Top 10 SEO Tools to Boost Rank and Traffic in 2024 (Expert’s Choice)

SEO is important to increasing a website’s ranking. In this article discusses the top 10 tools that help improve your website’s SEO according to the 2024 SEO ranking factors.

Best seo tools to grow traffic

Top 10 SEO Tools to Boost Rank and Traffic in 2024 (Expert's choice)

You’ve probably heard about the importance of improving your website’s rankings with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. However, what does it mean to rank high in search engines? 

Many ranking factors play a role in determining where any given website appears on a home page. But the theoretical understanding of those ranking factors is not enough, as you will have to practically implement those instructions to up your website’s SEO game.

Therefore, this article discusses the top 10 tools that help improve your website’s SEO according to the 2024 SEO ranking factors. Thus, without further ado, let’s begin the top 10 tools for SEO ranking factors 2024 list.

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SEO tools to increase website rank

Some SEO Ranking Factors – Google Ranking Factors 2024

Before moving to the list, discussing the SEO ranking factors is necessary here. So, although there are 200 ranking factors, let’s discuss the most prominent SEO ranking factors here. 

  • Consistent publication of high-quality content. 
  • Keywords in meta title tags. 
  • High-quality backlinks. 
  • Niche expertise. 
  • User engagement. 
  • Internal linking. 
  • Mobile-friendly website. 
  • Page loading speed. 
  • Website’s SSL certification. 
  • Structured data. 

List of the Top 10 Tools for SEO Ranking Factors (2024)

The following list contains my favorite SEO tools for website ranking because they are famous for driving more organic traffic, doing on-page and off-page SEO for 200+ search engine ranking factors and increasing ranking with easy-to-understand instructions. So, let’s get to the list.

1. SEMrush: Best SEO and PPC Tool for Making Online Marketing Easy


The first entry is the most comprehensive tool of this best SEO tools for 2024 list. Its name is “SEMrush – Best SEO and PPC Tool for Making Online Marketing Easy. 

SEMrush is a comprehensive tool that comes with a paid as well as a free version. It is an all-in-one marketing toolkit that helps digital marketing professionals by providing a complete workflow for any SEO professional. Some of its most highlighted features are: 

  • Running a technical SEO audit on any website. 
  • Tracking your daily rankings. 
  • Analyzing any competitor’s SEO strategy. 
  • Analyzing any domain’s backlink profile. 
  • Researching millions of keyword ideas. 
  • Gathering SEO ideas for gaining more organic traffic. 
  • Unlock not provided keywords. 

Additionally, SEMrush helps you analyze your website’s health and provides actionable insights. So, you can improve the internal linking, enhance your website’s performance, fix your website’s SEO mistakes and increase your website’s SEO results. 

Now, let’s move to the pros and cons of using SEMrush. 

Why should you use SEMrush for ranking and growing traffic?

SEMrush suggests prospects that you can reach out based on the targeted keywords 

SEMrush helps with tracking your backlink profile and backlinks outreach. This way, you can quickly identify and remove toxic backlinks affecting your website   

To ensure that you are providing the most resources related to your topic, SEMrush also helps with keyword research and identifying keywords gap within your content 

Google and other search engines look for trusted and authoritative websites within a niche. So, when you use the keyword research and gaps identification of SEMrush, you can ensure that your website is covering all the related topics within your niche 

Apart from the discussed features, SEMrush has a plethora of other SEO features that you can use to increase your organic traffic ranking and improve your lead generation 

Some caveats of SEMrush for ranking and growing traffic

The free version of SEMrush brings limited features 

SEMrush offers a trial version of 7 days and after seven days, users will have to purchase its subscription plans 

2. SE Ranking – Your All-in-One SEO Software

SE ranking tool

The second entry of this top 10 tools for SEO ranking factors 2024 list is ideal for freelancers. Its name is “SE Ranking – Your All-in-One SEO Software. So, if you are a freelancer, let’s check this out. 

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO solution for freelancers because it makes keyword research, on-page SEO checking, backlinks checking and monitoring and providing in-depth website audit easier.

It is another shareware web utility with a free trial of 14 days. However, unlike most shareware or freemium SEO tools, its paid plans are ideal for SMB owners, agencies, entrepreneurs and enterprises. 

Every B2B marketer should try SE Ranking because it is one of the solutions for ultimate growth and success in B2B marketing. But let’s talk about the significant benefits and drawbacks of using SE Ranking. 

Why should you use SE Ranking for ranking and growing traffic?

Whether you prefer a scheduled audit or automatically generated reports, SE Ranking makes it easier to create reports for your company and clients 

SE Ranking generates personalized and highly accurate reports, making it easier to meet the requirements of demanding clients 

You can create comprehensive marketing plans using keyword research, backlinks checker, website audit and on-page SEO checker of SE Ranking 

Whether you want keyword data for Google, Yahoo, Bing, or YouTube, SE Ranking has got your back 

The 14-day trial version of SE Ranking is enough to make a change in the SEO game of your website or blog 

Some caveats of SE Ranking for ranking and growing traffic

SE Ranking is not entirely free because, after 14 days, you will have to purchase its premium plan

3. Ahrefs – SEO Tools & Resources to Grow Your Search Traffic


The third entry of the best SEO tools for beginners list provides excellent features in the free version. Its name is “Ahrefs – SEO Tools & Resources to Grow Your Search Traffic. So, if you are looking for the best free SEO tools for increasing the ranking of your website, you can check this one. 

Ahrefs is one of the most recommended tools by SEO experts to manage your website’s on-page and off-page SEO. Whether you want to track your ranking, find link-building opportunities, grow your website, or perform some other functionality from the above-discussed ranking factors, Ahrefs has got your back.  

Previously Ahrefs used to be a paid tool. However, Ahrefs launched a free SEO tool that allows you to check the issues that might be holding your website back – the Webmaster tool. Like other tools, its paid version has more features than its free version. But this doesn’t mean that its free version is not worth using.  

Now, let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of using Ahrefs. 

Why should you use SE Ranking for ranking and growing traffic?

The free version of Ahrefs (webmaster tools) is perfect for any small businesses and wannabe SEO experts because it can fix your SEO mistakes and boost your ranking and organic traffic 

The paid version of Ahrefs provides a complete site audit, as it crawls your website and provides the overall SEO health score 

Ahrefs’ content explorer helps you discover the best-performing content in your niche. This way, you can quickly identify the competition you need to beat 

The content explorer module of Ahrefs researches over a billion web pages along with complete SEO and social metrics 

The site explorer of Ahrefs provides an in-depth look at organic search traffic and backlinks profile of any website or URL 

The rank tracker module of Ahrefs helps you monitor your ranking over time and chart your performance against your competitors 

You can configure Ahrefs to send schedule reports to your inbox 

Considering the features of Ahrefs, it is a perfect tool for competitive research 

Some caveats of SE Ranking for ranking and growing traffic

If you are using the free version of Ahrefs, you will have to use the results of the free version with Google Search Console to gain reasonable results 

4. Serpstat – Growth Hacking Tool for SEO, PPC, Domain and Keyword Analysis and Content Marketing

SERP stat

The fourth spot on this list is a tool that offers the best value. Its name is “Serpstat – Growth Hacking Tool for SEO, PPC, Domain and Keyword Analysis and Content Marketing. 

Serpstat is a comprehensive SEO platform that provides more than 20 SEO tools to offer the best value in this list. So, let’s hover over the highlights of Serpstat. 

  • Competitor analysis. 
  • Keyword research. 
  • Backlink analysis. 
  • Site audit and rank tracker. 

This PPC and SEO growth-hacking tool comes with a limited free version. But if you like the free version, you can also purchase its paid version. 

Why should you use Serpstat for ranking and growing traffic?

Serpstat is the fastest growing SEO tool in the market because it provides comprehensive SEO data to 300,000+ users 

SEO experts recommend using this tool if you are working on a new website or niche because its keywords module makes it easier to see the organic and paid competition between the keywords 

Serpstat does an excellent job of providing an idea of a keyword’s value and the time it will take to rank the content on that keyword 

Serpstat is a decent alternative to browsing through numerous tools during research 

This tool is ideal for spying on your competitors 

Some caveats of SE Ranking for ranking and growing traffic

None really 

5. PrePostSEO – Online SEO Tools

PrePostSeo tool

The fifth tool of this top 10 tools for SEO ranking factors 2024 list offers multiple tools for SEO experts, web admins, writers and bloggers. Its name is “PrePostSEO – Online SEO Tools. 

PrePostSeo is another freemium utility on this list that comes packed with 95+ tools. But as this list targets the tools for SEO ranking factors, the following tools are the highlights of PrePostSEO from the SEO perspective. 

  • Plagiarism Checker – original content is one of the major SEO ranking factors for any search engine. So, this module allows you to check the uploaded text for content duplication. 
  • Paraphrasing Tool – if the plagiarism checker of PrePostSEO finds any content duplication, you can use the paraphrasing tool to remove duplication from your content. 
  • Article Rewriter – however, if the paraphrasing tool cannot remove plagiarism from your content, you can rewrite the entire content with a different strategy. 
  • Domain Age Checker – as domain age plays a significant role in SEO ranking, you can check the domain age of your website. 
  • Domain Authority Checker and Page Authority Checker – as search engines prefer websites with higher authoritative scores, you can use the DA and PA score checkers if you want to check your website’s authority. 
  • Backlinks Maker – high-quality backlinks are another major SEO ranking factor. But finding high-quality backlinks is not a piece of cake. That’s where you can use the help of PrePostSEO’s high-quality backlinks generator. 

Now, let’s get to the advantages and disadvantages of using this tool. 

Why should you use PrePostSEO for ranking and growing traffic?

PrePostSEO provides a great set of features without any cost to answer the diverse needs of users 

It has an Android and iOS application, which makes it easier for users to access its features 

You can integrate the browser extension of PrePostSEO to use its functionalities on the go 

The plagiarism checker, article rewriter and paraphrasing tool of PrePostSEO can perform their functionalities in different languages 

Some caveats of PrePostSEO for ranking and growing traffic

Compared to the paid plagiarism checkers, the plagiarism detector of PrePostSEO provides vague reports 

6. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Website Crawler

screaming frog

The sixth SEO software on this ten SEO top tools list is an advanced but freemium website SEO audit tool. Its name is “Screaming Frog SEO Spider Website Crawler. 

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a great SEO spider and website crawler for improving your ranking. This tool analyzes your website and finds technical SEO tweaks to help you rank better on the search engine’s first page.

For example, generally, SEO experts use this tool to perform site audits, which inform them about the issues of a website’s web pages that need improvement from the SEO point of view. 

Being a freemium tool, Screaming Frog SEO Spider is available in free and paid versions. But the free version of this tool provides enough features that if you want to do the SEO of your website for free, Screaming Frog SEO Spider will do the job. 

Now, let’s hover over the benefits and drawbacks of using Screaming Frog SEO Spider for SEO ranking factors. 

Why should you use Screaming Frog SEO Spider for ranking and growing traffic?

Screaming Frog SEO Spider makes it easier to identify and solve the problem of indexed web pages that shouldn’t be and the meta of a website 

This software is available for macOS and Windows users. So, users will not run into platform dependency issues 

Once you have executed this SEO audit tool for your website, you will get a ‘Status Code’ and ‘Status’ of every web page of your website 

You can check the ‘Response Time’ and ‘Site Structure’ of your website with Screaming Frog SEO Spider 

You can even check the API configurations of your website with Screaming Frog SEO Spider 

Screaming Frog SEO Spider allows the users to perform the following features for free 

  • Check the page titles of your web pages  
  • Meta descriptions and meta keywords 
  • H1 and H2 headings for each web page 
  • Number of images used on the website and their Alt texts 
  • Canonical tags 

Some caveats of Screaming Frog SEO Spider for ranking and growing traffic

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is not an online tool. Instead, users will have to download this tool from their official website 

The spelling and grammatical issues checker is only available in the paid version and it is not as powerful as Grammarly 

In the free version, you can crawl 500 URLs only 

7. Google Search Console (GSC)

google search console

The seventh Google ranking tool on this list is an absolute must-have tool for every website owner. Its name is “Google Search Console (GSC). 

As the name depicts, Google Search Console (GSC) is the SEO software of Google. So, it provides first-party data, which means the provided data of Google Search Console (GSC) is measured data that comes directly from Google.

So, the accuracy of this tool’s data is unquestionable compared to the other tools that provide guesstimate data. 

Over the last few years, GSC (Google Search Console) has become a more valuable tool for SEO experts because its data is not according to crawling, scrawling, or sample size strategies. Instead, the provided data of Google Search Console (GSC) will be close to being accurate. 

Now, let’s shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of using this tool.  

Why should you use Google Search Console (GSC) for ranking and growing traffic?

Google Search Console (GSC) has a massive advantage over the other discussed tools, which is its directly measured data from Google  

As Google Search Console provides accurate data, you can rely on the provided number of impressions and clicks for your website 

Google Search Console (GSC) makes it easier to check how many times your website is showing up in searches and the keywords that are driving the clicks for your website 

Even naïve users can easily understand how Google crawls and processes the schema on your website 

Checking the mobile-friendly behavior of the website is also possible with the help of GSC, which is one of the key ranking factors for search engines 

Some caveats of Google Search Console (GSC) for ranking and growing traffic

Compared to Ahrefs, SEMrush and Serpstat, Google Search Console (GSC) analyzes the website and its competitors at a surface level  

8. CanIRank – Rank Faster with the Best SEO Software for Small Businesses

can I Rank seo tool

The eighth SEO software of this top 10 tools for SEO ranking factors 2024 list is suitable for small businesses. Its name is “CanIRank – Rank Faster with the Best SEO Software for Small Businesses. 

CanIRank is an AI-based SEO tool that provides SEO-related data and specific action recommendations for a website. This tool works by understanding the mechanism of the top-ranking web pages.

Afterward, it provides the users with instructions containing DIY actions, which will help them beat the top-ranking pages.  

CanIRank is a shareware SEO utility. So, it provides a 7-day free trial version to its users after activating a paid plan. However, even if you want to use its free version, you will not need a credit card number. 

Now, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using CanIRank. 

Why should you use CanIRank for ranking and growing traffic?

CanIRank makes it easier to identify the changes that can make a more significant impact on your website’s ranking 

Even if a user is away from the game of SEO, CanIRank will notify him about the new content ideas and ranking changes 

The DIY actions of CanIRank make it easier for beginners and naïve users to improve the Google ranking of their startups and businesses 

With CanIRank, you can identify the phrases that your competitors are targeting to rank higher in search engines  

Users can perform customized keyword research with CanIRank. For example, they can either choose to automate the entire process or conduct niche-specific keyword research 

With CanIRank, you can achieve results with less risk and cost because it helps in identifying the keywords where your website is already competitive 

CanIRank finds the perfect balance between the value of keywords and their ranking difficulty through its ROI score finder 

CanIRank provides professional SEO results in seconds 

CanIRank provides the detail of SEO-optimized pages for a website by analyzing the keywords in its content 

This tool also checks the authority of a website by analyzing its link building 

Some caveats of CanIRank for ranking and growing traffic

As its title depicts, it is not suitable for large businesses 

The DIY actions are only available for the paid users 

The free version of CanIRank has limited features. So, if you want reasonable results, you will need its premium plans 

9. WebPageTest – Website Performance and Optimization Test

Webpage Test seo tool

As you know, the speed of web pages is one of the significant ranking factors for a website. So, if you want to check whether your website’s web pages have up-to-mark page speed or not, you should use the “WebPageTest – Website Performance and Optimization Test.

WebPageTest is a website performance tester that uses simple and advanced configuration modes to perform optimization tests on a website and check its performance. This tool provides the following data for an inputted website: 

  • Security Score. 
  • First Byte Time. 
  • Keep-alive Enabled. 
  • Compress Transfer. 
  • Compress Image. 
  • Cache static content. 
  • Effective use of CDN. 

Once WebPageTest has analyzed an entered domain, it will highlight the above data in red and green colors. The green colors indicate the excellent areas, whereas the red ones indicate the areas that need improvement. 

Now, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using WebPageTest. 

Why should you use WebPageTest for ranking and growing traffic?

WebPageTest provides the overall performance detail for an inputted domain 

For a detailed overview, WebPageTest breaks down a website’s performance into ‘Web Vitals,’ ‘Performance, ‘Content,’ ‘Domains, ‘Processing,’ ‘Screenshot, ‘Image Analysis’ and ‘RequestMap’ sections. So, it is easier to check the results of different website optimization tests 

To increase your website performance, you will need to work on the areas mentioned in the ‘Performance’ section 

Whether you want to increase the domain or processing speed of your website, WebPageTest is a comprehensive tool to answer the issues related to your website 

You can even head over to the ‘Screenshot’ section to get the results according to the screenshots of your website 

You can save the test results by creating a free account on WebPageTest 

Some caveats of WebPageTest for ranking and growing traffic

None really 

10. Exploding Topics – Discover the hottest trends

Exploding Topics Seo tool

Consistent publication of high-quality content is another key ranking factor for search engines. But to fulfill this ranking factor, it is necessary to produce content according to the trending topics of a selected niche.

That’s where the last tool of this list will come in handy. Its name is “Exploding Topics – Discover the hottest trends. 

As the name depicts, Exploding Topics is a tool that helps identify the latest trends in different niches. Although Google Trends is the most popular tool in this regard, Exploding Topics goes one step ahead of Google Trends because it discovers the topics six months before they take off. 

Exploding Topics provides the trending topics in different industries from one month to 15 years. So, even if a user wants to find out the trends of previous years, this tool will still be valuable there. 

Exploding Topics divides the trending topics into three categories: 

  • Exploding – as the name depicts, this category contains the currently hot topics. 
  • Regular – this category will contain the topics that have expanded at a decent rate for a while. 
  • Peaked – the topics of this category are on the verge of declining because they have already hit their peak point. 

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of Exploding Topics. 

Why should you use Exploding Topics for ranking and growing traffic?

Exploding Topics contains an eye-catchy UI, making it more appealing to users 

Exploding Topics sorts the trending keywords according to their niches-type. So, finding the latest and trending ideas in a specific niche is easier 

The free version of Exploding Topics is enough to handle the basic needs of a blogger 

Exploding Topics is an excellent alternative to the manual process of brainstorming the ideas 

Some caveats of Exploding Topics for ranking and growing traffic?

Exploding Topics alone can do no better for you because the growth metric of its trends is deceptive 

Wrapping Up:-

The tools I have discussed in the above list will help optimize the SEO game of your website according to 200+ Google ranking factors, increase the organic traffic and ranking of your website and get more leads for your business.

Moreover, all these tools come with user-friendly instructions and interfaces. So, even though you are not an SEO expert, tech expert, or website guru, you can quickly get used to these tools because of their easy-to-understand guides.

On top of that, some of the discussed tools provide a free limited version, which will be good enough to start and learn how to perform B2B SEO.  

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