11 Most Popular Facebook Ads Management Tools in 2024

Best 11 Most popular facebook ads management tools list are here. you can optimize your ads easily with the help of tools. You can Generate 2x,3x and even 4x ROI.

fb ads Management Tools in india 2023

11 Most Popular Facebook Ads Management Tools in 2024

Today, I am going to tell you the 11 Most Popular Facebook Ads Management tools that you can use to manage your ads. These tools are 100% genuine and tested by experts. Many experts in the industry are getting 2x,3x, and even 4x ROI by using these Facebook Ads Management tools.

Why use Facebook Ads?

what is facebook ads

Do You know more than 1.4 billion people use Facebook (Meta) Everyday which is very huge. If you are a business owner or a Digital marketer and you are not using Facebook Ads Then you are dumb.

We are losing to reach a potential of around 1.4 billion people around the world becuase we are providing the best Facebook ads tools.

But You may be thinking that I don’t want to reach 1.4 billion people, I have my niche specific targeted audience and I just want to reach that audience. 

Then, Good News is Here! Facebook also gives feature to laser target your audience. You can easily target specific audience and run ads for them. We can use Facebook Ads manager to run ads on Facebook easily.

What are Facebook Ad tools?

You may be thinking about what Facebook ad tools are? best facebook ads tools are those tools which you can use for running facebook ads. Rather than official tools by facebook, there are also many 3rd party tools that help you to run facebook ads and helps you to automate the processes like ad creation, detailed analytics etc.

Why to use Facebook Ad tools?

I know you are also thinking about why I use Facebook Ad tools. Because there are only two official tools that are given by facebook to run ads. One is Facebook Ads manager and second is Facebook ads library. checkout facebook marketing tools list. 

Some  are free facebook ads tools and now the question arises why to use other paid tools. We can run facebook ads using facebook ads manager but If we also use other 3rd party tools it will also help us to increase ROI and also helps us to automate most of the work.

fb ads Management Tools in india 2023

List of Best Facebook Ads Tools:-

SocialPilot is a amazing tool to manage facebook ads. I love SocialPilot because it is an easy-to-use and affordable tool for managing Facebook ads for my business. This is the best facebook ads reporting tool.

It is easy to set up and use and has everything I need. My favorite part is that the tool is so affordable. I can use SocialPilot for my entire Facebook advertising needs, from creating my ad to tracking analytics.

adespresso 1

ADEspresso is a great tool for marketers who need to manage their Facebook ads. With this tool, you can easily create and manage Facebook ad campaigns. This is one of the  top facebook ads tools.

This is a great tool for those who are just getting started because it’s so simple to use. This facebook ads spy tools is user-friendly and doesn’t require a lot of experience. This is a great tool for those who are just getting started with social media marketing.

Qwaya is a great software for marketers who are looking for a more advanced tool. It is easy to use, and I love that it allows me to manage all of my Facebook advertising campaigns in one place.

Qwaya is a powerful tool that helps marketers grow their business and reach more people with their message through the power of Facebook advertising.


AdRoll is a Facebook ad management software designed for medium and large-sized businesses. If you want to target just some interest of people, You can target specific audiences on Facebook at different customer journey points.

You can also get detailed analytics on campaign performance. You must have Facebook ads analytics to run Ad. tools AdRoll helps you manage your Facebook ads and enables you to run effective campaigns that convert.


Hootsuite Ads is a social media advertising platform that allows users to create and manage ads from anywhere in the world.

If you are Beginner and new in Social media advertising and you don’t have much experience then, you’ll find designing your first ad with Hootsuite Ads a breeze.

Hootsuite contains tools which can be used defining such ad characteristics as shape, photo, and copy, so you’ll get a head start on that. Although the builder makes ad creation easy and intuitive, it also allows users to customize their ads to their liking.


Driftstock is a Facebook ad tool that helps marketers create Facebook ads in a fast and easy way. If you are a beginner then the process of Ad creation in this tool is very simple and step by step. By using this tool even if you are a beginner you can easily run ads.You will also save a lot of time by automating these processes.

It is one of the best lead generation software. Rather than only facebook ads you can use this tool for Google ads, linkedin ads and many other ad platform.

facebook ads manager

Without Facebook Ads manager this list will be incomplete. Because Facebook Ads manager is an official tool by facebook which you can use to run and track facebook ads. By using this tool, you can create, edit or delete your campaign. look at ads manager Facebook login.

Most important thing about this tool is that it is free, You can easily Create and run ads with a much lower budget. If you are a beginner then you can also run ads on it very easily because it is very easy to use and many tutorials on facebook are available on it. You can use Facebook business manager for Multiple ads.


Revealbot is a Facebook ad automation tool that offers advanced features. With this tool, advertisers can put the day-to-day management of ad campaigns on autopilot, freeing up time to do the things automation can’t do, like creating the next great ad.

Revealbot is the perfect tool for marketers who are looking to automate their Facebook Ads campaigns. best facebook ads publishing tools.

 With a few clicks of the button, I can create an ad that meets my target audience’s needs. I love the video tutorials that help me learn how to use the tool. This is a must-have for marketers who need to spend less time creating ads and more time selling their product.

✓ Unlimited ad accounts
✓ Unlimited rules
✓ Unlimited teammates
✓ Live chat
✓ Googale sheets integration
✓ Slack integration
✓ Custom metrics & timeframes
✓ Strategies & templates
✓ Reports
✓ Post boosting
✓ Bulk creation
✓ User roles & permissions


Adstage is a very effective yet simple PPC and Facebook Ad automation software which can help you in managing clients. This tool saves you a lot of time that you put in creating reports by Making reports automatically. My favorite feature of this tool is the ability to create my own customized dashboards in seconds and get started with inbuilt templates. 

By using Adstage, You can pull your all data directly into Google Sheets. If your client is asking for all data in google sheets then rather than doing it manually and wasting a lot of time. You can use Adstage.

If you get Adstage then you will not only able to track, run and use it for Facebook ads. It also supports other multi-ad Platforms like Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Youtube Ads, Twitter ads and many more.

This tool is also so easy to use, even for novices. I love that I don’t have to spend hours on reporting hassles with AdStage.

 I’m so thrilled with the automation features that AdStage offers. Getting started is easy, and the support team is always available if I have any questions. I love the software and highly recommend it to any Facebook marketers out there.

Adstage Providing 14 Days Free Trial after that you can purchase their plan. you can also run yahoo Gemini, Quora Ads, and Bing ads.

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Rebrandly is a URL Shortener app which you can use to make your url’s looks good. According to me, this tool is mainly for affiliate marketer. 

Affiliate link looks weird. You can use your own domain and add it to rebrandly. Then you can make your own branded new link. When anyone clicks on your branded link he/she will get redirected to your affiliate link without any problem.


Replug is also a tools which you can use for facebook ads. It is almost likely Rebrandly tool. But it has some more feared rather than other link shortener tool. 

This tool give us more features like AB testing, and other. I started using Replug to share my blog posts and websites in the form of short links on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

 I love that Replug allows me to create a custom domain and customize the link with my own brand colors and logo. Replug has also increased my reach on social media and delivered my content to my audience more prominently.

I love that Replug is a one-time fee that gives you access to many services and gives me the flexibility and power to create, share, and grow my brand.

facebook ad library

Now, I have 1 more bonus tool for you which is free and it is also provided by facebook. It personally helped me a lot to run facebook ads and to find what’s trending in the market. 

Facebook Ads library is a platform where you can track and see ads of your audience. This is facebook audience tool to explore more.

It is a official tool by facebook to check ads of your competitor and you can also see that what’s working now in the market. 

what us facebook-ads-manager

What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads manager is a platform by facebook which you can use to run ads on facebook. It is a official tool by Meta to run facebook and Instagram Ads. 

It is a tool which helps you to create and run ads. After running ads, You can view all statistics or analytics of your ads. It will be a detailed analytics about how many leads came, how much money spent and much more.

Facebook Ads manager also gives a feature called Ad Creation by using which you can design facebook ads easily. you can also create custom facebook page url for authencity.


This article is fully about Facebook Ads management tools. You can run ads using just facebook ads manager but by using these tools you can 3x your ROI. In this some facebook ads tools free but you have to pay for that after a period of time.

Hope you like this detailed guide on Facebook Ads Management tools. Share this article on social media with your friends so it will help more and more people.

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  1. Why didn’t you consider AdPlify? I’m using this tool for a long time now. Its behavioral re-targeter helps me to target the right audience and the page-watcher helps me to track my competitors’ ads which is a great way of scaling my Facebook ads quickly. Also, it has got ROI calculator which helps me to calculate my ROI without having to spend it.


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