37 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs in India (2024)

This article primarily focuses on the pay per click and the leading pay per click affiliate programs in the digital marketing industry. You can earn money by google adsense and also from other it’s alternatives.


37 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs in India (2024)

When I was a Novice in the digital marketing world, I used to wonder many times what is the term pay per click. The same way as you are today thinking about this I did and searched the internet for fruitful results.

However, this did not end my curiosity as the internet did not fulfill my query very appropriately. So, here I have managed to bring the most practical answer to this question and a brief about how all of these things actually work.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click or in short PPC is an online advertising concept which makes advertisers pay only when a user or reader clicks on the advertisement running on any online platform or website. A business generally bids for the PPC ads based on its budget and pays per click.

Hence, a business is only charged for the PPC advertising when a user or reader clicks through that advertisement on the website as the name reads “pay per click” or PPC ads.

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How can I Earn from Pay Per Click?

In a PPC model you can charge a business for their advertisement running on your website when any users clicks through that advertisement. The PPC ads model charges a business for a click through their advertisement on a website and is a more relevant way of advertising. 

Businesses pay money to Google and other PPC ads networks for click through their ads. Google pays you for every pay per click, that means the more visitors you have on your website the more chances you can get rich earlier.

There are various pay per click affiliate programs but we need to find out which affiliate program pays the most

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How much does Pay Per Click pay?

Earnings from Pay per click payments or advertisement generally depend on the number of factors. You can determine how much one website or a blogger can earn from pay per click through its reach.

Your target should be to bring more visitors to the website and employee better pay per click affiliate programs for the same.

Making money online also depends on the reach of your websites and the keyword density, there are many websites that make even 1 cent to websites that are making 1 dollar per click. Even websites with higher reach and authority get upto 50 dollars per click or more.

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Is Pay Per Click Similar to Affiliate Marketing?

Pay Per Click works in a similar way  by connecting with an advertiser and showcasing their ads. However it can be said that it is similar to affiliate marketing. However, the entire concept runs like affiliate marketing, it still manages to be different in many ways. Read along.

While businesses pay affiliate marketers to sell or promote their products, or promote their business, PPC does not need the effort of selling but you are paid for even a single click that makes on the advertisement running on your website. There are no pay per click affiliate programs without website.

However, in case of affiliate marketing the commission earned on the particular sale or affiliate is much larger in proportion compared to the pay per click which depends on the amount of bidding made on your website. 

Similar to affiliate marketing one can join a PPC network or any pay per click affiliate programs India. These networks help you connect to a host of various advertisers that want to do business or sell products over the internet. These PPC networks keep a track of conversions and payments automatically.

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What are Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs?

Just like the online website market, the pay per click industry also consists of affiliates and agencies that offer lucrative money. There are countless numbers of pay per click services and businesses that are booming the industry with the help of marketers, experienced promoters and influencers.

So, if you are an experienced or any fresher in digital marketing, and looking to be a budding affiliate in the pay per click industry then this article is just for you. I will help you make and decide the use of the best resources to make a great amount of money. I’ve got the right list of pay per click services and softwares covered in this article that will make millions.

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What are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs?

Getting the best pay per click affiliate programs for your website can work like magic and return you a good amount of money for that investment. In Pay per click affiliate programs you need to set up the ads and they will help it convert into dollars for you.

A website without good content is certainly disqualified to entertain these PPC ads. What do we mean by this? This means that your website has to be informational, fact driven, compulsive to read and far more use the highest reaching keywords to attract pay per click ads.

A PPC advertisement has more probability of converting users into customers and hence businesses spend a lot of their annual budget on such programs. The best affiliate programs help you get business that return the most of your investment. Target better landing page makers, as PPC advertisers focus on landing pages to convert.

There are many free affiliate programs that pay per click, you indeed should know which affiliate programs work the best and have the best ppc conversion rates. Although there are a lot of PPC networks and programs, I will suggest you to join not all of them and focus on the right things first. 

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So, Here is my well researched and carefully selected list of dating affiliate programs pay per click.
  1. Google Adsense is the most popular ppc ads network used by marketers worldwide to host advertisements. Google pays 68% of the commission earned for every pay per click advertisement to a website owner. Newbies use Google AdSense as an essential way to monetize their website, however it takes them a lot of time to earn what they can earn from other other websites in less time.

  2. Adzooma is a  PPC management system that is designed to deliver the most optimised and time bound results within its category. The  PPC affiliate program turns out to be a time saver and automates the boring stuff in the process. Adzooma offers an affiliate program with great features and affiliates can earn up to $100 for every new customer. It enables payouts made twice a month through PayPal or bank fund transfer and even allows lower payment thresholds.

  3. SEMRush is a giant in the digital marketing arena and one of the popular tools for keyword and competitor research. SEMRush offers a dynamic affiliate program that offers affiliates around 40% recurring commissions monthly on lifetime plans.The lowest plan starts at $99 a month and goes up to $399 for business plan. SEMRush affiliate program also offers a huge range of benefits including the longest cookie life of any affiliate program. Commissions are also paid twice a month via PayPal or bank transfer.

  4. SpyFu is another comprehensive PPC network tool that provides guidance with Competitor research and analysis. It tracks PPC and SEO strength of any website and provides crucial information about the same. SpyFu offers 40% recurring commission on plans for the life period of the account. Its plans start from $33 a month and go up to hundreds of dollars. SpyFu’s affiliate program includes a 365-day tracking cookie and bi-monthly payouts via PayPal and bank transfer.

  5. Optmyzer is a time saving tool that helps keep the stress away from a PPC program with its smart optimization and PPC management system. Optmyzer is an excellent platform that enables automation of all works with a click of a button. Optmyzer currently offers a 10% recurring commission on all plans which start from $249 a month. Optmyzer, however unlike other programs only allows its existing customers to use this program.

  6. Leadpages is a landing page tool that helps PPC marketers connect with the right audience, and collect leads. Leadpages is a simple and easy to use tool that everyone from small business owners to large enterprises are able to use. Leadpages offers a 30% monthly recurring commission on all plans that start from $25 a month and go into the hundreds. Leadpages affiliate program also offers a 30-day cookie and exclusive deals and packages for top marketers.

  7. Long Tail Pro is perfect for both PPC and SEO marketers, this tool is also an alternative to the many keyword research tools in the industry. Long Tail Pro offers a competitive affiliate program which proposes for 30% recurring commissions on all plans. Their package begins at just $25 a month and goes up to $147 for agency plan. It  also provides an affiliate manager who helps ensure that you are on the right path.

  8. Supermetrics is an all in one tool for marketing analytics that helps organize everything nicely in a simple dashboard. The tool is suitable for social media marketers. It also offers a well organised PPC affiliate program that gives affiliates 20% recurring commissions for all their plans which starts from just $19 per month and goes up to $190 every month. Supermetrics makes payment via PayPal and affiliates are offered access to a range of promotional materials.

  9. Unbounce is an affiliate program that offers upto 20% commission for the plan duration it also offers a 20% discount to new customers for the first 3 months to make the offer sound lucrative. The plans start for just  $79 a month and for that Unbounce also offers a dedicated partner coach who guides you with the program.

  10. is a popular affiliate program for pay per click affiliates and newbies in the industry. because they not just pull ads from Google but also from Yahoo Bing Network. Even with just $5,000 monthly visitors an affiliate can start earning with It offers 20% recurring commission for all their plans with the plans starting from $100 dollars for the program.

  11. Adsterra is a comprehensive ads network program with reach globally and if you want to monetize your desktop site and mobile site they have got you covered in both platforms with their Pay Per Click network. It provides you a 5% recurring commission for the referral for lifetime. Once you have done with the sign-up process then you will get your referral link and now you can start promoting them.

  12. RevenueHits is a PPC ads platform for affiliates and digital marketers. On signing up for this program you get up to 10% of the recurring commission for an entire year.

  13. Infolinks is also a cross-platform PPC advertising program for users. This also allows you to Invite friends to Infolinks and earn upto 10% of recurring commission.

  14. Adcash is a global online advertising platform and a popular PPC advertising platform for marketers and affiliates. One can earn up to 5% recurring commission  from this platform and allows you to invite new publishers.

  15. Adcrax is a mobile affiliate network that has global presence and aims to help affiliates and marketers reach the high paying top-quality advertisers for ads that go with their niche.

  16. Rebll Network is a well established PPC and affiliate marketing network that offers over 600 different affiliate programs and their commission rates vary for all.

  17. Leadstead is not specialized in PPC affiliates but it offers all kinds of affiliate programs. Commision for Leadstead also varies with programs and affiliates..

  18. is an PPC affiliate network that mostly covers nutraceutical products or herbal medicinal advertisement; the recurring commission here is quite high, still it fluctuates for the affiliates. It is some of the highest paying affiliate programs in the industry.

  19. ClickDealer is a dynamic and leading marketing agency that runs campaigns in many lucrative verticals such as eCommerce, health, dating and much more.

  20. 3.14 is a term that you have heard off a few times if you are into PPC networking and affiliate marketing, 3.14 is a leading CPA mobile affiliate network with global presence and offers competitive commission rates to affiliates.

  21. Mobia is yet another leading international mobile affiliate network which drives maximum conversion from your traffic. They analyze visitors with their unique affiliate program that enables data driven tech and analytics systems to drive good commissions. 

  22. Big Bang Ads is a private affiliate network that also offers lucrative commission offers across all the countries in the American and Asian continents. 

  23. CPAHub is an affiliate network with more than 2000 direct offers and Smartlinks. While no numbers are given, it claims to offer high payouts.

  24. Commerce is not an affiliate platform that connects thousands of advertisers and merchants with relevant affiliates and works as a mediator to tap commission.

  25. YepAds is a CPA affiliate marketing warehouse that allows custom payout options and competitive rates in the industry.

  26. AdCombo is a CPA Marketing Network which ensures the use of its own in-house technology that allows one to customize advertising campaigns for the target audience.

  27. Linqia is a one of the top influencer marketing companies that works with 500+ leading national brands and lucrative advertising platforms globally. It offers good high rate commission to affiliates.

  28. ClickAdilla is not so popular yet used by many PPC ads networks that provide you a platform to buy adult traffic or mainstream traffic on the internet.

  29. Skimlinks is a lucrative affiliate program that offers great programs for affiliates at a reasonable cost and you get access to promote their referral program and earn 35% of what Skimlinks earns for a year for each publisher you refer.

  30. Vibrant Media is a low paying PPC ads platform that offers various commission rates, but the positive user experience and the better ads supply makes them more clickable.

  31. Bidvertiser is again a low payout PPC affiliate network that is basically providing affiliates with a self-serve platform and makes it ideal for beginners. It’s not for high-volume websites and has advantages for low reach websites.

  32. Adsterra has a high paying commissions rate and it also enables webmasters to use their highly-engaging proprietary ad formats.

  33. Clickadu offers excellent commissions, there are no minimum traffic requirements, and the $10 minimum threshold gets you paid quickly.

  34. PPC Protect affiliate is a comprehensive and reputed PPC network that offers the most dynamic and generous commissions rates and allows marketers to enable worry free PPC programs with their click fraud protection platform on your site.

  35. Adzooma is a PPC optimization suite that helps businesses of all sizes to boost marketing and have a higher return and conversion rates.

  36. Taboola is not new to you and has the growing networks of advertisers that helps you return good sales as an advertiser when they join their publisher network and affiliates are also offered good commision rates  as per their reach.

  37. PropellerAds is one of the best ads networks for newbie PPC bloggers and affiliates and you can earn a higher commission for the plans and programs you choose. It is also a self-serve platform that helps you to create a smart and effective campaign with your own.

In this article, I have discussed all kinds of websites for you and now you can choose between what you need  here we have also covered the highest paying pay per click affiliate programs and the average paying pay per click affiliate programs.

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