Top  10 Analytics Interview Questions and Answers in 2023


It is a web analytics tool developed by Google that gathers and analyzes data linked to website traffic. It helps in the optimization of a website and also improves the user experience. The main objective of Google Analytics is to assist you in making decisions to increase the site’s productivity and profit.

What is Google Analytics?


Analyzing consumer behavior Examine what works best for you. It helps you in determining where your visitors are coming from. Boost your conversion rate

Advantages of Google Analytics?


In this,  a goal allows you to measure user-interactions on your website. You may choose specific interactions to track, such as visits to the thank you page after a purchase, form submissions, ebook downloads, etc. It allows you to assess how effectively your website converts and achieves your goals.

What is Google Analytics Goals?


A session is the number of actions a user has with the website during a given period. It is set to last 30 minutes but may be changed. Visit pages, download e-books, buy things, and so on are examples of activities. Non-active users will not affect data after the session expires.

What is a Session?


Google Analytics has a maximum of 20 funnel pages. It assists in determining where users begin and finish their purchasing journey. Based on this, one may remove the obstacles in the conversion process.

Explain Funnel in Google Analytics?


Bounce Rate is the percentage of website visitors that Exit the landing page without visiting any other pages or taking any specified action. It is the percentage of all sessions on your site. Users viewed only a single page and generated a single request to the analytics server, divided by the number of single-page sessions.

What is Bounce Rate?


Conversions may be tracked using Google Analytics goals. Any specified objective, such as form submission, purchase, and high level of engagement, may track.

How to Track Conversions by Google Analytics?


Google Analytics acquisition reports assess and record how users enter your website. Several reports are available to evaluate everything from the traffic source, i.e., where the user landed on your site.

Explain Acquisition report in Google Analytics?


Clicks describe activity on a website, such as clicking on a link, navigating to a new webpage, downloading a brochure, etc. A visit is the amount of time a person spends on a website.

Difference Between Clicks and Visits?


The percentage of site exits that happened from a webpage or set of pages is the Exit Percentage. It is the page on your website from which the visitor exited. The exit rate is calculated as a percentage by dividing the total number of exits by the number of page views. Thank-you pages and blogs typically have a higher exit rate.

Explain Exit Rate?

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