9 Proven SEO Strategies to Generate More Leads For Business in 2024

SEO can do more than increase a site’s visibility- It can generate more leads for business to drive dreamy sales with some effective tips you will read here!

9 Proven SEO Strategies to Generate More Leads For Business

9 Proven SEO Strategies to Generate More Leads For Business in 2024

Only owning a website and users searching and finding it on search engine result pages are two different things. Each day, numerous people look for products or services on the web. But if you are not positioning well in search results, then your potential customers won’t find out about you. All this can result in crashing sales and revenue. 

For instance, if any home improvement business fails to find qualified leads for the business, sustainability in this competitive industry becomes highly doubtful. So, the company needs to work on SEO tactics to get enough visibility in front of the audience. 

If many businesses are in this field, many of you must think about how competitors are earning millions of dollars by offering the same services or products. This applies to many demanding businesses. 

The answer is the same for all and lies in their well-polished SEO strategies that are aligned with what search engines search for. If your business keeps search engines happy with the rules it wants, they will rank your business website on the top results pages.

Undoubtedly, achieving results from Search Engine Optimization takes time. But if you have a well-planned and executed SEO strategy, you can create quality leads and transform them into sales quickly. Whether you are starting with SEO plans or searching for effective ways to improve your previous SEO strategy, we are here to help. 

So, in this blog, we have shared some effective ways to use SEO for lead generation for businesses to generate enough revenue and grow your business. 

So continue reading to learn what they are.

What is SEO lead generation

What is SEO lead generation?

The practice of getting potential leads with a higher ranking of your websites in search engine result pages is search engine optimization or SEO lead generation for businesses. There are many ways of implementing SEO strategies, including paid or unpaid or indirect or direct marketing tactics. 

Such companies very well understand the customer’s mindset and how they stick to the top-ranked sites for so long. That’s why many growing businesses, like home remodeling services, are investing in SEO techniques to get exclusive home improvement leads

SEO is not a small concept, it has a huge roadmap to reach the destination. But we won’t indulge here. We will share 09 effective ways to use SEO to generate more leads for business!

Let’s dive in!

Best Ways to Use SEO to Generate More Leads for Business

Although you can always buy qualified leads for your business, investing in SEO tactics can help you get leads for your business organically. Such leads can establish a strong foundation for your company in the long term.

Create a search engine-optimized website

The very first and most important step to generating qualified leads using SEO is to build a professional-looking website. You should have fresh and informative blog sections on the website that are search-engine friendly too. To create such websites, you need to take care of the given:

Make proper use of headings and subheadings

Using headings and subheadings in your website content helps the search engines have a clear understanding of what your website is about. Giving a better structure helps in better ranking of the content. 

Make use of user-intent keywords

Keywords are one of the crucial parts affecting the ranking of your website in search engine result pages. So, be careful while integrating keywords into the content of your website. You should always consider what users want to search for. For example, “SEO services” is different from “SEO services in New York”. So, be specific about them.

Be consistent

If you need to get the maximum benefit from SEO methods, you should publish the content regularly. Also, you should update the existing content from time to time.

Content Formatting

If you don’t make your content readable, it is unimportant. So, try to make the content as formatted as per guidelines. This will enhance content engagement too.

Focus on internal linking

You should try to add authentic links and other web pages of your website to the specific blog. This way you can enhance content credibility and direct more traffic to your website.

Best Ways to Use SEO to Generate More Leads for Business

Free webinars can help to generate leads

There is another lead magnet that can help generate more leads for business apart from PDF scripts, white papers, or content: hosting a free webinar.

Webinars are very powerful as you get to interact with potential customers one-on-one to give the answers. You can also display your expertise in your services and enlighten them about what you provide.

Apart from this, there are many ways to use webinars as an SEO tool to generate more leads for business:

  • You can use appealing infographics in your presentations and have a real-time Q&A session with the customers.
  • You can integrate an attractive CTA (call-to-action) button after the webinar, like, if you sign up, you will get a discount or coupon.
  • You can select a topic that prospects want to attend and do an advertisement for it in advance. In such cases, you should use related and targeted keywords carefully and promote them on different social media platforms.
  • You can also record the webinar for those who could not attend the session.

Quality backlinks can help to rank the page well

Links, especially backlinks are a great way to make a route for your website on search engines. Also, backlinks make your website authentic and trustworthy for the readers. Hence, it makes it easier to rank your site better in result pages and generate more leads for business.

On the other hand, the absence of backlinks makes it hard for search engines as well as readers to trust your website. But don’t use links blindly, you need to understand the user intent.

Whenever the user comes to your web page with a specific query in mind and looks for a suitable answer there. So, if you create content with some concise information, chances are more for customers to stay on that specific page.

Writing content in this way will also need a set of related keywords that you need to target around which you can build good backlinks. Also, you can use the backlink monitoring tool to keep monitoring the links.

On-page- SEO

Don't Underestimate the Power of local SEO

Many businesses underrate the power of local business listings. A local SEO is good for spreading about your business in the local region as the website does it for you globally. This is important as getting word-of-mouth advertising in the region where your business is located is good for maintaining credibility.

You should register your business in Google’s local business directory. If you utilize local SEO properly, the clients in your region will be more inclined to approach you. Here is how can you benefit from local SEO:

  • Firstly, register your business with all the authentic details in the Google business listing.
  • You should do content optimization accordingly. Fill in all the required details, like, address, operating hours, phone number, Google map directions, etc.
  • You should also focus on ratings and reviews. As you know people love to opt for the business with high ratings and positive reviews. So, try to persuade existing clients to share the feedback.

You shouldn’t get disheartened with the negative reviews, instead, try to solve them as soon as possible. With the given local SEO tips, you can make a good place for your business locally.


Make the most out of social media platforms

Social media is one of the most important and powerful tools in this digital era for getting a wider audience. It can help to generate more leads for business if joined with SEO. Well, even though both these concepts are different, they are connected deeply.

As per a report of SE Journal source, search engines give a good weightage to businesses having active social media profiles and having good engagement rates.

If your business has high reach and content engagement with the desired audience, the chances of generating leads are higher. Apart from this, you can further link your site to your social media handles. This will also make your business credible, and at the same time, you can get abundant traffic. Overall, social media is a great means to grow your business.

Encourage your customers to post reviews

People intend to purchase new products or services that have honest customer reviews or products with good customer ratings that have good demand. This is applicable in almost every industry. 

When the local community sees good reviews or ratings on Google, they are more likely to buy that, hence making your Google business stronger on the internet. Thus it generates more qualified leads for any business. 

But the main part is ‘How would you ask customers to give ratings or write reviews for your business’? 

This is the crucial part to execute as the whole process of asking for reviews must be smooth. Here are some suggestions to make it possible smoothly for your business:

  • You can be in touch with the satisfied customers either via phone, text, or email. 
  • You can take regular follow-ups if they haven’t reviewed it yet. But remember, not to irritate them by asking again and again. 
  • You can leave a thank-you note for their feedback. You can also remind them for renewals or maintenance work from time to time. 
  • Quickly respond to their reviews in a professional manner.
  • You should respond to reviews in a professional and timely manner. 
Increase the speed of the website

Increase the speed of the website

Another effective way to use SEO to generate more leads is to maintain a good speed of the website. People want to stay on a page only if it takes less than 6 seconds. 

Yes, it is correct! If your website pages take more than this time to load, chances are to miss the target audience. 

Website loading time or speed affects the rankings in Google search engine result pages very deeply. A slow website results in higher bounce rates and decreases the engagement rate. In short, increased loading speed means a great user experience for the visitors. 

There are many tools available in the market to make it easily possible for you. Such tools help to monitor the speed of the website. Other than this, you can increase the page loading speed with the following tips:

  • Follow proper caching methods.
  • You should choose a reliable web hosting provider. 
  • You should use well-optimized images.
  • You should make a responsive website. 
  • Try to remove unnecessary plugins and scripts, spam comments, broken links, etc.  

Optimize your Google Business Listing

Have you ever observed whenever you do a Google search for any product or service, a list of related businesses appears on the first page with contact details? This is because of local SEO. 

With the business details on Google Maps, lives have been made simpler. A verified and thorough Google listing aids search engines to better know your business. 

After being confirmed, you are entitled to have a Google My Business profile to maintain your business details. You can provide data about your business that you want to but remember to give true information. You should fill out sections for business hours, location, contact number, and website address completely. 

Monitor your results

Lastly, it is important to monitor in which direction your efforts are going, and this is equally important as other tips. Tracking results include campaigns, your website rankings, click-to-rate conversions, how much time a visitor spends on web pages, engagement time, reviews, etc. 

All this can help to understand the success of your results and you can make more efforts wherever needed. There are various tools available to track the performance of your website. With this, you can get an idea or analyze the results.  


That’s all for now!

Using SEO to generate more leads for business is a continuous and effort-taking process. It needs your patience to a great level. But with the effective ways mentioned above, you can speed up the entire process to upgrade your website’s performance. 

So, have patience and give your resources in the right SEO direction and get the desired results. 

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