15+ Best Etsy SEO Tools 2024 (Free & Paid)

Boost your Etsy sales in 2024 with the 15+ best Etsy SEO tool providers. Find free and paid options to optimize your Etsy shop’s visibility and reach. These handpicked tools will give you the edge you need to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

15+ best seo tools providers in 2023

15+ Best Etsy SEO Tools 2024 (Free & Paid)

Etsy is a Well reputed and Well-Known Online Platform for Businesses and artists to show off their ideas in this online era of handmade and unique Products.

But how do you ensure the right people see your products on a site with millions of listings? The answer comes in Etsy SEO tools, which are your secret weapons for getting more people to see your products and making more sales.

Etsy SEO tools are the unsung heroes that make many Etsy shops great. They give sellers the tools to optimize their product listings, make their shops more visible, and connect with buyers looking for unique things.

In this Complete Guide, we’ll go into detail about the best Etsy SEO tools, explaining why they’re important and showing how they can help you become an Etsy star.

Whether you’re an experienced Etsy seller who wants to improve your SEO or a newbie who wants to get your online store going, this guide will help you find the best option. So, let’s start with the best SEO tools provider list that will help you grow online.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an online store that connects independent artists, makers, and vintage sellers with people who want to buy unique items that were made by hand.

Since it started in 2005, Etsy has grown into a global marketplace where people and small businesses can sell a wide range of Products, such as handmade jewelry, clothes, home decor, art, vintage items, and craft supplies.

How to choose an Best Etsy SEO tool?

Choosing an Etsy SEO tool is important in optimizing your Etsy shop and increasing your visibility to potential customers. It will ultimately depend on your specific goals, budget, and preferences. Take the time to research and compare different options to find the one that best aligns with your Etsy shop’s needs and helps you improve your search rankings and sales.

Features and Capabilities: Look for tools that offer keyword research, competitor analysis, and on-page optimization features. These are essential for improving your Etsy shop’s SEO.

User-Friendliness: The tool should have an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. You want to spend only a little time learning how to use it.

Pricing: Consider your budget and the cost of the tool. Some SEO tools offer free plans with limited features, while others have monthly or annual subscription fees. Make sure the tool’s pricing aligns with your needs and budget.

Reviews and Reputation: Read reviews and testimonials from other Etsy sellers who have used the tool. Look for feedback on its effectiveness and customer support.

Integration with Etsy: Ensure that the tool can integrate seamlessly with your Etsy shop. It should be able to access your shop’s data and provide insights specific to Etsy’s platform.

Keyword Research: The tool should provide keyword suggestions and help you identify relevant, high-search-volume keywords for your products.

Competitor Analysis: Find tools that can analyze your competitors’ shops and listings. It Will Assist you in discovering market trends and areas where you can outperform your competition.

On-Page Optimization: The tool should offer suggestions for optimizing your product listings, including titles, tags, descriptions, and other elements. It should also help you track your progress.

Customer Support and Training: Check if the tool offers customer support, tutorials, or training resources to help you get the most out of it.

Privacy and Security: Make sure the tool complies with privacy regulations and keeps your data secure.

Community and Support: Check if there’s an active community or forum of users who can share tips and insights related to using the tool effectively.

Customization: Some tools allow you to customize settings and reports to suit your specific needs better. Consider whether this level of customization is important to you.

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How to do Etsy SEO

How to do Etsy SEO?

Etsy SEO is a very important step for reaching your target customers. Because SEO is an ongoing process, you have to be up to date-on your platform. Here are some steps you should follow:-

Step 1- Keyword Research – Start by researching keywords relevant to your products. Use tools like Etsy’s search bar, Google Keyword Planner, or third-party SEO tools to identify high-performing keywords related to your niche. Look for both short-tail and long-tail keywords.

Step 2-Optimize Product Titles – Craft informative and engaging product titles. Include primary keywords near the beginning of the title. Ensure titles accurately describe your product’s key features, materials, and variations.

Step 3- Product Descriptions – Write detailed and accurate product descriptions. Incorporate primary and secondary keywords naturally within the description. Explain your product’s benefits, features, and uses clearly and engagingly.

Step 4- Use Relevant Tags – Use all available tag slots (up to 13) to maximize visibility. Avoid using irrelevant or repetitive tags.

Step 5- Attributes – Fill out all product attributes, such as color, size, and material, as these can improve search relevance.

Step 6- Category Selection – Select the most relevant category for your product. Accurate categorization helps Etsy’s algorithm understand your product better.

Step 7- Pricing and Shipping – Competitive pricing and reasonable shipping costs can positively impact your rankings. Consider free shipping options if feasible.

Step 6- High-Quality Images – Include high-resolution images that showcase your product from various angles. Clear, visually appealing images can improve click-through rates.

Step 7- Customer Reviews – Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews. Positive reviews can boost your shop’s credibility and rankings.

Step 8- Promoted Listings – Consider using Etsy’s Promoted Listings feature to increase visibility for specific products. Use a data-driven approach to optimize your advertising budget.

Step 9- Testing and Experimentation – As in scientific research, consider A/B testing different titles, descriptions, or tags to see which combinations perform best.

Step 10- Patience and Persistence – Etsy SEO is an ongoing process. Results may take time, so be patient and persistent in your efforts.

When determining search rankings, Etsy’s algorithm considers various factors, including relevance, customer behavior, and shop performance. Using the right strategy, you can rank higher on the platform and attract more traffic.

A report by Statista suggests that by 2024, the market size for SEO software and tools could surpass $5.2 billion, as more businesses invest in advanced analytics and automation capabilities.

How often should I update my Etsy shop’s SEO?

You should keep your shop and its goods up-to-date because Etsy likes to see busy shops. It will help you get more people, so your sales will increase independently.

When you update your SEO strategy, consider how it fits your general business goals and how your products have changed.

You should regularly look at data, adapt to changing trends, and keep up with algorithm updates to ensure your shop stays competitive and obvious to people who might want to buy from it.

Keeping an eye on things: If you work on Etsy, you know how important it is to make choices based on data. Use Etsy Analytics to monitor how well your shop is doing. Pay attention to which keywords bring people to your site and get them to buy.

Analysis of the seasons and trends: Trends can shift very quickly. Look at seasonal and market trends regularly to find new keywords or changes in customer tastes that may mean you need to change your SEO strategy.

Analysis of Competitors: Keeping an eye on rivals is a common way for scientists to stay ahead of the game. Look at the listings and SEO strategies of your rivals. Find their weaknesses or places where you can do better in search findings.

Changes to an algorithm: Keep an eye on Etsy’s program changes, just like you should keep up with the latest developments in your fields of science. Etsy sometimes changes its search strategy, which could affect how well your shop ranks. Change your SEO plan to account for these changes.

Tag Improvements: Change your tags based on how well your keywords are doing. Use both short-tail and long-tail terms to reach more people.

List the Differences: If a product comes in different colors or sizes, make a separate listing for each version. It can help with SEO and visibility for certain search terms.


If you want to start a job on Etsy, Alura is the best choice because it covers every part of the Etsy Seller Journey. It has a function called “email sender” that lets you send business and supporter effort emails to increase sales. Its tool helps you find keywords with high or low KD.

When looking around Etsy, you can use the Alura Chrome extension to find the best goods to sell, estimate how many people will buy them, and see all the hidden by-product tags.


They provide three excellent plans.-

➡️ The free plan is suitable for beginners due to its minimal features.

➡️ Starter set for just $19.99 per month

➡️ Professional pack for just $29.99 per month

Products Available:-

▶️ Keyword Finder

▶️ Alura Extension

▶️ Product Seeker

▶️ Shop Analyzer

▶️ Email Sender

▶️ Listing helper

▶️ Etsy Free Calculator


✅ The keyword-finding tool provides the best term choices and displays essential data to increase sales.

✅ Email sender software allows you to send promotional offers by email, instantly boosting your sales.

✅ It provides useful information for defeating the competition on Etsy.

✅ Its Chrome addon shows you hidden tags on Etsy products.

✅ You can also research popular Etsy shops.


❌ The free trial period is limited, and the pricing is slightly pricey.


Etsy Hunt is the best tool for SEO which is available in the market. EtsyHunt offers 48+ million product listings and 560M Etsy tags. so you can research easily and optimize your data. By Using Its powerful keyword research tool you can find which products are in demand and which have low demand in the market.


➡️ It’s Free Plan is best for Basic Users.

➡️ You Can Get Basic Plan for just $3.99 per month

➡️ Buy Pro Plan at just $3 for 3 Days and then $19 for per month.

➡️ You can also Buy Team Plan at Just $59.99 per month.

Products Available:-

▶️ Etsy Product Database

▶️ Product Chart

▶️ Etsy Inactive Products

▶️ Listing Optimization

▶️ AI Photo background editor


✅ Their Free Plan is Best for Beginners with 1 Seat and 10 DailyProduct Research. 

✅ You can try and observe their pro plan at just $3 for 3 days.

✅ They have Large Database of 48M Etsy Products and 560M Etsy Tags.

✅ This helps you to crack secrets of Top Etsy products with sales, price, favorites and reviews.

✅  Their Etsy Products research tool daily updates all product data and top selling items by category.

✅  Etsy Keyword tool also provides additional information of top 100 products on Etsy.

✅  They have Etsy product database, Etsy product chart, Amazon Handmade product and Etsy Inactive products. 


❌ Less products is available on Free pack.

❌ $19 per month is little bit expensive.


Roketfy gives you all the tools you need for your shop on Etsy in one place. It is a new, data-driven platform that gives Etsy sellers smart tools and services to help them sell more. They have the best tools, like Listing Checker, Product Study, Roketify AI reviews, Roketify AI Writer, Keyword Study, and Competitor Analysis.

With its all-in-one screen of smart, data-based technology, Roketfy’s Etsy listing assistant helps you improve your shop’s search results and sales.


They have Three Best Plans:-

➡️ Keyword Research tool at just $5 per month.

➡️ Premium Tools are available at just $16 per month.

➡️ Professional tools are available at just $48 per month.

Products Available:-

▶️ Listing Checker

▶️ AI Writer

▶️ Product Research

▶️ Keyword Research

▶️ Competitor Analysis


✅  Listing Checker optimize your Etsy listings and boost your ranking.

✅  Product research tools are helpful for discovering high-demand, low competition products in every category.

✅  Roketfy AI Reviews maximize your sales by transforming customer feedback into valuable insights to elevate your Etsy store’s ratings.

✅  Roket AI Writer is write your product description within seconds.

✅ You Can Find the most accurate keywords with unique data to grow on etsy.

✅  You can analyze detailed information of your competitor like products, stores and keywords.


❌ They are providing a free 14 days plan which are not sufficient for beginners to understand.

❌ Product prices are high to start.

Everbee is another great tool that gives you the most important information about popular goods on Etsy. It has a Chrome app that will tell you how many items were sold, how much money they made, and what tags they had.

You can use their Free Plan, which gives you ten analytics searches and statistics for tags per month. You only have to click on a tag once to see its details.


➡️  Free Plan for Forever.

➡️  You can Buy a Pro Plan at Just $7.99 per month.

➡️  Purchase Growth Plan at $29.9 per month.

Products Available:-

▶️ Keyword finder

▶️ Tag Search Volume

▶️ Tag analyzer


✅ It will analyze your shop to rank above your competitors.

✅ Its chrome extension will help you to get useful analytics.

✅ Product analytics tools help you to find details of trending products on etsy.

✅ Pricing is Quite reasonable.


❌ Sometimes keywords research tool’s data is not accurate.

❌ Chat support system needs improvement.

Printful Keyword Scout

To start selling Print-on-demand items on Etsy, you should use Keyword Scout from Printful. Because Printful works with Etsy, you can immediately connect your Etsy account to your Printful account.

You can also design your products and put them in the shop immediately. This tool will fix any SEO mistakes you’ve made and recommend the best tags for each product. You can also keep an eye on the info of your competitors.


➡️ You Can Buy a Printful Pro Plan at Just $49 per month.

➡️ Purchase Annual Plan at Just $539 Per year.

Products Available:-

▶️ Etsy Product Database

▶️ Etsy Product Chart

▶️ Etsy GPT Listing Optimizer

▶️ AI Photo Background Editor

▶️ Followup Reminder

▶️ Tag Extension

▶️ Etsy Free Calculator


✅ You can Easily design your products on this platform.

✅ This tool will also fix SEO mistakes of your shop.

✅ They are providing a Free Plan with 100+ templates and much more.

✅ 24/7 Customer Chat Support. 

✅ Keep Eyes on Competitors shop and collect their data.


❌ Limited services are available on Free Plan.

❌ Paid Plan is Little Bit Expensive.

Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai is the best tool for looking into your sales data to help you make more money on Etsy. Its Keyword study tool helps you find competitive keywords, tags, views, and more.

It also has a Chrome application that shows the best keywords and how often they are searched for. It is one of the best ways to find Longtail Keyword Grades, Accurate Search Volume, and Competition Scores that will help you grow.

Etsy sellers can use Sale Samurai to find out how many times a term is searched on Etsy, how much it costs per click (CPC), how much competition there is, and more.

You can also automate your business with just one click and upload hundreds of goods through integrations with multiple print providers.


Sale Samurai is providing 3 Day Free Trial

➡️ Monthly Plan at just $9.99 per month.

➡️ Annual Plan at just $99.99 per Year.

Products Available:-

▶️ SEO Analytics

▶️ Keyword Research

▶️ Etsy Analytical Tool

▶️ Chrome Extension

▶️ Etsy Fees calculator


✅ It is a Best tool for long tail keyword research

✅ Chrome extension shows best keyword ideas and other data

✅ They are providing a 3 Days Free trial.

✅ You can Monitor competitors’ keywords and other valuable data.

✅ It is an expert in Etsy print-on-demand automation. 


❌ Free Trial is less to identify its features.

❌ Live Chat Support System is not available.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is one of the cheapest and easiest-to-use Etsy tools for finding keywords. By adding the Chrome app, you can use these tools for free. It also gives information from Google or YouTube from 2004 and 2008, depending on your choice.

It will give you useful information about Etsy searches, such as CPC, search volume, and competition information for the past 12 months.


They have  four levels of subscriptions:-

➡️ Bronze Plan At Just $1.25 per month.

➡️ Silver Plan at Just $4 per month.

➡️ Gold Plan at Just $20 per month.

➡️ Platinum Plan at Just $80 per month.

Products Available:-

▶️ Long Tail Keyword Research


✅ It provides Country Specific search volume data.

✅ You can Import Bulk keywords data and get Your volume metrics.

✅ Add all keywords option that allows you to add all keywords found on the page.

✅ Organic Ranking Keywords option finds ranking keywords of any webpage.

✅ Its Free Version is also very useful for beginners.


❌ It’s Free version is with limited features.

❌ Live Chat Support is quite disappointed.


Another great tool for researching Etsy SEO keywords is eRank. It gives you useful information that you can use to make your shop more visible online. Rankk has some great tools. Etsy has tools for finding keywords, checking rankings, auditing listings, and analyzing data.

Etsy is a place where you can find product terms that real seekoking for. You can look at the details of Etsy’s competitors.

It will also give you information about goods that are popular on a platform that will make youunsureIf you’re not sure if you want to spend money on an Etsy tool, this free version is an excellent option.


They have Free Plan for beginners:-

➡️ You can get a Basic plan at just $5.99 per month.

➡️ You can get a Pro Plan at just $9.99 per month.

➡️ You can also buy Expert Pla at just $29.99 per month.

Products Available:-

▶️ Keyword Research Tool

▶️ Track Competitors

▶️ Market Research

▶️ Trend Buzz

▶️ Competitor Tags

▶️ Profit Calculator

▶️ Hashtag generator


✅Free Etsy SEO Plan is Forever and useful for beginners.

✅ They also give information about your sales and help to increase that.

✅ Its Paid Plan is also available at cheap cost.

✅ You can keep eye on Competitor’s data and trending products.

✅ It will give you feedback about Your listing and also optimize your shop.


❌ Data is not up to date in the Free Version.

❌ You can Monitor competitor’s data in a paid plan.


Crest is one of the best SEO tools you can use to keep an eye on the data of your competitors. It gives one-of-a-kind information, analysis, and results. It shows sales trends and where customers are. You can also use images to make slideshows or movies.

You can get info in real-time to help your business grow. It also lets you change your listings’ names, tags, and descriptions.


➡️ You Can Buy this Plan at Just $12.99 per month.

Products Available:-

▶️ Keyword Research Tool

▶️ Real Time Search Engine Optimization

▶️ Generate Video Content

▶️ Location based Customer Analytics


✅ You Can make videos from photos and also add transitions and effects.

✅ Live Chat Support System is also available.

✅ Backup on database system.

✅ You can also share your information on social media.

✅ It also provides real time feedback.


❌ Free Trial is Not available on this website.

❌ You can connect only three shops.


MakerWords is also a great tool for finding keywords for Etsy and Amazon. It suggests keywords based on what people look for on Etsy. It will help you grow on Etsy and Amazon, and Google will show your goods. 


➡️ MakerWords is also available at $9.99 per month.

Products Available:-

▶️ Keyword Research Tool


✅ Paid Version is available at an affordable price.

✅ You can Visible your Products on Google search.

✅ You can Optimize your data for Both Etsy and Amazon.


❌ Free Trial is not available.

❌ Live customer support system is not available.


Ahrefs is the best keyword research tool, but it costs a lot. Etsy can help you grow using Ahrefs’s Site explorer, Site auditor, keyword explorer, and many other tools. It helps you handle your listing and keep track of your keywords. It gives the right information and an in-depth look at traffic.


➡️ You can get a Lite Plan at Just $99 per month. 

➡️ You can Buy Standard Plan at Just $199 per month. 

➡️ Advanced Plan at Just $399 per month. 

➡️ Buy Enterprise Plan at Just $899 per month. 

Products Available:-

▶️ Keyword Research

▶️ Competitor analysis


✅ Ahrefs provide Accurate and in depth analysis

✅ You can search keywords for various E-commerce Platforms.

✅ You can track your ranking of products.

✅ Its Etsy market research tool features helps you to find new product ideas and customers.


❌ This tool is really expensive as compared to others.

❌ Don’t have a live chat support system.

12. Keyword Tool Dominator

_Keyword Tool Dominator

If you work on different platforms, Keyword Tool Dominator is great, and Etsy users can use it for free for two keywords per day. Keyword Tool Dominator has a huge collection of the most popular search terms on Google, YouTube, Amazon, Walmart, Bing, and eBay.

The Autocomplete feature on Etsy is a great way to speed up your searches. For keyword research, you must type in your keyword or product name and the country. This tool will then show you the important tags, long-tail keywords, and more.


➡️ You can Buy an Etsy Keyword tool at just $28 for lifetime.

Products Available:-

▶️ Youtube Keyword Tool

▶️ Etsy Keyword Tool

▶️ Amazon Keyword Tool

▶️ Site Audit Pages

▶️ Google Keyword tool

▶️ Google Shopping Keyword Tool

▶️ eBay Keyword Tool


✅ Two Keyword searches for everyday are available.

✅ Keyword Tool Dominator is a very affordable tool for newbies.

✅ Google Chrome extension is very useful to generate keyword ideas.

✅ You can buy this tool for various ecommerce platforms.


❌ Keyword research of this tool may be not accurate.

❌ Free service is not enough for users.


Keysearch is another tool for finding keywords that will show results based on what’s popular. Users can also choose a free plan. These tools will help you keep an eye on the data of your competitors, track your rank, do SEO, get help with your writing, and more.

This tool also shows you the number of searches right from Google AdWords and helps you find tags with low competition so you can increase your sales. It also gives you ideas for selling things, titles, and tags for your Etsy shop.


➡️ You can get access to a Starter pack for $17 Per month.

➡️ You can also buy a Pro Pack at just $34 Per month.

Products Available:-

▶️ Youtube Search

▶️ Rank Tracker keywords

▶️ backlink Checker

▶️ Site Audit Pages

▶️ Content Assistant

▶️ Keyword Difficulty Checker

▶️ Niche ideas generator


✅ Free Access is also available to find the best keywords.

✅ You can Monitor Competitor’s data to grow on Etsy.

✅ You can also find long tail keywords and also low competition tags.


❌ Live chat Option is not available.

Merch Titans

Merch Titans is one of the best Etsy SEO tools, and it can be used to do simple phrase research. This tool gives volume, ranking, sales, and more information.

Their trademark alert tool is great because it can track the trademarks of real goods in real-time and send you an email if one of your phrases becomes a trademark.


➡️ You can Purchase Starter research Plan at just $9.99 per month.

➡️ Advanced Research Plan at Just $29.99 per month.

Products Available:-

▶️ Product Research

▶️ KDP research

▶️ Trademark Alerts

▶️ Titans Vault

▶️ KDP Automation

▶️ Merch Titan Automation

▶️ Keyword research


✅ Its Free Plan is very useful for users to start.

✅ You can optimize Etsy Products list by using this tool.

✅ Its Automation tool uploads your designs automatically with ease.

✅ They offer 14 Day no questions asked money back guarantee.


❌ Free Plan Provides only Basic Data.

❌ Weekly or daily traffic data is not available in the free plan.

15. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a Completely Free tool powered by Google. They will provide billions of keywords that will grow you online. This tool helps you to find the most relevant keywords for your Etsy shop.

Products Available:-

▶️ Google Keyword Planner (Keyword research)

Pricing :-

➡️ This tool is Free of Cost.


✅ It is a completely Free keyword research tool.

✅ You can rank your etsy products by using this.

✅ Provide new keyword ideas.


❌ This tool is not providing in depth detail of keywords.

❌ Chat system is unavailable on this platform.

16. Keywordtool


Keywordtool is one of the best free tools for researching keywords. It is used by some of the biggest brands in the world. You can use this tool for free, but if you want to access more features, you must buy a paid plan.

You can make more than 750+ long-tail terms with the free plan. You can find thousands of new long-tail terms that will help you grow online.


➡️ Pro Basic Plan at Just $69 per month.

➡️ Pro Plus Plan at Just $79 Per month.

➡️ Buy a Pro Business Plan at Just $159 per month.

Products Available:-

▶️ Keyword Research Tool


✅ 100% accurate google and Bing Search Volume Data.

✅ Keyword Tool provides Autocomplete suggestions for every single search.

✅ Its Free Plan is very useful to find long tail keywords.

✅ You can See the keyword in which your competitors are ranking.

✅ You can Find 100+ Blogging ideas in minutes with its trend feature.

✅ if you buy a paid plan, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. 


❌ Live Chat System is not Available.

❌ You have to buy a Pro Plan to get detailed information about keywords.

❌ This tool looks like Google keyword planner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Etsy SEO tools?

E-commerce optimization is important if you want to rank better; SEO tools are a big part of that. We studied extensively to determine the pros and cons of Etsy SEO tools.

Advantages of Using Etsy SEO Tools:

Visibility is increased because Etsy’s SEO tools let sellers strategically place their goods in search results, making them more visible to potential buyers.

Data-Driven Insights: These tools give useful information about how customers act, how well keywords work, and how the market changes. Data is the neural route to making smart choices in cybernetics and brain-computer interfaces.

Efficiency: Automation and data-driven optimization save time and energy, which frees up time and energy for deeper research and innovation, like looking for the underlying principles of quantum mechanics.

Keyword Optimization: These tools show sellers which terms work best, which helps them improve their product listings. This optimization reminds me of molecular biology, in which exact patterns determine how something works.

Rank Tracking: Sellers can monitor their rankings in search results over time. This method is based on data, just like how experiment results are carefully tracked in the lab to ensure they are consistent and can be repeated.

Seasonal Trends: The SEO tools on Etsy can show seasonal trends and changes in how people act. It is similar to knowing biological rhythms and circadian processes and making changes to plans based on that knowledge.

Global Reach: Etsy’s global reach can be a powerful tool for scientists who want to change the world. SEO optimization can help products reach people all over the world, similar to how scientific information is shared all over the world.

According to SEMrush 2024 Post, Top-ranking Google search results see a 22.4% click-through rate and 46% of Google searches have local intent.

Disadvantages of Using Etsy SEO Tools: 

Complexity: Mastering SEO tools can be hard and take time, just like molecular biology. It might take much work for sellers to navigate this complicated market.

Costs: Some SEO tools have subscription fees, which may only work for some buyers, depending on their budgets. It is like allocating resources in scientific study, where budget constraints make trying new things hard.

Overreliance: Using only SEO tools can stop people from being creative and developing new ideas. It’s important to find a mix between optimizing based on data and being creative in a cyberpunk way.

Control is limited: SEO tools can give you useful information but can keep things like economic trends or customer tastes the same. It is similar to how quantum events are hard to predict.

Change Sensitivity: Etsy’s algorithms can be affected by changes to product descriptions. Even small changes can affect rankings, so you have to keep an eye on them constantly. It is similar to keeping a complicated science experiment stable.

What are the best Etsy SEO Tools?

As you know, Etsy is important to grow, so selecting the right services for your shop is also very important. Here, I will introduce a few notable options and provide an analytical perspective on their strengths:


Like a multidisciplinary scientific approach, EtsyRank provides a suite of tools for Etsy sellers, covering SEO, pricing, and marketing. Integration with Etsy: It seamlessly integrates with Etsy, streamlining the optimization process.


Erank offers in-depth keyword analysis and tracking, aligning with the precision required in scientific endeavors. It provides market insights, enabling sellers to make data-informed decisions, much like data analysis in scientific research.

Google Keyword Planner:

As Google’s tool, it offers insights from a global search engine, potentially broadening your reach beyond Etsy, similar to international scientific collaboration.

Etsy SEO Analyzer

This tool focuses on individual listings and provides shop-wide analysis, offering a holistic view similar to analyzing an entire ecosystem in ecology.

How do I find the best SEO keywords for Etsy?

You should discover the best SEO keywords for your shop, which is a hectic job for you. You should follow these steps to make your work easy. Regularly revisit and update your keyword strategy based on changing market trends and customer behavior.

Brainstorm Relevant Keywords:

Begin by brainstorming keywords that are directly related to your products. Consider what potential customers might search for for items like yours. 

Etsy’s Search Bar like google:

Start typing your initial keywords into Etsy’s search bar. Etsy will provide auto-suggestions based on popular search queries as you do this. These suggestions can serve as valuable keywords.

Use Etsy SEO Tools:

Leverage Etsy SEO tools like Marmalead, EtsyRank, or Erank. These tools provide insights into keyword performance, search volume, and competition. Analyze the data they offer to identify high-potential keywords.

Analyze Trends:

Keep an eye on seasonal and trending keywords. Tools like Google Trends can help you Find Suitable keywords that experience spikes in interest during specific times of the year.

Check Competitiveness:

Evaluate the competitiveness of your chosen keywords. Aim for a mix of high-competition and low-competition keywords to balance your SEO strategy, similar to diversifying your scientific research approaches.

Consider Synonyms and Variations:

Include synonyms and variations of your keywords to capture a broader audience. It uses different scientific techniques to investigate a research question from multiple angles.

Optimize Listings:

Optimize your product titles, tags, and descriptions using your selected keywords. Ensure your content remains relevant and descriptive, like crafting a precise scientific paper.

What are the Important Etsy SEO Factors?

Succeeding with Etsy SEO is all about mastering both on-page and off-page optimization best practices. It increases the likelihood of your handcrafted items appearing in those top search results.

On-page optimization refers to optimizing all the elements you directly control within your Etsy listings.

Killer titles and tags are critical – these act like magnets guiding buyers to the perfect product to meet their needs. 

Descriptions must employ semantic keywords seamlessly while speaking to the customer with compelling sales copy.

Item specifics, materials used, processing times, and policies should leave no question unanswered, building trust quickly. 

Creative and consistent use of all 10 image slots and videos keeps visitors engaged. Reviews are social proof, converting tentative visitors into delighted customers.

Off-page factors drive external signals to boost rankings. 

An optimized Etsy shop with polished branding builds authority. Promoting new listings and bestsellers on social media, blogs, and link-sharing sites brings in targeted traffic. Smart SEO-friendly packaging with coupons and flyers sparks word-of-mouth and repeat business.

By mastering the perfect balance between on-page and off-page optimization, Etsy sellers magnify their visibility in search results, route qualified traffic to their shops, and keep the registers ringing!

Free vs Paid Etsy SEO Tools: Which is the Best?

Most sellers start using free SEO and analytics tools when equipping your Etsy shop. And why not? They allow you to dip your toes into essential capabilities like keyword research, rank tracking, and traffic analysis at no cost.

While free tools cover the basics, they come with blatant downsides. Limited keyword tracking makes rank monitoring a headache.

Lack of customer insights leaves product and SEO gaps undetected. Manual reporting eats up selling time. And good luck getting quality customer support to resolve issues!

This is where paid Etsy SEO tools power in, offering advanced features and capabilities that provide real competitive advantages.

Robust keyword tracking and prioritization reveals untapped buyer demand. Granular sales and traffic analytics highlight listed or promoted listings lagging. Automated daily/weekly reports spotlight opportunities to help make data-driven decisions faster.

While paying a subscription fee or premium one-time cost might initially give buyers sticker shock, the sheer volume of additional data and automation paid tools provide delivers higher sales and savings over time. And access to one-on-one support alleviates troubleshooting frustrations.

Ultimately, paid tools give Etsy merchants an edge. And what savvy seller doesn’t want even better visibility in search, faster product improvements and less effort optimizing? The numbers don’t lie – an investment in a paid tool pays for itself manifold down the road.

Comparision of Best Etsy SEO Tools


Free Version Features

Paid Version Features


Best For


Basic keyword research, rank tracking for 50 keywords

Advanced keyword research, rank tracking for 5,000 keywords, competitor analysis reports

$5.99 per month and $29.99 per month for Expert Plan.

Top Etsy sellers & power users


Keyword research, listing analytics

Advanced analytics, bulk editing tools, promotion trackers


Serious Etsy sellers


Product Categories & Tagging, 

CSV Inventory Import/Export

Inventory, order & fulfillment management, financial reporting

$29/mo starter, $179/pro

High volume Etsy shops


Basic keyword research and tracking

Additional keyword data, competitor tracking

$19.99/mo basic, $29.99/mo pro

Keyword research and tracking


Basic keyword research

Etsy Inactive Products, Listing Optimization

Pro Plan at just $3 for 3 Days and then $19 for per month.

Beginner keyword research


Basic shop analytics

Additional sales data, financial reporting

$5/mo keyword research, $16+/mo other plans

Understanding shop analytics

Basic shop management features

More advanced shop management tools

$7.99/mo basic, $29.99+/mo for Growth plan

Managing Etsy shops

Sale Samurai

Basic sales analytics

More advanced analytics, channel integrations

$9.99/mo, $99.99+/year

Cross-channel analytics


Basic shop analytics

More advanced analytics, financial reporting


Understanding shop performance


Basic keyword tracking

Advanced tracking, rank analysis

$17+/mo for starter and $34/mo for pro pack 

Keyword tracking and ranks

Merch Titans

Basic merchandising analytics

Advanced analytics, additional channel integrations

$9.99+/mo for starter and $29.99+/mo for Premium

Merchandise analytics

Boost Your Etsy Rankings: 10-Step SEO Checklist

Follow this Checklist drive more Traffic on your Etsy Shop!

Keywords – Research top keywords buyers search and add relevant long-tail keywords in your titles, tags, and descriptions.

Titles – Craft compelling titles using your most important keywords. Keep them under 60 characters.

Tags – Include short top keywords, long-tail keywords, and high-performing tags competitors use. Use all 13 tag slots.

Photos – Upload eye-catching photos showcasing your items. Use backgrounds and props for a professional look. Optimize file names with target keywords when possible.

Descriptions – Share your product’s story and highlight features. Use keywords naturally and explain what makes your item special.

Sections – Fill out every listing section, such as materials, details, shipping, returns, reviews, and policies. Transparency builds trust.

Shop Details – To boost credibility, complete your Etsy shop profile with useful info about you, policies, great branding, and optimized keywords in your tagline, story, and announcement sections.

Promote Listings – Drive traffic to new listings using Etsy ads, social media promotions, or deal sites for the initial boost needed for new items.

Review Request – Politely asking happy customers for a review can help get your first reviews rolling in. Reviews build social proof!

Refresh Old Listings – Improve SEO and conversions for older listings by improving photos and descriptions or refreshing with new keyword-optimized titles and tags.

Completing this entire Etsy SEO checklist gives your handmade business its best shot at success! The effort pays off with higher rankings, conversions, and sales over time through better visibility.

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Etsy SEO Tools are quickly becoming the best way for online sellers to make more money.

As we wrap up our discussion of these useful resources, it’s clear that they are more than just tools, they are the keys to your shop’s full potential and to reaching the right people.

With these tools, you can find the best themes to use and improve your Etsy product list. But keep in mind that the world of Etsy SEO is always changing, so it’s important to stay current on best practices and system changes.

Keep trying new things, making small changes to your plans, and learning from the results. 

Lastly, you should never undervalue the Etsy group’s power and knowledge sharing. Talk to other sellers, join groups and teams, and ask for help when needed. 

Etsy SEO tools can help you do well on this busy site. So, whether you’re an experienced craftsperson or a new business owner, use Etsy SEO tools to your advantage and watch your Etsy shop grow in the ever-growing world of handmade, vintage, and craft products. Have a safe trip!


What are the Best Etsy SEO Tools?

Here are the list for Best Etsy SEO tools:-

Printful Keyword Scout
Sale Samurai
Merch Titans

Why are Etsy SEO tools so important?

These tools help you improve listings, easily manage your shop, uncover what buyers search for, see what competitors are doing, boost rankings, get more visits and make more sales! Everything an Etsy seller needs.

What key features should I look for Etsy SEO Tools?

Must-have capabilities include finding winning keywords, editing listings fast, tracking ranking positions, analyzing listing performance, research on competitors, connecting to your Etsy data automatically, and updating listings with one click.

Which tool is best for new Etsy sellers on a budget?

If you’re starting with limited funds, use free tools like Etsy Rank, eComily, or EtsyHunt. These tools help you do keyword research, rank tracking, and optimize listing.

Can these tools optimize any Etsy product type?

Yes, whether you sell jewelry, artwork, patterns, clothing, craft supplies, vintage items, or anything handmade – Etsy SEO software can optimize all product types for better search visibility!

How soon will I see a sales difference?

Depends how well you apply the tool’s recommendations and keyword competition levels, but typically 3-6 months of focused effort leads to big improvements in shop traffic and sales!

Will using SEO tools risk an Etsy penalty?

Nope! As long as you follow Etsy’s rules and policies with the tools, you won’t get penalized just for working to rank better in search! No worries.

How do I decide between Marmalead and ERank?

It depends on your needs and budget! ERank has the best rank tracking capabilities hands-down. But Marmalead edges them out on broader shop analytics. Try free trials and go with whichever platform feels like the best fit!

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