Toolsminati: The Group Buy SEO tools scam

Group Buy SEO tools are a part of an unregulated market, where many SEO tools are often unaccountable, fake and distrustful. here i will tell you about a group buy SEO tools scam.


Toolsminati: The Group Buy SEO Tools Scam

You often come across articles and blogs that suggest you the best Group Buy SEO tools, but not all group Buy SEO tools are reliable and useful. Today I am going to share my experience about a fake group buy SEO tools company that should be avoided at any cost.

Group Buy SEO tools are a part of an unregulated market, where many SEO tools are often unaccountable, fake and distrustful. Here, you also cannot take any legal action or file any complaint against any bad mouthed group buy SEO tools company, after you get scammed.

However, spending more than a decade in the digital marketing field I have used almost all the paid and free SEO tools that are available in the market and come across multiple free and paid, group buy SEO tools. I know how their services are and how their support system works.

Hence, through my accumulated information I wrote an article about the best group buy SEO tools and helped thousands of digital marketing firms, freelancers and writers to save thousands of dollars with SEO tools and enjoy top notch services.

Why not to Buy from Toolsminati

To be very frank, people really loved my blog and enjoyed the information shared there about the various trusted group buy SEO tools, I often receive various comments and emails regarding the same and people often share their experience about group buy SEO tools that helps me further enhance my information and update my blog to help other digital marketers.

Keeping that in my mind I am going to tell you about a scammer and unreliable group buy SEO tools company that has been flagged by hundreds of digital marketers, writers and freelancers and has been rated the worst in our survey among all the group buy SEO tools providers, also considering our personal usage opinion.

We have received multiple emails and comments to flag this terrible group buy SEO tools provider that has been scamming thousands with advertisements and non-trustable affiliate websites. You might have heard the phrase that a bad fish pollutes the whole pond, Toolsminati that same bad fish that has caused harm to other trustable and true groups who buy SEO tools.

When I received complaints regarding Toolsminati and digital marketers requesting me to flag this bad service provider, I decided to use it myself and then it was clear to me, this is a scam that they are running in the name of group buy SEO tools. 

Once you mistakenly land on Toolsminati page and see the cheap price group buy SEO tools plans you think to buy it to save some extra bucks and then after some time you realize that you have been scammed.

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  1. fake & scam stealing money!… don’t buy anything you’ll regret it later ……This website of group buy tool is fake stealing the money the service i bought yesterday it’s been 24 hours still not working no one is replying to emails also same on the chat.


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