99+ Best Affiliate Programs in India 2024 (Earn 100% Commission*)

We have compiled a list of 99+ best high-paying affiliate programs in India because the Affiliate Marketing industry has increased rapidly and will reach its peak in the years ahead, so if you are looking for a great career, this guide is for you.

affiliate marketing

99+ Best Affiliate Programs in India 2024 (Earn 100% Commission*)

Marketing was about satisfying customers and creating products and services that meet their needs. Marketing is about being better than your competitors or exceeding their expectations.

Modern marketing is user-centric and comprehensive. It revolves around finding or exploring potential customers and persuading these people to purchase your product.

Online content is abundant. Customers can compare products and services by looking at reviews and checking out recommendations.

Contrary to the traditional method where products were made according to customer needs, today’s main focus should be on the niche in which you promote your product and identify potential customers or target audiences that will purchase your product.

It doesn’t matter what you sell; it’s about understanding your customers’ needs based on your product.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing isn’t a new concept. It has been around for many years, starting in 1989. But, affiliate marketing was pioneered by William J. Tobin.

Affiliate marketing involves three parties: customers, affiliates and business. Affiliates are people who promote products of an industry/business and get a commission for each sale.

As an affiliate, the ads must be placed on your site for readers to click. Users click on the ad and are taken to the merchant’s website. You get a commission if the user buys the product.


What is the Importance of Affiliate Marketing?

You may now see why many companies spend so much on their affiliate marketing campaigns.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to increase brand value. It allows you to expand your user base and inform customers about products they might not have heard of.

You can develop a keen understanding of the potential customers for your product by working in a niche. This will allow you to promote your brand to specific audiences and new leads.

2. SEO should be Increased

With the help of backlinks from your websites and affiliate blogs, you can improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

3. Access Foreign Markets

Do you want to tap into international markets? Affiliate marketing can be a great tool to help you get started in your global marketing journey. You can market your products in the local area, but you need strong strategies to reach foreign markets.

4. Targeted traffic

Affiliate marketing guarantees that your website will attract potential customers. Because only users who have used your brand’s products or services will click on an affiliate link

5. Low cost and high ROI

Affiliate marketing campaigns are generally low-cost because they are commission-based. Affiliates are paid only for sales. This innovative marketing strategy is why your target audience will be drawn to your product or service.

Top Affiliate Programs In India

we have Prepared a list of the best affiliate programs in India for 2022. It will help you in deciding which one is best for you, so read this post carefully and let us know which one you chose for yourself. Let’s get Start:-

Best E-commerce Affiliate Programs

Amazon is a name that doesn’t need to be introduced. Amazon is the largest e-commerce market, with high conversion rates and high commission rates.

Once you sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, you will receive multiple useful tools. Site strip is another tool that you can easily add links to your website.

This is undisputedly one of India’s best affiliate programs. It offers a range of 0.2% to 10%, depending on the product category. You receive a handsome commission when a product is purchased using your affiliate link.

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie life: 24 hour

Join Amazon Affiliate Program

2. ebay Affiliate

ebay affiliate program

eBay is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in India. It offers an average of 50% to 70% in compensation. It is easy to sign up for and is free. Affiliates can earn up to 12 per cent commission on every sale.

Affiliates need to promote products/services using their links. If the customer/referral purchases the product through your link, you receive a commission. It’s that simple!

Commission: up to 12%

Cookie life: 24 hour

Join Ebay Affiliate Program

3. Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart, an e-commerce platform, offers a wide range of products. Flipkart allows you to become an affiliate and receive a 15% commission on any purchase made through your links or referrals.

It is easy to sign up for its affiliate program. There is no registration fee. You need to generate from different webmistress/apps/blogs to Flipkart and earn a commission.

The platform also offers a wide range of affiliate tools, including Widgets and Banners, to allow you to list Flipkart products in your own app/website. You can also track conversions with real-time reports and the performance of your referral links.

Commission: up to 15%

Cookie life: 24 hour

Join Flipkart Affiliate Program

4. Meesho

meesho affiliate

Meesho is a popular shopping website in India, and I believe it is popular among Homemakers and Younger Generation for reselling the best products and earning a handsome commission.

You may easily become a Meesho affiliate. You only need to refer others to make money. The Meesho referral option involves four steps. Zero Referral, Rising Star, Super Star, and Mega Star are some examples.

You will Earn upto 15% Commission on Each sale. They are providing 15% discount on first purchase on over 650+ categories. You can also resell the products and profit from them.

How To Register for Meesho Affiliate Program

Firstly, Download Meesho App

At the Bottom of the Website Click on Our Influencer Program

Click on Join Now

Enter Your Details

it is so easy to Register Yourself on Meesho.

If You have doubt or Problem You can direct contact to them

Meesho App Customer Care Number: 08061799600

Meesho App Email ID:

Commission: up to 15%

Cookie life: 24 hour

Join Meesho Affiliate Program

5. Tata Cliq

tata cliq

Tata Cliq is another well-known Indian e-commerce website. The Tata Cliq affiliate course is designed for online publishers and website owners that wish to boost their audience. You might make up to 10% commission.

 If you’re interested in being a Tata CLiQ affiliate, send an email to They will approve your application after they have verified your details, and you will be able to market their items.

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie life: 24 hour

Join Tata Cliq Affiliate Program

6. Shopclues


Shopclues is a well-known Indian e-commerce website. They sell daily necessities, clothing, and electronics at rock-bottom prices.

During the festive season, the website offers attractive deals. It is quite simple to join the Shopclues affiliate network and earn up to 7% affiliate commission by referring others.

They will review your application after you sign up for the Shopclues affiliate programme. Within 24 hours, you will receive approval. Once your application has been approved, choose the products you want to promote.

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie life: 24 hour

Join Shopclues Affiliate Program

Best Hosting Affiliate Programs

7. Reseller Club

reseller club

Reseller Club is one of the most prominent Indian hosting companies. It is easy to become an affiliate with the Reseller Club.

All affiliates have a chance to make a lot of money through the platform. Visitors and affiliates will both benefit from the affiliate program.

Reseller Club is a well-known domain and hosting platform with a large user base. It is easy for affiliates to make decent commissions of up to Rs. 5000 per conversion.

It is just like other top-quality affiliate programs. There are no signup fees and commitments. You will also have a dedicated manager to help you with every step.

Commission: up to Rs. 5000/-

Cookie life: 60 Days

Join Reseller Club Affiliate Program

8. GoDaddy Affiliate

GoDaddy, one of India’s most popular affiliate programs, is a well-known name on the internet. It is well-known for offering customers a wide range of domains and hosting plans.

It also offers an affiliate program to earn up to 15%-100% commission on all products you refer. It even pays 100% commission for specific products and orders.

Register for the GoDaddy affiliate program now without any cost. Register your account through an affiliate network such as Commission Junction or Zanox to register for the GoDaddy program.

After creating your account, you will be provided with a webmaster tool to help them grow their online business.

Commission: up to 15% to 100%

Cookie life: 45 Days

Join Godaddy Affiliate Program

9. Hostgator Affiliate

Hostgator is a leading domain registrar. They also offer web hosting services. Affiliates and buyers can take advantage of their affiliate programs to get special discounts and offers when they purchase products through an affiliate link.

With the platform’s flexible tiered payout system, you can earn more commissions on every sale. The payment is processed in 70 days and sent to your PayPal or bank account.

You will be paid for every purchase of any product or service you advertise.

Affiliates can create tracking links and codes using the program. Additionally, affiliates are eligible to earn up to $125 per signup.

Commission: up to $125

Cookie life: 45 Days

Join Hostgator Affiliate Program

Popular web hosting company Bluehost is well-known for its ability to allow affiliates to earn handsome commissions. Millions across the globe trust Bluehost. Bluehost’s cookies are set up for three months. This increases the chance for affiliates to make a lot of money.

Affiliate programs also offer WordPress setup and SSL certificates. It launched an affiliate program to drive traffic to the company’s website and convert them into customers. It doesn’t limit the number of earnings you can earn as an affiliate.

Commission: 30% Commission

Cookie life: 90 Days

Join Bluehost Affiliate Program

BigRock is not only the largest domain registrar and web host provider but also offers a lucrative affiliate program that yields high returns.

All affiliates have access to the tracking feature and the ability to earn awards for sales made via the affiliate URL. The tracking cookie can be used simultaneously for up to 60 days.

You can also purchase add-on services like website building, email hosting, or digital certificates.

Affiliates can earn a 30% commission on sales of products and services through the program.

Commission: up to $125

Cookie life: 60 Days

Join BigRock Affiliate Program

Cloudways is a renowned web hosting company that offers high payouts and recurring commissions. Depending on your performance tier, you can earn up to $125 per sale.

You can Earn $30 per sale + 7% lifetime commission by using their hybrid model. They will pay you a 7% commission average on each sale. Data such as conversions, clicks, and other detailed information can be easily tracked.

This is the best hosting for small businesses, bloggers, and those looking to start their own business. Their cookie will be valid for 90 days.

Commission: up to $125

Cookie life: 90 Days

Join Cloudways Affiliate Program

If you are looking for a long term solution about website speed and traffic then Convesio is the answer because it is a next generation Web hosting.

Convesio offers a different world to WordPress users with its futuristic features backed by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. It is a WordPress high availability docker website hosting for next generation.

Convesio offers unique features compared to its competitors, such as automatic updates, fast and reliable hosting solutions, high-speed page loads, and free domain registration.

Convesio is Managed WordPress Hosting. Convesio guarantees 100 percent uptime for WordPress sites, which means that Convesio-hosted WordPress sites never go down. Convesio’s uptime continues to be unrivaled, contributing to the site’s growth and traffic.

If you want to become a Convesio affiliate, you will earn 100% of the first month’s revenue + 20% for the life of the account, as well as 60-day tracking cookies to ensure you get credit.

Commission: up to 100% Commission

Cookie life: 60 Days

Join Convesio Affiliate Program

I am an Eco-friendly person, as I believe most of them are, and if you are looking for user-friendly or eco-friendly web hosting, you should give GreenGeeks a try.

You can earn up to $125 per sale by joining their affiliate programme, depending on your performance and traffic levels.

You can also get up to $100 for each qualifying signup. Greengeeks has over 15000 Affiliates.

1 sale: $50 /sale

2 sales: $60 /sale

3 sales: $70 /sale

4 sales: $80 /sale

5 sales: $90 /sale

6+ sales: $100 /sale

Commission: $125 per sale

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join Greengeeks Affiliate Program

WP Engine has one of the most hugely profitable affiliate programs. They will pay $200 upfront for this powerful web hosting platform.

WP Engine has an industry-leading cookie duration of 180 days, allowing you to receive credit for sales up to 6 months after visitors click your affiliate link.

Their primary focus is managed WordPress hosting, which explains why it is so expensive. If you make five sales in a month, you will receive a $1,000 commission plus an additional $100.

For every ten sales, you will receive $2100 plus a $250 bonus, and so on. They also have a two-tier program where you can earn $50 for referring sub-affiliates to their platform.

Commission: $200 Upfront sale

Cookie life: 180 Days

Join Wp Engine Affiliate Program

Liquid Web offers small and large businesses customizable and managed web hosting options. Liquid Web has an excellent affiliate marketing programme with excellent incentives.

They pay $150 for each sale of Managed WordPress Hosting, which ranges from $150 to $7000 every sale. Their cookie duration is 90 days. They will pay you within 15 days, so you should look into this site.

Commission: $150 for each sale

Cookie life: 90 Days

Join Liquid Web Affiliate Program

MilesWeb Affiliate Program is really popular, and this is an excellent web hosting site. They offer domain names, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, and other services. 

They have over 4600 active referrers and would pay you 5000/- per referral. If you receive 1-5 signups per month, you’ll get 1000 Rupees per signup, 6-10 signups, 1500 Rupees per signup, and so on.

They will Provide Commission, Real-Time Statistics, and Reporting. They will pay you once a month.

Commission: 1000 Rs/- per signup

Cookie life: 365 Days

Join MilesWeb Affiliate Program

Website Builders Affiliate Programs

Shopify is the best website for selling anything. It is one of the top ecommerce website builders in the world. Joining their affiliate programme might make you a lot of money. They provide the finest opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to flourish digitally. 

Entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators who inspire and teach their audiences about entrepreneurship are eligible to participate in the Shopify affiliate programme.

They will offer you an average of $50-$2000 every purchase and their cookie duration is 30 days.

Commission: $50-$2000 per Sale

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join Shopify Affiliate Program

Shift4Shop is another simple yet powerful ecommerce website builder. In a few simple steps, you can create an awesome website. You can join their affiliate programme because it is designed for bloggers, influencers, and natural promoters.

 When one of your visitors clicks onto Shift4Shop and signs up for our services, you’ll earn $5 – $25. They also offer a 120-day tracking cookie, so don’t miss the opportunity to join over 4,000 successful affiliates.

Commission: $5 – $25 per Sale

Cookie life: 120 Days

Join Shift4shop Affiliate Program

squarespace affiliate program

Squarespace is another awesome website builder from which you can make an attractive website with industry-leading website templates.

You can start a free trial at Squarespace. You should apply for the Affiliate program via Impact. You can receive commissions as long as their audience is converting.

Commission: upto $200

Cookie life: 45 Days

Join Squarespace Affiliate Program

bigcommerce affiliate program

BigCommerce is the best website to build an e-commerce store or a SaaS e-commerce platform.

Bigcommerce has advanced tools and technology to help any business grow.

You will earn 200 percent of the customer’s first monthly payment, or $1,500 per enterprise customer if you refer visitors to BigCommerce.

You can also earn a 200 percent upfront bonus on the plan price of a referral.

They offer a 90-day cookie duration and beautifully designed marketing materials for your ads to increase sales.

I believe it is the best program for inexperienced affiliate marketers.

Commission: 200% Upfront bonus

Cookie life: 90 Days

Join Bigcommerce Affiliate Program

wix affiliate program

Wix is a popular platform for building professional websites without knowing how to code. It is an easy-to-use website that includes a mobile-optimized version that looks fantastic on small devices. 

Wix is used to creating websites by over 200 million people globally. Wix also provides affiliates with tools that can be used to promote Wix on your website. They pay their associates $100 for each sale to begin, and their cookies last 30 days.

Commission: $100 per sale

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join Wix Affiliate Program

sellfy affiliate program

Sellfy is another platform where you can sell Digital Products without having to deal with technical issues. They have almost 32000 creators in their community.

They also provide a 14-day free trial. You can earn recurring commission payments of 25% on each successful paid membership.

They also have dynamic commission rates for sellers that make 6 or more sales every month. If you make 10 sales this month, you will receive a 30% commission rate for the following month.

So, if you sell 16 items next month, your commission rate will be 35%. The percentage can always rise, but it should never go below 25%.

Commission: 25% per sale

Cookie life: 45 Days

Join Sellfy Affiliate Program

weebly affiliate program

Weebly is the perfect platform for creating websites for people who enjoy creativity because you don’t need any code to program the entire thing.

Weebly has more than 40 million users. You can earn 30% commission on every referral, and the cookie will last 120 days. You can earn $60+ EPC with increased traffic.

Commission: 30% per sale

Cookie life: 120 Days

Join Weebly Affiliate Program


Solo Build It (SBI) or Sitesell is the greatest product for launching an online business quickly. Sitesell could be a good option if you want customisable designs with basic and easy-to-use tools.

They will pay you 60% commission on new Solo Build It! (WP Annual sales) and 20% commission on new Solo Build It! (monthly sales). 100% commission on new SBI! for monthly WP sales.

Commission: 60% per sale

Cookie life: N/A

Join Sitesell Affiliate Program


Builderall is one of the best platforms for easily creating, marketing, selling, and running an online business. They say that their drag-and-drop feature allows them to create high-quality web pages in minutes.

If a huge percentage of your traffic comes from mobile devices, Builderall has a Mobile Perfection tool that may give you with useful mobile-friendly versions of your website. If your customers decide to promote Builderall as an affiliate, you will be paid for their work.

Builderall has a two-tier affiliate commission structure, with the first being a Builderall customer/affiliate and the second being a Builderall Solo Affiliate. The commission is paid at 100% on the first sale and 30% in the following months.

Commission: 100% on first sale

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join Buildrall Affiliate Program

motocms affiliate program

Motocms Claims It is a simple website builder on the market. A website can be created without any technical knowledge.

MotoCMS quick website maker allows to make each page of your amazing website completely responsive. It means it will appear beautiful on any platform, whether it is a desktop PC, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

It will also help you improve your mobile search ranking. You can earn up to 50% commission on your first sale, and their cookie period is one year.

Commission: 50% on first sale

Cookie life: 365 Days

Join Motocms Affiliate Program

Best VPN Affiliate Programme


NordVPN claims to have a new Threat Protection function that will safeguard you even if you are not connected to a VPN server.

They have 12 million customers all across the world. They charge its customers roughly $10 per month to install NordVPN on their Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices, as well as up to six of them simultaneously.

As a Nord VPN partner, you will receive a 40% revenue share for each sale you refer, as well as a 30-day cookie.

Commission: 40% 

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join Nordvpn Affiliate Program

expressvpn affiliate program

If you want to protect your website from hackers or other illegal activities, Express VPN is another excellent option. It was founded in 2009 and offers the best affiliate services.

They offer high one-time payouts based on the plan a user chooses: $13 for one month, $22 for six months, and $36 for a year.

You can also refer this to your friend and if they signup. You and your friend get 30 days free Service.

Commission: $13 for first month

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join Expressvpn Affiliate Program


If you own a computer or a laptop, I’m sure you’re familiar with Avast Antivirus. Avast has approximately 435 million users globally.

Avast’s virtual private network is another service that costs $80 per year. Avast antivirus’s affiliate programme is also well-known.

You can earn 35% commission on every purchase and a $7 commission on every annual price plan sign up for Avast VPN. It has a cookie duration of 60 days.

Commission: 35% per sale

Cookie life: 60 Days

Join Avast Affiliate Program

private internet access affiliate program

Private Internet Access provides 10 device connections, malware protection, ad blocking, and no traffic log. If you are new to affiliate marketing, this is a great place to start.

You can earn a 33 percent commission on new sales and continuous customer renewals through this VPN affiliate programme.

Commission: 33% per sale

Cookie life: N/A

Join Private Internet Access Affiliate Program

tunnelbear affiliate program

TunnelBear is the Best VPN Software for Strong Security. They also have a “free” option with 500MB of internet browsing and unlimited VPN services (5 devices) for $4.99 per month.

They will pay you 50% commission on each new sale, and the cookie will last 45 days.

Commission: 50% per sale

Cookie life: 45 Days

Join TunnelBear Affiliate Program

panda vpn affiliate program

Panda Security is a Spanish IT firm that has been protecting systems since 1998. The Panda Affiliate Program will pay you up to 35% commission on each annual payment.

Selling a VPN package earns you a flat commission of $8, however selling monthly antivirus plans only earns you a commission of $5. Its cookies are valid for 30 days.

Commission: $8 per sale

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join Pandavpn Affiliate Program

cyberghost affiliate program

CyberGhost is an excellent platform for being untraceable and anonymous online. VPN protocols and encryption standards that are best in class keep you safe from hackers.

They have 38 million members worldwide, and you can make up to 100% commission on each sale.

Commission: 100% 

Cookie life: N/A

Join Cyberghost Affiliate Program

torguard affiliate program

TorGuard VPN is the most trusted brand for online security. TorGuard Affiliate Program offers affiliates marketing assurances, tracking tools, and quick rewards starting at $ 50.

They will provide you 30% lifetime recurring commissions and a cookie duration of 60 days. They also provide 24/7 help to its affiliates, allowing them to earn more effortlessly.

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring commission

Cookie life: 60 Days

Join TorGuard Affiliate Program

SEO & Marketing Tools Affiliate Program

Writesonic is an AI Writing Tool that generates high-quality articles, blog posts, landing pages, PPC ads, and other content. They will also provide you startup ideas, youtube video copy, growth ideas and products name etc.

It is made for e-commerce startups, B2B marketing teams, and anyone who has to write copy for their business. 

by joining writesonic affiliate program,  Every month that your referred customer stays with writesonic, you will earn a 30% commission; this can be a lifetime recurring income. They will only pay via PayPal, and the cookie will last 30 days.

There’s no minimum balance for payouts. Payouts are made through PayPal only. Payments are made on the first of each month, at least 30 days after the referred customer’s trial account has been converted to a paid account.

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring commission

Cookie life: 60 Days

Join Writesonic Affiliate Program

rankmath affiliate program

Rankmath is the best WordPress Search Engine Optimization Plugin. It is a newbie in the SEO world, but it is quickly gaining popularity.

It is the first SEO plugin with an AI feature and over 20 different types of schema. If a customer signs up using your affiliate link, you will receive $0.20; if the user purchases a premium subscription, you can earn $17-$149. Their cookie longevity is 60 days.

Commission: $17-$149

Cookie life: 60 Days

Join Rankmath Affiliate Program

generatepress affiliate program

GeneratePress is the lightest WordPress theme, which will help in website speed. Their premium plans start at $59, and they have over 90,000 satisfied clients.

They are offering a 30% commission on each sale and will pay a minimum of $75.

Their Cookie duration is 30 days. you must have at least $75 in cleared commissions in order to receive a payment and They will pay you within 30 days.

Commission: 30% 

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join Generatepress Affiliate Program

KWFinder is a powerful tool for finding easy-to-rank keywords. Long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty can be found. Mangools Basic Plan Start with $29.90 per month. You can start 10 day free trial without any credit card. You may keep an eye on your competitors and beat them.

They have 500k+ Users and you can use their banner to promote.The Mangools affiliate program pays an average of $487 a month to its affiliates.If you promote it, you will receive 30% of every sale and If your customer stays you will earn lifetime commission. Cookies are valid for 30 days.

Commission: 30% 

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join KWfinder Affiliate Program

shutterstock affiliate program

Shutterstock is the best platform for getting royalty-free photos, movies, vectors, 3D models, and so on. You can get 10 images for free. 18 lakh satisfied clients in over 150 countries.

On each sale, you can earn a 20% commission. The tracking cookies are only good for 30 days.

Commission: 20% 

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join shutterstock Affiliate Program

Tubebuddy is a fantastic browser extension for finding topics for your videos and recommending catchy tiles and tags. It is one of the greatest YouTube optimization and channel management tools. 

You can do Advance Keyword Research and Get More Views and Subscribers on Youtube. Tubebuddy is Loved by More than 3,000,000 YouTube Creators and Brands.

You can earn up to 30% commission on every sale, and this is recurring income. They also give bonus or legend licences for referring individuals, even if they do not pay for the upgrade.

Commission: upto 30%  (Recurring)

Cookie life: Lifetime

Join Tubebuddy Affiliate Program

SEMRush is a popular tool among digital marketers for keyword research, site auditing, and competition analysis. More than seven million SEO agencies using SEMRush.

You’ll get $200 for each new subscription sale, $10 for each new trial, and $0.01 for each new sign-up. They have 40+ promotional tools and their cookie validity is 120 days.

Commission: $10 for new trial

Cookie life: 120 Days

Join SEMrush Affiliate Program

elementor affiliate program

Elementor is a website-building software that does not require any coding. It helps creators in creating a stunning and attractive professional website. Elementor currently has 140k members.

For each new Elementor Cloud Website Subscriber, you will receive $70. You can earn 50% commission on every sale of the Elementor Pro Plugin.

Commission: 50%

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join Elementor Affiliate Program

sendinblue affiliate program

Sendinblue is a software for email marketing, CRM, and landing page creation. They have three affiliate programmes: the Expert programme, the Blogger programme, and the Startup programme.

Bloggers Program When someone creates an account on Sendinblue, you will earn 5€ commission. If that person purchases a membership, you will receive an additional 100€ and the cookie will be valid for 90 days.

Commission: 5€

Cookie life:  90 Days

Join Sendinblue Affiliate Program

superbthemes affiliate marketing

Superb themes provide the highest SEO-optimized WordPress themes. You can try their themes or plugins for free by subscribing to their newsletter.

They provide up to 60% commission on every sale and recurring income if your users renew their service.

Commission: 60%

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Superb Themes Affiliate Program

ActiveCampaign is a leading provider of email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM software. A CRM with email and sales automation keeps all your customer data organized in one platform.

They will also provide you advanced reporting, Integrated forms, site tracking, Training Support and gmail extension. You can earn up to $1350 per referral and a 20-30% recurring commission.

Theyhave over 6,000 affiliate partners, a partner site with useful affiliate resources, and an excellent affiliate manager. You’ll get up to 30% of whatever the people you refer pay ActiveCampaign.

Commission: 30% (Recurring)

Cookie life:  90 Days

Join Activecampaign Affiliate Program

moosend affiliate program

Moosend is a well-known email marketing software that features a drag-and-drop Service. With the drag and drop editor, you can create a stunning landing page.

In their affiliate program You can earn 30% recurring commissions on new referrals, and the cookie will last 120 days. Moosend is giving Earning per click (EPC) >$2.

Commission: 30% (Recurring)

Cookie life:  120 Days

Join Moosend Affiliate Program


If you are an affiliate marketer, you must have a beautiful landing page.

Leadpages is a popular Landing page Builder that helps consumers in creating the best sales page with a call to action.

Leadpages will pay you 50% commission for each sale as well as 50% recurring commissions. They have three tier levels and a cookie validation period of 30 days.

Commission: 50% (Recurring)

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Leadpages Affiliate Program

GetResponse is an immensely powerful solution for marketing automation, conversion funnels, and email marketing.

They also provide a free forever plan to new businesses.

They provide a monthly recurring income of 33% and an affiliate bounty scheme in which you may earn $100 each sale as an upfront commission. Their cookie longevity is 120 days.

Commission: 33% (Recurring)

Cookie life:  120 Days

Join Getresponse Affiliate Program

Aweber is an excellent email marketing tool for big businesses and marketing teams. If you are a beginner, you can begin using their free service. 

In Aweber Free plan you can do email marketing, make signup forms and leading pages etc. You can automatically create a awsome email template in seconds. 

You can earn up to 50% commission on Aweber referrals. Their cookie lifespan is 365 days. All advocates earn 30% commissions on paid accounts referred. Refer 10 or more new paid accounts in the trailing 12-month period to receive 40% commissions.

Commission: 50% (Recurring)

Cookie life:  365 Days

Join Aweber Affiliate Program


Convertkit is currently one of my favorite email marketing tools, and it is ideal for creators. They offer a 14-day free trial and allow you to create stunning landing pages,

signup forms, and pop-up forms. You may earn a 30% recurring commission for 24 months by marketing Convertkit.

Commission: 30% (Recurring)

Cookie life:  60 Days

Join Convertkit Affiliate Program

Crowdfire is a powerful social media management platform for businesses that helps them boost social media engagement and growth.

It will automatically find articles and photographs that your target audience will enjoy, allowing you to post them on your social media accounts.

They currently have 19M+ satisfied customers. You can earn up to $420 if you suggest Crowdfire. If you invite someone to join Crowdfire, they will offer you 35% of all payments they make in the first year.

Commission: 35

Cookie life:  90 Days

Join Crowdfire Affiliate Program

Best Travel Affiliate Programs

expedia affiliate program

Expedia is the world’s largest travel platform. From here, you can book hotels, rented cars, flights, and vacation packages.

They are available across over 200 countries and work collaboratively with 175+ car rental companies, 10 lakh Hotels and 500+ airlines.

If someone books through your affiliate link, you can earn up to 5% commission, with a 3% commission applied to the UK, Australia, and Germany programmes.

Commission: upto 5%

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Expedia Affiliate Program

tripadvisor affiliate program

Another excellent travel booking platform is TripAdvisor. You can make bookings based on your budget and convenience. They will organise hotels, car rentals, and other trip activities based on your interests.

If you suggest a tripadvisor user, you can receive a 50% commission for 14 days. If you send 170 clicks to TripAdvisor, you can earn $60, 6100 clicks, $1720, and 870 clicks, $550 each month.

Commission: upto 50%

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

booking is another website where you can effortlessly book a trip. They provide hotel accommodations, vehicle rentals, flights, and other services.

By referring this, you can earn a 25% commission on each stayed booking. They have a large network of about 12500 affiliates.

Commission: upto 25%

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Affiliate Program is a great website for comparing car rental pricing. If you work in the tour and travel industry, this is the perfect affiliate programme for you. offers 70% car rental profit and 30% full coverage revenue on every booking, and its cookie lifetime is 365 days.

Commission: up to 70%

Cookie life:  365 Days

Join Affiliate Program


Wego is a service that allows you to book cheap flights and hotels. They make their affiliate programme available to travel bloggers and affiliate marketers.

It is a CPC affiliate programme that pays 0.05-0.40$ for aircraft exit click and 0.20-0.80$ per hotel checkout click. There is a $100 required minimum amount.

Commission: up to $0.80 on click

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Wego Affiliate Program


Travelpayouts is the largest travel service provider, having a wide range of travel services. They offer flights, hotels, vehicle rentals, and other services.

You can earn up to 80% of each booking if you refer to Travelpayouts. It is a massive travel affiliate network with over 24 lakh affiliates.

They give their affiliates a WordPress plugin that allows them to add informational widgets. Their cookies are valid for 30 days.

Commission: up to 70%

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Travelpayouts Affiliate Program

plum guide

Plum Guide is creating the definitive collection of the world’s most extraordinary vacation houses. If you’re going to travel, you’ll need somewhere to stay, so just book one.

They select only 3% of residences in each destination. You will receive a 7% commission on each booking if you promote their home, and their cookie period is 90 days.

Commission: up to 70%

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join PlumGuide Affiliate Program

yatra affiliate

Yatra is India’s largest travel company, offering a wide range of travel services. They provide the most affordable travel and hotel booking options.

They will pay you a 10% affiliate commission on each completed booking, which will be valid for 30 days.

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Yatra Affiliate Program

cheapflight affiliate program

CheapFlight is a global network that allows you to purchase hotels and flight tickets at low prices. They will provide you with promotional content such as text links, search boxes, widgets, and banners.

Affiliates can earn $ 0.25 each mobile click-out and $ 0.45 per desktop and tablet click-out.

Commission: up to $0.45 

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Cheapflights Affiliate Program

Make My Trip is India’s top travel firm, offering a wide range of travel services. You can book a hotel, a holiday package, trains, buses, taxis, Flight tickets, and visas, among other things.

You can participate in this programme whether you are a travel blogger or an affiliate marketer. They will provide you up to 10% commission and their cokkie will last 30 days.

Commission: up to 10% 

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Network Platforms

v commission affiliate program

vCommission, a top affiliate network, is steadily growing every year. Through its expanding network of over 18000 affiliates, the platform delivers top-rated brands with high-quality performances.

This affiliate program was launched earlier than many other programs that cater to multiple marketing goals. An affiliate can make money in various ways, such as through lead generation, driving app downloads, and generating ecommerce sales. 

The platform also collaborates with many e-commerce giants like AliExpress and SnapDeal. You will be paid every month minimum Rs. 5000 for promotion.

Commission: Rs. 5000/- (min.)

Cookie life:  upto 180 Days

Join vcommission Affiliate Program

admitad affiliate program

Admitad, a global affiliate network, is well-known for connecting many companies/brands and publishers worldwide. Admitad is home to some of the most recognizable brands, such as Tata Cliq and Samsung.

This affiliate program was launched in 2005 and offered CPA associate programs that allow publishers to build an online network and monetize their communities’ social media, email, Youtube channels, and messengers.

You can also monetize your content using various business models, including promo codes, coupons and banners. You can withdraw your earnings from the affiliate program using your PayPal account, bank card, or Payoneer platform. The minimum payment threshold is just $20.

Commission: $20 (min.)

Cookie life:  up to 180 Days

Join Admitad Affiliate Program

omg affiliate

OMG Affiliates, a well-known affiliate network in more than 30 countries worldwide, is also known as OMG India. It works with well-known brands such as Amazon, Samsung, PayTM and Agoda.

OMG, Affiliates helps you expand your reach and make it easier to target potential clients. This website is known for its outstanding customer service and performance.

The platform is home to over 1400 premium advertisers. These premium advertisers are deep in retail, finance, telecom, and travel categories.

The affiliate program is completely free to join. This program has a URL age of 8.10 years and a domain authority of 28.

Commission: up to 60%

Cookie life:  up to 180 Days

Join OMG Affiliate Program

CJ affiliate program

Because so many huge brands are here to market their products, CJ is the perfect place to start affiliate marketing. You must request approval before working with top brands.

CJ paid their affiliates 1.8 billion dollars per year. You can advertise any brand that is convenient for you, and they will pay you according to the commission structure.

Their minimum compensation is $50, and cookies vary according to on the brand.

Commission: $50 (min.)

Cookie life:  N/A

Join CJ Affiliate Program

clickbank affiliate program

Clickbank is the Global Leader in Affiliate Marketing, and you do not need permission to promote any major company. Clickbank has a greater commission rate than other affiliate networks, and the minimum payout is $10.

The cookie lifespan is approximately 60 days. It also depends on the specific brand. I personally use Clickbank, and the results are fantastic. If you need information on the best products to promote, kindly inform me and I will send you a list.

Commission: $10 (min.)

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Clickbank Affiliate Program

clickfunnels affiliate program

ClickFunnels is a landing page and sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs, but getting approval from them is challenging. You can make money by promoting Russell Brunson’s Popular Books.

In their Affiliate program, they initially give a 30% commission on all front-end offers. If you have at least 40 active ClickFunnels users who have paid for their membership through your affiliate id for at least 30 days, you can qualify for a commission boost to 40% monthly recurring commissions.

Commission:  30% 

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

digistore24 affiliate program

Digistore24 is a rapidly growing online sales platform. They have almost 8000 products in 44 different niches. They conduct business with practically all major brands.

You can make up to 70% commission by promoting items and services. They will provide you with updates to help you grow your sales.

Commission:  upto 70% 

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Digistore24 Affiliate Program


Impact is the world’s leading partnership solution, connecting major brands and media. Joining their affiliate programme allows you to advertise thousands of major brands such as adidas, HSBC, Lenovo, Levi’s, and others. Withdraw funds on a set day each month or whenever your balance reaches an established threshold.

Commission:  Vary

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Impact Affiliate Program

rakuten advertising affiliate program

Rakuten Advertising is a global brand that connects affiliate marketers and merchants. They listed well-known brands and products such as Best Buy, Walmart, and others. There are various niches to promote and earn money.

They have 25 years of experience in affiliate and performance marketing and they have Access over 150,000 active publishers worldwide. Their commission structure is vary according to product.

Commission:  Vary

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Rakuten Affiliate Program

avangate network

Avangate Affiliate Network is primarily interested in promoting digital goods and software such as Bitdefender, Awario, and various VPNs.

If you want to promote software, you can join this network, but they also have different niches. You can quickly access the merchant’s sales page without having to register.

Avantage offers up to an 85 percent commission rate, with cookie durations values of up to 180 days. Their lowest payout is $100.

Commission:  $100 (min.)

Cookie life:  180 days

Join Avangate Affiliate Program


Udemy is a platform for online learning and teaching with over one lakh courses and over four crore students. They provide in-demand courses in all niches.

You must apply for their affiliate program, and your application will be reviewed within 3 to 4 business days. offer competitive commission rates. The more you promote, the more you earn.

To join this program our website traffic needs to be at least 1,000 monthly visitors in the last 3 months. Your social media pages must have at least 1,000 followers. You can join udemy affiliate program by Rakuten advertising and Awin.

Commission:  N/A

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Udemy Affiliate Program


Shareasale is the industry’s largest and most trusted affiliate network. Shareasale has over 5000 merchants, and you must initially apply for merchant products to promote, after which they will approve your request so you can promote. They sell both digital and physical products and they will pay you a minimum payout of $50.

Commission:  $50 (min.)

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Udemy Affiliate Program

Online Referral Earning Affiliate

cuelinks affiliate

Cuelinks is a great platform for those who can’t promote or monetize their content. Cuelinks provides Javascript code to users, making it easy to monetize content through affiliate links.

Cuelinks is very simple to use. The first step is to create an article using targeted keywords. The platform then links your article to an Amazon product page with the affiliate link. This allows you to receive a commission for every product purchased.

Cuelinks boasts a large community of over 400+ advertisers offering different products and services. It also uses plugins to facilitate affiliate marketing tasks. By Refer Cuelinks you will earn 25% in the Next 3 Months.

Commission:  25%

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Cuelinks Affiliate Program

Zingoy affiliate program

Zingoy is the first cashback offers website in India. If you shop online, Zingoy is the best place for you to save money.

They work with major brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Pharmeasy, and licious to earn cashback. You can earn giftcards here, and if you refer Zingoy to your friends, you will receive 25%.

You can also look for coupons from major brands such as Swiggy, Zomoto, Croma, and Big Bazaar.

Commission:  25%

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Zingoy Affiliate Program

Earnkaro is the best network for sharing deals from major brands via links such as, Myntra, and others.

Simply share this platform with your friends and family to earn cashback through their Refer and Earn program. You have the potential to earn up to $20,000 per month.

They have more than 20 lakh affiliates and more than 150 brands. You can also promote affiliate links of big brands like, flipkart, Ajio, shoclues, Tatacliq, udemy etc.

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Earnkaro Affiliate Program

Online Gaming Affiliate Platform

razer affiliate program

Razer is a well-known brand that specializes in high-quality gaming gear. This business offers a wide choice of gaming computers, mice, pads, gears, and accessories.

They look after their players’ experiences by creating mobile apps and software. Because they have so many things to advertise, Razer will pay you a commission based on the product.

They will provide you up to 10% commission and their cookie period will be 30 days.

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Razer Affiliate Program

astrogaming affiliate program

Astro Gaming is a trusted brand in the gaming industry. They specialize in high-end audio equipment, controllers, and mixers.

You will earn a 5% commission if you promote this gaming platform, and their cookie duration is 30 days.

Commission: up to 5%

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Astro Gaming Affiliate Program

alienware affiliate program

Alienware was acquired by Dell in 2006, and it is designed specifically for gamers. Dell offers discounts on laptops, printers, monitors, televisions, and other electronics.

To promote Alienware, you must first join the Dell Affiliate program. Their commission rate is 1% to 3%, and the cookie duration is 3 days.

Commission: up to 3%

Cookie life:  3 Days

Join Alienware Affiliate Program

finalmouse affiliate program

Final Mouse is a gamer’s first love because it only exists for a limited time. Final Mouse understands a gamer’s nerve, which is why they launch high-quality gaming mice, which is a no-brainer for a gaming website.

If you join their affiliate program, you can earn up to 25% commission on each sale, and their cookie lasts 30 days.

Commission: up to 25%

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Final Mouse Affiliate Program


Logitech offers a wide variety of gaming accessories such as mice, speakers, headsets, webcams, gaming mouse pads, joysticks, and so on, but their best products are high-quality keyboards and mice.

By joining their affiliate program, you will earn a 4% – 10% commission on each sale, with a 30-day cookie duration.

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Logitech Affiliate Program


Kinguin is a global brand that sells gaming accessories and offers instant delivery of game keys around the clock.

They have over a million users and a very good commission structure. Kinguin pays you 5% of all sales generated by your referral links, and the cookie lasts 30 days.

Commission: up to 5%

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Kinguin Affiliate Program


GameFly is the leading online video game rental service based in the United States. It sells games for the Mac, PC, and major console games.

GameFly starts paying you a 10% commission on every sale you make. CJ referred you to their affiliate program, and the cookie period is 30 days.

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Gamefly Affiliate Program

Best Job Portal Affiliate Program


JuJu is a well-known job search platform that allows applicants to find a suitable job. Recruiters can use JuJu to advertise their jobs at a cheaper cost.

It has over 8 million job listings and covers a wide range of industries. You can earn money by participating in their affiliate marketing and referring people to them.

Commission: N/A

Cookie life:  N/A

Join JuJu Affiliate Program

recruiter is the World’s Largest Website for Employers, Recruiters, and Job Seekers. Recruiter is used by some of the world’s largest corporations, including Ford and Manulife.

They do not pay per click commissions, but they will pay you 20% of your hiring fees. FlexOffers manages its affiliate program.

Commission: up to 20% 

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Recruiter Affiliate Program

fiverr affiliate

Fiverr is the best platform for matching freelancers with clients. They are available in over 160 countries, and clients can hire any freelancer according to their budget. If you want to join the Fiverr affiliate program, all you have to do is sign up for free.

For Fiverr services, you can earn $15-$50 CPA and a 30% commission on every course and pro-plan order. Their minimum payout is $100, and their cookies expire after 30 days.

Commission: up to 30% 

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join Fiverr Affiliate Program

360 training affiliate program

360 Training is a top provider of job training courses. They have 11 million students and over 6000 courses. You can join their affiliate program and earn 15% commission on every sale you refer.

There are several courses available here. Their cookie expires after 60 days.

Commission: up to 15% 

Cookie life:  60 Days

Join 360 Training Affiliate Program

jobsoid affiliate program

Jobsoid is a trustable platform for finding the perfect job. They are available in over 100 countries and can schedule interviews Quickly.

If you join the Jobsoid affiliate program, you will earn a 15% monthly recurring commission for every customer who subscribes through your link.

Commission: up to 15% (Recurring)

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Jobsoid Affiliate Program

pure jobs

Purejobs is the best platform for affiliate marketers because you get $0.50 for every job seeker who visits Purejobs via your website and uploads a resume. You also get a 25% commission if it results in a resume sale.

You will also receive a 25% commission if a recruiter or employer purchases a membership or posts a job after finding Purejobs through your site. Purejobs’ cookie lifetime is 60 days.

Commission: up to 25% 

Cookie life:  60 Days

Join Purejobs Affiliate Program

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

planet express

Planet Express is a promising company that offers courier and freight services. It also has a successful affiliate program that offers tips and tricks to maximize your return on its program.

Planet express makes it easy to become an affiliate. You have to sign up, and you’re good to go. Next, you will need to make as many referrals as possible. You will make more money if you have more referrals. It’s that simple.

You can withdraw all earnings using your Paypal account or redeem them as shopping credits. you can earn $5 for every invited user that sends a package.

Commission: $5 

Cookie life:  N/A

Join Planet Express Affiliate Program

1mg affiliate program

India’s best online pharmacy, offering a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medications. You can sign up for the 1mg Affiliate Program directly through the INR Deals ad network.

They will pay you up to 6.2 percent of the sale price. If you are a new user, they will pay you 4.96 percent on orders worth more than 750 and 2 percent on orders worth less than 750. The cookie duration of this is 30 days.

Commission: up to 6.2%

Cookie life:  30 Days

Join 1MG Affiliate Program

moneytransfers helps you in finding great money transfer providers for your specific needs. They currently have 250000 satisfied customers and allow you to send money to over 200 countries worldwide.

By joining our affiliate program they will pay a commission for every user that clicks out. money transfers pay you 15th of every month and the minimum payout must be £50.

Commission: N/A

Cookie life: N/A

Join MoneyTransfer Affiliate Program


Currencyfair is the cheapest and most secure way to transfer money around the world. You can change your currency right away.

You must apply for their free affiliate program, and they will respond within three business days. They will provide you social media content, Videos, and google alerts about CurrencyFair.

They will provide you competitive commission structure for referred customers so you can talk to them regarding commission.

Commission: N/A

Cookie life: N/A

Join CurrencyFair Affiliate Program

INRdeals affiliate program is the best place for affiliate marketers looking for all e-commerce sites on a single website. They are Providing the Ultimate Shopping Destination for Deals, Offers, Coupons, and Discounts.

They collaborate with 200+ major brands such as Tata1mg, Lenevo, Big Rock, Swiggy, Biba, Hostinger Mamaearth, and others. You can share this website with your friends and earn 30% of their earnings, while your friend earns Rs. 50.

They also offer a separate program for affiliate marketers. You can generate links for major brands such as Amazon, Myntra, and Ajio and promote them on social media or other platforms to earn a commission.

Commission: 30%

Cookie life: N/A

Join INRDeals Affiliate Program

UpViral is a cloud-based Referral Marketing platform that allows marketers to run effective and profitable marketing campaigns in a couple of moments.

It will result in increased lead generation, improved conversion rates, and overall site performance. By joining upviral affiliate program You’ll get 50% commission for the first transaction + 30% commission on all rebills.

Commission: 50%

Cookie life: N/A

Join UpViral Affiliate Program

dgm india

DGM India, one of India’s most lucrative affiliate programs, is a network that allows marketers to promote products and services of well-respected Indian brands.

This platform hosts an affiliate program called ‘dg Perform’ that offers attractive commission rates and additional rewards for top performers.

Direct deposits are the only way to receive payments for DGM affiliate programs. Join DGM India as a publisher and choose a campaign.

you get a personal ID number that is included in your affiliate links and earn money. The amount of commission you can earn with DGM India varies from campaign to campaign. DGM India follows the standard cookie lifetime of 30 days

Commission: 50%

Cookie life: 30 Days

Join DGM India Affiliate Program

Socialpilot is a one-stop-shop for all of your social media marketing needs at an affordable price. You can schedule and publish posts on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok, and others.

Users can also sign up for a 14-day free trial to see how it works, and their Professional Plan starts at $29.75 per month.

If you join the Social Pilot Affiliate program, you will be able to earn a 20% recurring commission for one year. They also offer powerful tracking and ready-to-use marketing materials. Their cookie duration is 90 days.

Commission: 20%

Cookie life: 90 Days

Join Socialpilot Affiliate Program

coschedule affiliate program

Coschedule organizes all of your marketing in one place. This management software saves you time when marketing. They have 30000 Happily Marketers in over 100 countries and work with major brands.

Coschedule offers a free marketing calendar for life, as well as the opportunity to learn new marketing abilities. You can earn a 20% commission if you join this affiliate program on Shareasale. Their cookie lifespan is 90 days.

Commission: 20%

Cookie life: 90 Days

Join Coschedule Affiliate Program

socialbee affiliate program

SocialBee is a social media management platform designed for entrepreneurs, service providers, and small businesses. Users can take advantage of a 14-day free trial. Users can create a content calendar and schedule posts across major social media networks.

Get $50 for referring socialBee to your relatives and friends. You can earn 20% commission on every sale if you join their affiliate programme. The cookie will expire in 90 days, and you must join this programme through Partnerstack.

Commission: 20%

Cookie life: 90 Days

Join SocialBee Affiliate Program

How to Promote Affiliate Products

Promoting affiliate products can be Challenging for newbies, as many are unaware of the best way to start but do it consistently and Results will be in Your Favour.

Many large platforms and brands experienced that Organic Reach is much more difficult But you can achieve success if you do your best with the right advertising techniques and outreach strategies to drive people to your products and services.

Professionals are promoting affiliate products to generate passive income in several ways so you can also start this. Through the Following Methods, you can Promote Your Product:- 

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1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way to connect with your audience, gauge their potential customers, gain trust, convert inquiries into sales, and communicate with them. This method allows you to create informative content and interesting newsletters with important links.

In return for their email addresses, one of the best ways to increase your subscriber base is to offer attractive deals or freebies.

2. Social Media Marketing

This is a great tool to promote your affiliate products. Social Media Marketing is a common way for businesses to increase traffic to their website or mobile app. By boosting your posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can easily see the difference.

You can also increase your sales by creating engaging posts and sharing them with multiple users/groups.

3. Whatsapp Marketing

One of the most popular ways to promote affiliate products is Whatsapp marketing. Whatsapp messages can be ignored today. People check their messages as soon as they arrive.

You can monitor the number and delivery of messages you have forwarded, sent, and created a Whatsapp profile to get basic analytics.

After creating your business profile, you can add multiple people to different groups and promote products there. You can also use Whatsapp’s status feature to share your latest products and offers with your Instagram or Facebook profile.

4. Paid Advertisements

Advertising is one of the most efficient ways to promote affiliate marketing products. Although advertising can be expensive, it is well worth the expense.

Advertising your affiliate products will immediately increase sales. You have many options to advertise.

5. Blogging

Blogs are a great way to establish your expertise and build a community of readers. You can also become a trusted source of useful information for those always looking for more.

Blogs are a great way to promote affiliate products. They are informative and can generate lots of traffic if they have trending and useful information. A great way to increase sales is to use a great piece of content that demonstrates the benefits of your products.

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Modalities of Payment to Affiliates

Affiliates can receive 4 types of payments:-

  • Cost per Sale– Affiliates are paid for each sale made through their links.
  • Cost per Click – Affiliates are paid for each click on an affiliate link.
  • Cost per Lead– Some companies pays affiliates to add leads. They may even get paid if a new customer signs up for the merchant’s website.
  • Cost per Action– Affiliates get paid for specific actions. You could complete a survey or fill out a form.

What is the Future of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing’s future is bright and beautiful. We have seen an exponential rise in online sales, not just in India but around the globe. Affiliate marketing is responsible for between 15 and 20% of all online sales. As online shoppers increase, these numbers will only continue to rise.

According to the International and Mobile Association of India report, it is expected that affiliate marketing will only bring in more than $800 million of business within the next three to four years.

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