9 Important On-Page SEO Ranking Factors


SEO Title

SEO Title is generally what appears on the search tab of Google when your page is visible for a search query. It is determined to contain a length of 50 to 60 words and provide the most accurate information to the users through the SEO title about your blog or article.


Meta Description 

Meta Description holds an overview of what you want to convey to your customers or prospects. It will help in ranking indirectly. Optimizing this with a target keyword will help you rank. One of the ranking factors in SEO is CTR. 


Keywords placement 

Keywords are the building blocks of your content. You need to go through thorough keyword research, in competitor analysis, processes to ensure that you’re targeting the right keywords. Keywords placement is a skillful task, you cannot push any keyword that is trending on the internet in your article.


Schema Tags

It’s a form of microdata which once added to a webpage creates an enhanced description, commonly-known as a rich snippet in search results. Almost every search engine including Google, Yahoo and Bing use it as a standard for showing search results. 


Image Alt tags

Alt tag is very essential in the name of an image. Sometimes when your internet is slow, images don’t load on your page and you are still able to see text about that image. The text behind your image is called image alt tag. Add keywords in the alt tags this will help your images rank on the search engines.


Content Structure

Content structure refers to how you organize your content. If you structure your content well, users will find their way more easily and Google can index your URLs better. Suppose if you are writing a blog, instead of writing long paragraphs, use short paras and try to add points wherever possible to make it more engaging.


Ordered and Unordered List

Ordered list is the list in which your points are numbered and an unordered list is the list in which your points are bulleted. While writing your content, follow a list style format. It will help the search engine algorithm to quickly understand that your page is most relevant for search query.


Link Placement 

Links play a major role in shaping your website. Link is important for on-page SEO because many search engines like bing ranks you based on the number of links that you have and they typically crawl websites through the links. 


URL Structure

URL structure plays an important role in on-page SEO ranking factor. Create SEO friendly URLs. Try to make short URLs as long URLs are hard to remember and even difficult to share. Use lowercase and hyphens  instead of underscore and spaces.  You must include keywords in your URL to boost your ranking.

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