Top 10 SEO Tools to Boost Rank and Traffic in 2023



Running a technical SEO audit on any website.  Tracking your daily rankings.  Analyzing any competitor’s SEO strategy.   Analyzing any domain’s backlink profile.   Researching millions of keyword ideas.   Gathering SEO ideas for gaining more organic traffic.   Unlock not provided keywords.

SE Ranking


Whether you prefer a scheduled audit or automatically generated reports, SE Ranking makes it easier to create reports for your company and clients SE Ranking generates personalized and highly accurate reports, making it easier to meet the requirements of demanding clients You can create comprehensive marketing plans using keyword research, backlinks checker, website audit and on-page SEO checker of SE Ranking 



The free version of Ahrefs (webmaster tools) is perfect for any small businesses and wannabe SEO experts because it can fix your SEO mistakes and boost your ranking and organic traffic The paid version of Ahrefs provides a complete site audit, as it crawls your website and provides the overall SEO health score The site explorer of Ahrefs provides an in-depth look at organic search traffic and backlinks profile of any website or URL 



Serpstat is the fastest growing SEO tool in the market because it provides comprehensive SEO data to 300,000+ users Serpstat does an excellent job of providing an idea of a keyword’s value and the time it will take to rank the content on that keyword Serpstat is a decent alternative to browsing through numerous tools during research  This tool is ideal for spying on your competitors 



PrePostSEO provides a great set of features without any cost to answer the diverse needs of users It has an Android and iOS application, which makes it easier for users to access its features The plagiarism checker, article rewriter and paraphrasing tool of PrePostSEO can perform their functionalities in different languages 

Screaming Frog


Screaming Frog SEO Spider makes it easier to identify and solve the problem of indexed web pages that shouldn’t be and the meta of a website  Screaming Frog SEO Spider makes it easier to identify and solve the problem of indexed web pages that shouldn’t be and the meta of a website Once you have executed this SEO audit tool for your website, you will get a ‘Status Code’ and ‘Status’ of every web page of your website 

Google Search Console


Google Search Console (GSC) has a massive advantage over the other discussed tools, which is its directly measured data from Google   It accurate data, you can rely on the provided number of impressions and clicks for your website Even naïve users can easily understand how Google crawls and processes the schema on your website 



CanIRank makes it easier to identify the changes that can make a more significant impact on your website’s ranking Even if a user is away from the game of SEO, CanIRank will notify him about the new content ideas and ranking changes With CanIRank, you can identify the phrases that your competitors are targeting to rank higher in search engines  



WebPageTest provides the overall performance detail for an inputted domain To increase your website performance, you will need to work on the areas mentioned in the ‘Performance’ section You can even head over to the ‘Screenshot’ section to get the results according to the screenshots of your website  You can save the test results by creating a free account on WebPageTest 

Exploding Topics


Exploding Topics contains an eye-catchy UI, making it more appealing to users The free version of Exploding Topics is enough to handle the basic needs of a blogger Exploding Topics is an excellent alternative to the manual process of brainstorming the ideas Exploding Topics sorts the trending keywords according to their niches-type

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