11 Best Content Writing Tools to Help You Become an Expert (2024)

Do you not have time and struggle to write content? These 11 Best Content Writing tools will help you write well-knit content like a seasoned writer.

11 Best Content Writing Tools to Help You Become an Expert

11 Best Content Writing Tools to Help You Become an Expert (2024)

Have you ever written a web article copy or a blog post? If yes, then you understand how much time and effort goes into conducting research, writing, and optimizing the content of any page.

There are multiple things you need to take into account to create content that does everything:

  • Attracts readers
  • Provides them with important information
  • Converts them into clients
  • It ranks well in search engines

Almost all content writers have experienced the sense of checking the clock and seeing that many hours have passed in crafting content.

So, how can writers create content that meets all of the criteria without becoming overwhelmed by the details? 

Is it possible?

Some top-quality tools help you streamline and optimize your content creation process.

Here are the eleven most valuable tools you can use while writing content. Here you go!

1. Online Notepad

online notepad

Are you stuck with not having the most relevant information related to your topic?

Panic not!

An online notepad enables you to pen down all the crucial ideas and information related to your topic. In this way, you can become more productive in your work.

This notepad tool automatically saves your notes online so that you can benefit from them in need of an hour. 

Whether you are writing a client’s article or your personal blog, you can easily leverage this online tool to make notes. All you need to do is visit the website of this tool, brainstorm your ideas, write them down, and go. 

No matter what type of content, this tool preserves your files. Moreover, it is also a text editor, which means that you can fine-tune your unorganized data and make it worth reading. 

Also, you can change the text font, size, and shape. With its user-friendly interface, you can manage multiple tasks at a time and keep them protected. 

2. Scapple


Trying to make sense of your early thoughts might be the most challenging aspect of writing. Scrapple allows you to write down all of your ideas and link them artistically.

It’s ideal for creating mind maps and keeping track of your thoughts when brainstorming new ideas. The adaptable interface is especially useful for visual thinkers and creative types that want some assistance organizing and planning.

3. Write monkey (WM)

write monkey

Write Monkey (WM) is the finest writing tool if you are looking for distraction-free writing and editing.

WM is one of the oldest style editors on the market, and it is known for its simple work environment. That’s why it’s such an important productivity tool for writers.

It’s mostly designed for editing, with some publishing and organizing capabilities thrown in for good measure. 

4. Jasper


Jasper is an AI-based writing tool that assists you in crafting content in less time. This tool comes in handy when you do not want to spend hours in the writing process. 

Using Jasper, you can write website copy, landing page, articles, blog posts, social media posts, and any other content. Most significantly, this tool automatically creates 100% unique content.

Whether you are a small business owner, blogger, social media manager, or YouTuber, you can create content with this tool.

Using its simple and clean interface, you can speed up your writing process and creates remarkable content when you do not have proper time. 

5. Coschedule


Whether you are a marketer or content writer, you know how important it is to produce a killer headline.

Headlines provide your readers with a piece of brief information about your topic. They enable readers to click the content; accordingly, they are an important aspect of writing.

You can use Coschedule to create headlines that increase revenue, shares, click-through rates, and search results. It helps you write headlines for blog articles, email subject lines, and social media messaging.

It evaluates your headline’s overall structure, grammar, length, keyword density, and readability and provides samples for Google search and email subject lines.

6. Word Counter

word counter

You have to stick to a particular word count while writing content. You cannot include all the information related to your topic in a single copy. 

If you do so, you are wasting your time. 

People do not want to read the bulk of the content. Instead, they skim the article and read the most valuable points. If you write a lengthy article, the chances are that no one will go through your content.

Therefore, you have to stick to a particular word count. In this case, this word counter online tool helps you to stay within the content length. It instantly counts the total number of characters, words, sentences, and even paragraphs. 

Aside from calculating characters and words, this online word counter assists you in improving word choice and writing style and detecting grammar errors.

Simply place your cursor in the inbox area and start typing to determine the word count. As you type, erase and edit the text, the number of characters and words will increase or decrease. 

Plus, you can also copy-paste the text into this section. The Auto-Save function ensures that any changes you make while editing is saved, even if you leave the site and return later.

Word Counter also displays the keyword density for the content you are working on. This enables you to see which terms you use the most and in what proportions. In this way, you can avoid overusing particular words. 

7. Hemingway Editor

hemingway editor-writing-tool

Hemingway Editor is another excellent writing tool.

Almost all writers are familiar with this tool. This editing tool has got you covered whether you are writing short-form or long-form content.

In addition, you can use the tool to verify anything from social media captions to research papers.

It takes a sentence-by-sentence look at your text and utilizes color coding to suggest readability. It also emphasizes problems with voice and wordiness. It improves your writing talents over time.

8. Libreoffice Writer


If you like Microsoft Word, you will enjoy using LibreOffice Writer. It’s one of the greatest free writing tools for Linux users, but it also works on Windows and Mac computers without a problem.

It is a good tool for professional writers, with several exceptional editing and publishing tools. In addition, it comes with a calculator, spreadsheet, and presentation capabilities.

You can write and edit nearly anything on the site, from a short message to a full-length novel. With only a few clicks, it can detect mistakes and spelling issues, apply custom formatting, and enhance the appearance of your text.

9. Grammarly


There is nothing worse than an article filled with grammatical errors!

Obviously, it is against professionalism. In this case, you can use Grammarly to improve your writing style and grammar. It momentarily underlines all the spelling, punctuation mistakes, extra spaces, and verb tense agreement errors.

You can click on these mistakes, erase them, and make your content error-free. Moreover, this tool helps you improve your vocabulary by providing the best synonyms against a specific word. 

10. Readability Analyzer


Readability Analyzer instantly determines the reading level and gives a readability score to your content. 

It will not only give your total content a score, but it will also give each piece of material a score. Thus, it allows you to write the content in an understandable language so your audience can easily comprehend it.

This tool uses metrics such Gunning Fog index and Flesch-Kincaid. 

11. Turnitin


Turnitin allows you to check the authenticity of the content and find out whether your content is plagiarized or not. 

This tool assists you in improving your learning and critical thinking by providing you with a quick evaluation of your work for plagiarism. It works faster within a short time. When you paste the content in Turnitin, it showcases a percentage of plagiarism. 

In this way, you come to know how original your content is. This tool helps content writers who have to craft content regularly. In a nutshell, you can easily check the uniqueness of your written content with this tool.

Take a Tour of Scapple

Wrap up:- 

In this digital era, content writers have to write in multiple niches in order to execute their work effectively.

After all, content is the secret recipe to driving conversions, sales to your business, and enlightening your brand. Accordingly, you have some effective tools that help you write tailor-made content for your site. 

Hope these tools help you generate impeccable content like a pro. So what are you waiting for?

Benefit from these tools and achieve perfection in content writing. Best of luck!

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