What is Moment Marketing? Grow your Business in 2024

Moment Marketing s one of the best guerilla marketing techniques which relies on the viral and latest news, event, or occasion. It is delivered through digital and social media platforms and helps a brand to be in the conversation and gain brand awareness.

What is Moment Marketing

What is Moment marketing and How to Grow Business with Moment Marketing?

You must have heard about the term moment marketing, it is one of the best guerilla marketing techniques which relies on the viral and latest news, event, or occasion. It is delivered through digital and social media platforms and helps a brand to be in the conversation and gain brand awareness.

Brands utilize any recent news or event to turn it into a very striking and creative copy that helps them to start a conversation and build awareness around their product or service. This simple yet effective technique for marketing is called Moment marketing. As the name suggests it changes with the moment and drives engagement in your brand.

Why is Moment Marketing Effective?

Can you recall any brand that is great at-moment marketing? Amul is the oldest favorite when it comes to moment marketing ads, and yes how can we forget popular startups like Dunzo, Swiggy, and Zomato’s moment marketing ads? 

Just consider the Social media following of these early startups and compare them with some big brands which miss the opportunity or have lacked or failed in creating any creative and executing moment marketing campaign.

Wasn’t it easy to recall these brands and connect with their persona when you were asked about moment marketing campaigns? I am surely confident that you must well remember these brands because of their “creati-witty” moment marketing post campaigns.

benefits of moment Marketing

Moment marketing comes with many benefits, some key benefits of Moment marketing are:

Easy to recall – Brands are easy to identify when they capture the latest trendy news and capitalize them into innovative trendy and creative moment marketing campaigns.

Highly Engaging – Social media followers love to see witty-moment marketing campaigns on their feeds, and brands that make it to their list not only win on social media but also win their hearts.

Immediate Feedback – Moment marketing is executed over social media and digital platforms, and viewers offer immediate feedback to such posts by sharing, commenting, and engaging with them. This feedback helps in understanding the mood of your viewers.

Brand building and engagement – As I told you, consumers engage with moment marketing posts and creatives, which directly helps the brand engage with the audience and start a healthy conversation.

Helps to get part of the conversation – All brands want to become part of the conversation and moment marketing ads are the best way to do so as many viewers easily relate to the post and try to engage with it. 

Sometimes become a trendsetter – Moment marketing ads or posts are a great way to make your brand go viral, as it is based on trend-setting news and events, viewers highly engage with such posts and sometimes they can become trendsetting or viral.

Important Features of Moment Marketing

Over the period of time Moment marketing has evolved a lot and every brand tries to give their campaign a competitive edge with creativity to beat others. It’s not just that moment marketing has become creative and witty but is more analytics-driven nowadays. 

Let’s learn about the important factors that shape a new age-moment marketing campaign.

Time – Time is an important factor as moment marketing campaigns last for a short span of time. It basically lasts for a day or so. You need to be fast in your approach and communicate with your audience in a very speedy manner.

Witty – Wittiness is the element that drives more viewers to your content in a moment marketing, however, you need to balance wittiness and humor in your campaign or social copies correctly, or else it might be unpleasant and uncomfortable for your viewers, make sure not to hurt anyone feelings while you create your campaign. 

Analytics – Just like all social media campaigns, nowadays Moment marketing is also data and analytics-driven, social media marketers tend to follow the moment marketing initiatives only of highly trending topics, hence you need to also keep track of trending topics based on the region of interest and other factors. 

Memes – Memes can best communicate during a moment marketing campaign, they are seriously funny and relatable to the audience and people love watching memes from brands, memes also get better engagement and are more sharable among viewers.

Successful Moment Marketing Campaigns

Successful Moment Marketing Campaigns

There are no particular moment marketing campaigns that can be said more successful than the other, but here we can discuss some brands who have nailed the marketing world with their witty and creative moment marketing campaigns. 

Successful Moment Marketing Campaigns are:-

  1. Amul 
  2. Zomato 
  3. Dunzo 
  4. Pidilite- Fevicol
  5. Durex 
  6. Oyo 


Over the years moment marketing has been highly successful in India and global market as more and more GenZ buyers and audiences have started engaging on social media. However, brands need to stay true to their ethics and personality when they target any moment of marketing or create any meme campaign for the same. 

There’s a fine line between being naturally funny and witty and being vulgar hence it is always advisable to take the help of experts while planning such campaigns. Please Share your Valueable Thoughts with us so we can make it more Informative.

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