249 Free Blog Submission Sites list in 2023 (High DA-PA)

Here is a long list of genuine free blog submission sites list with high DA-PA. #1. blog submission sites #2. advantage of using blog submission sites #3. steps of submit blog #4. best free blog submission sites.

249 Genuine free blog submission sites with high DA-PA

249 Free Blog Submission Sites list in 2023 (High DA-PA)

Are you looking for some Genuine free blog submission sites list with High DA-PA in 2023, to get some quality backlinks for your website, then you have landed at the right page. 

Today every blogger wants to get more traffic and increase their reach and sales with the help of links. However, the majority of bloggers don’t seem to put the right efforts into improving their SEO.


In this article we are sharing the high quality blog submission list. You must have been blogging for a while now and if not you might be already exposed to how Off Page SEO works and what are backlinks and what does it mean to be a website with higher domain authority.

The reason that these higher authority websites rank higher in Google search even with the most competitive of keywords is that they get a lot of links from other websites.

These sites are also backed by Google with lots of quality links. So how do you build such quality backlinks for your websites? I have some proven techniques that might help increase your content’s potential and reach.

What are Blog Submission Sites?

Keeping it simple, the blog Submission Sites are websites that allow us to submit our blog post at their websites that helps increase our Off-Page SEO ranking with higher domain authority websites and get us back links.

Top Blog Submission sites have become a very important part of SEO activity today as it can convert into a valuable service for bloggers and website owners.

It not only helps you gain backlinks for better off-page SEO, but it also increase your blog’s authority and help you earn profits over long run with its high DA/PA. You can use these free blog posting sites for SEO to rank high.

Do blog directories (or) blog submission sites still matter?

It is a question that many people ask today. Whether Blog submission sites are still useful or not? Yes of course it is, rather it’s a great way to improve your website’s ranking and SEO performance. there are so many free blog directory submission sites.


Why Should You Submit Your Blog to Blog Submission Sites?

Blogging  is a constant process and if you need to be consistent and regular in uploading articles for your website at regular intervals. These High DA/PA blog submission sites can help increase your blogs reach and off-page SEO performance.

Blog submission websites help you gain more traffic and build better backlinks for your websites. If you submit blog or website with high DA/PA Blog Submission Sites, it can help boost your website’s authority. 

However, the more unique and useful information your blog has, it will similarly rank better on search engines. These are highly blog sharing sitesin which site submission is free.

What is blog submission in SEO

Benefits of Using Free Blog Posting Sites

Every process has its own benefits or drawbacks, similarly we will be discussing both with free blog posting websites.

If you want to improve your website’s ranking then you should submit a blog to these free blog posting sites

high PR blog submission sites help you in submitting your website for free hence increasing exposure and better off-page SEO performance. If your target country is India then you can submit your blog in best blog submission sites in India.


Disadvantages of using blog submission websites

Particularly there are not any direct disadvantages of using blog submission websites, however it is only helpful if you are providing better content and something unique and out of the box to your users or readers but for this you have to be aware about what is blog submission in SEO?

Pro-Tip before submit your blog

Before submitting your website in these free blog submission websites you must be well aware that your blog page is out of any mistakes or you have properly ironed out the creases. 

You must always recheck and should be providing authentic and stable information in your webpage that is away from any discrepancy or plagiarism. I hope this is Best blog promotion sites where you can promote your blog freely. Remember that always try to do do-follow backlinks submission. 


Steps to submit Blogs in Blog Sites:-

Submitting your vlogs in blog sites is not rocket science and can be done by anybody who knows how to operate the internet. Iam giving you best SEO submission site list and this are the top backlink submission sites.

You need to visit these free blog submission sites and register yourself with an username and email id. Next your details will be verified and then you can submit your site. This activity is off-page submissions and blog submission site list are Here:-


Where can I publish my blog for free?

There are many free blog submission sites over the internet but I always recommend the best. Earn Quality backlinks from this and Boost Domain Authority. 

Iam Finding the genuine list of blog submission sites can be a little tricky hence I have covered that part for you. You can now just hop off with the long list of these free and paid blog submission websites that are really useful.

  • Boing Doing
  • Entire web
  • Blogging Fusion
  • Fuel My blog
  • Pegasus Web Directory
  • Top sites web directory
  • So much
  • Blog roll center
  • Palazzo
  • Sonic Run
  • SEO height
  • Bloggers Passion
  • Blog popular
  • Webtime
  • Boredpanda
  • Bravenet
  • Webs
  • Academia
  • Issuu
  • Fuelmyblog
  • Blogcatalog
  • Blogdirs
  • Blogsdb
  • Bloghints
  • Blogratedirectory
  • Blogsthatfollow
  • Ellysdirectory
  • Freeaddurl
  • Mvomrat
  • Thecgisite
  • A1webdirectory
  • Addbusiness
  • Alistsites
  • Ananar
  • Anoj
  • Bedwan
  • Best Business Web Directory
  • Bloghub
  • Blogrollcenter
  • Blogswirl
  • Blogrific
  • Blogdir
  • Blogsrater
  • Bloglisting
  • Cluboo
  • DirectorySeo.biz
  • Info listings
  • Fuelmyblog
  • Freetoprankdirectory
  • Freewebsitedirectory
  • Findsites
  • H-log
  • Happal
  • Highrankdirectory
  • Links Maximum
  • Link-minded
  • Live popular
  • Jewana
  • Linkpedia
  • Linkroo
  • Homepage Seek
  • Marketing Web Directory
  • Ranaf
  • Prolinkdirectory
  • Picktu
  • Nexus Directory
  • Onlinesociety
  • Promote Business Directory
  • Rocktheadored
  • Sitesplus
  • Sitepromotiondirectory
  • Submissionwebdirectory
  • Somuch
  • Synergy-directory
  • the-free-directory.co.uk/
  • Url Shack
  • Usgeo
  • W3catalog
  • Wilsdomain
  • Bloggerhq.net
  • Bloggeries
  • Blogger Internet
  • Bloggersgold.co.uk
  • Bloggerteam
  • Blogger Choice Awards
  • Bloggers Directory
  • Blogification
  • Blogging Critic
  • Blogging Court
  • Blogger Tips
  • Blogging Fusion
  • Blogging list
  • Blogintro
  • Blogging Most Wanted
  • Bloghitlist
  • Blogicas
  • Blogit
  • Blogitloveit
  • Bloglookup
  • Blogmarking
  • Allforblog
  • Blogaz
  • Blogbal
  • Blogbar
  • Blogbits
  • Blogdire
  • Blogcatalog
  • Blog certified
  • Blog bunch 
  • Blog catalog
  • Blog-catlog.info
  • Blogbunch
  • Blogcertified
  • Blogdesam
  • Blogdigger
  • Blogdir.co.uk
  • Blogdire
  • Blogdirectory.ckalri
  • Blogdirectory.net
  • http://blogdirectory.net/
  • http://blogdirectory.org.uk/
  • http://blog-directory.org/add-blog.php
  • http://blogdirectory.ws/
  • http://blogcertified.com/
  • http://blogdesam.com/
  • http://blogdigger.com/
  • http://blogdir.co.uk/
  • http://blogdire.com/
  • http://blogdirectory.ckalari.com/
  • http://blogdirectory.com/
  • http://blogdirectorysubmission.com/
  • http://blogdirs.com/
  • http://blogmeblog.com/
  • http://blogmeeting.com/
  • http://blogoculars.com/
  • http://blogotion.webs.com
  • http://blogowogo.com/
  • http://blogpoint.com/
  • http://blogpopular.com/
  • http://blogpopular.net/
  • http://blogpulse.com/submit.html
  • http://blogrankers.com/
  • http://blogrankings.com/addblog.php
  • http://blogratedirectory.com/
  • http://blogratings.com/
  • http://blogrollcenter.com/
  • http://blogs.com/submit
  • http://blogs.mediadir.in/
  • http://blogsallovertheworld.com/
  • http://blogsbycategory.com/
  • http://allblogspots.blogspot.com/
  • http://blogarama.com/
  • http://dir.blogflux.com/
  • http://www.blogdigger.com
  • http://www.plazoo.com/
  • http://www.blog-search.com/sites/add
  • http://topofblogs.com
  • http://www.blogadda.com/
  • http://addyourblog.com/
  • http://topblogs.addyourblog.com
  • http://geekswithblogs.net/Registration/Default.aspx
  • http://www.ypblogs.com/
  • http://www.blogzoop.com
  • http://www.blogdumps.com/index2.php
  • http://www.fybersearch.com/
  • http://www.getblogs.com/directory/
  • http://www.indiblogger.in
  • http://www.blogsmonitor.com/
  • http://www.blogsavenue.com
  • http://www.blogmemes.net
  • http://blogville.us/
  • http://blogskinny.com
  • http://blogdire.com
  • http://blogsrater.com/
  • http://fuelmyblog.com
  • http://topblogging.com/
  • http://topbloglists.com/
  • http://www.openblogdirectory.com/
  • http://goblogz.com/
  • http://newzalert.com
  • http://www.writeupcafe.com/
  • http://www.blogfolders.com/
  • http://www.blogcatalog.com/
  • http://www.heliosblogs.com/
  • http://blogwebdirectory.com/
  • http://blogvillage.gotop100.com
  • http://blog.directory-seek.com/
  • http://wordpressblogdirectory.com/
  • http://irankblogs.com/
  • http://www.conseillemoi.net/
  • http://blokube.com/
  • http://www.boosterblog.net
  • http://www.blogsroot.com
  • http://www.buzzerhut.com
  • http://www.blogarama.com
  • http://www.lsblogs.com/
  • http://listablog.com/
  • http://www.spreadmyblog.com
  • http://blogscollection.com

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