What to look  for in the best WordPress hosting?



When you are choosing a WordPress hosting provider the most important thing lies on the speed of the hosting provider, it is not only speed that matters but it is what matters the most. Speed determines the loading time required to open a website on that particular hosting service provider. A loading speed of an ideal website should not exceed more than 1.8 seconds.



Security is the most common thing that is considered, while looking for a hosting service you must also look for various Security updates, SSL Certificate Protection, malware updates and other Security and confidentiality certifications.



Most hosting services are very cheap and affordable and market a lot of unnecessary features, but come with a poor integration of Plugins and inferior server management facility, apart from it they might also fail to offer expert support. One must avoid such hosting services at any cost. 



 Price is a great factor when deciding hosting service, many hosting services market themselves to be highly affordable or sometimes free for a year, it is not that they dont bring value with them, but one must also be considering speed, uptime, storage, traffic bandwidth  and other necessary features before choosing the right hosting service according to their needs.

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