueHost Offers Your affordable package for Rs. 179/-. 

BigRock provides a full range of low-cost hosting services, such as shared web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, cloud solutions, SiteLock services, domain name registration services, and backup solutions.

  • There are two sorts of shared hosting solutions: Linux hosting (Starter, Advanced, Business, and Pro) and Windows hosting (Essential, Premium, Business, and Pro). They include the following features as standard:-
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains and email addresses
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • cPanel/Plesk control panel
    MySQL databases
  • PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4
    Softaculous one-click installer

Bigrock Offers Your affordable package for Rs. 249/-month. They provide a linux advance plan and a window premium plan for Rs. 249/month and Rs. 399/month, respectively.

4. Hostgator


Hostgator is also a good option for an affordable web hosting service. hostgator hosting plans are Affordable.

Hostgator India comes for a very cheap price of Rs 99/- month, and is really promising for the price, its assured uptime and easy to use WordPress setup makes it a very competitive choice among hosting services, if you are looking to buy an affordable hosting plan. With great uptime promise, easy one click WordPress installs and a free SSL certificate, that could help you with a smooth experience of running your website. HostGator wordpress hosting is the best indian wordpress hosting. you can check hostgator hosting plans india. 

Hostgator hosting plans are budget-friendly becuase hostgator shared hosting is also available for you. You can also choose from a variety of web hosting services, however all of them easily support WordPress, positively it offers local Indian servers and enables local payment windows and language support. so many options of website hosting in India.  

5. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is India’s most popular web hosting service provider, most of us know GoDaddy brand ambassador is none other than Captain Cool Ms. Dhoni. best wordpress hosting india is Godaddy, No Doubt!

Go Daddy offers a range of plans and premium features, it starts for just Rs 99/-, comprising all the standard features and is also backed by a 30 days money back guarantee. also, best cheap hosting for WordPress.

Godaddy also offers a range of premium web hosting plans including free domain name registration for the first year for the standard packages.

You will find one-click WordPress installation, and local servers based in India backed by numerous enhanced safety features and reliable post purchase support option.

6. Reseller club

reseller club- hosting

Reseller Club is a less known web hosting solutions provider. This is the best WordPress hosting site.

The hosting provider starts for Rs 230/- per month and brings along basic features, however, its USP lies in its performance and is known for its quality service and security features.

Reseller Club gives you a dedicated WordPress hosting service to start with a range of WordPress focused features that enables more uptime and seamless use of WordPress. 

Reseller Club also offers a range of hosting services with dedicated excellent security and safety certification. This is the best hosting server in India.

superior 24/7 customer support for a premium buying experience, it also has a 30 day money-back guarantee and free migration to other registered services.

7. A2 hosting

best-wordpress-hosting-a2 hosting

Today there are 100s of hosting companies that claim to offer superior performance and security features, certifications and etcetera over the other. This is the best hosting for wordpress blog and also cheapest wordpress hosting.

However, there is one hosting company that remains under the radar and is one of the most underrated hosting services that I have ever known.

A2 Hosting is one such name in the hosting market, that offers promising service and has been delivering high-quality website performance with great uptime and security. 

A2 Hosting is known worldwide for its serious dedication to user satisfaction in terms of page loading speed and seamless integration of various features.

It is however a bit expensive among others and costs around $2.99 a month. A2 Hosting also comes with dedicated customer support and Indian servers.


 Kinsta is a premium hosting service that is backed by almost 100% uptime.

Kinsta’s super expensive yet valuable hosting service runs on a cloud based hosting infrastructure, which makes it a super fast and reliable hosting service for your business.

With dedicated WordPress management tools and standard safety and security features, Kinsta has a 3x faster loading speed compared to many popular hosting providers. 

However, the cache here is, since it is expensive, not meant for early bloggers as it costs around $30 a month and does not sound to be a valuable purchase as it comes with limited premium features which are not useful for a beginner or blogger.

However, it is considered great for WordPress Hosting. buy hosting online by clicking in this link. This is the best web hosting for WordPress and cheapest.

Wrap up:- You can select any of these hosting service providers, as all of them have been tested with reliability and speed, however, there are performance and other differences among all of them but most of them tend to offer the similar features and almost have a similar price range.

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  1. WordPress is easy and simple but finding the right hosting service as per your need is not that easy.

    Hey, your blog is fantastic as you describe finding the right hosting service. I suggest including accuweb as well as the features they are providing with WordPress hosting plan are superior then another hosting service provider plus support is excellent.


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