About us

About us

Hi Folks,
My Name is Nitin, I am a digital marketer, graphic designer and content producer. I started webjinnee back in 2019 to help businesses add value to their services.
With the collaborative effort of my team I can help businesses learn and adapt new marketing techniques and they can deliver their 100 percent with my digital strategy and goal oriented objective.
As a digital marketer I thrive to teach you new learnings and procedures that can help you figure out your business’s key drawbacks and you can eliminate the dissentious factors that stop you from growing.


As a blogger, my mission is to help provide rewarding information to everybody in easy language that can make a difference in other lives.


In this process of becoming a digital marketer, I have carried upon me a lot of setbacks, failures and misfirings. Those have badly drained my finances and time, hence, I have taken an oath to help you with the secrets that can avoid failure and bring success to your door with my expertise and knowledge. 







In the last few year’s journey of my profession

In the last few year’s journey of my profession, I have acquired many new things in creative fields and digital marketing.
Now I know, how big companies create their brands and how to transform a small company into a big brand. How to use correct strategy and psychology to develop a brand.
I provide you great information about digital marketing on this website so that you can make your own brand and earn passive income easily from the internet.

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