6 Best Types  of Fonts in  Font Category

Serif fonts


Do you know when you should use a serif font ? Serif is one of the most common fonts that you have heard again and again while typing. It is one of the oldest types of fonts that is in use since the 1400s, it is distinguished into four different sub-categories and was inspired by the calligraphy of the time. Serif Fonts are easy to read and straight and quite popular since ages due to their extensive use in newspapers, books and magazines. It is used to build authority, convey any important message or show class, history, or quality. 

Sans serif  fonts


Slab Serif fonts is one sub category of Serif Fonts that appeared in the 1800s and is categorized by thick, block and traditional design that is vertical in nature. Slab Serif style is eye-catching in nature and has a bold and modern character that is mostly used to design posters and has a casual approach to it.

Slab serif  fonts


Slab Serif or Square Serif is also one commonly used font and a subcategory of the Serif font that started emerging in the late 1800s. The Font has an iconic angle and curve that make the Slab-serif an easy to distinguish font. Many brands today use a Slab-serif style font to their unique advantage, and bold typeface allowing them to stand out from others.

Script fonts


As the word Script denotes, these fonts or typefaces are based on regular handwriting and mimic them very closely, they are fluidic in nature and seem like a stroke created with handwriting. They are generally used in displaying any artistic or trade printing, or logos and are commonly avoided for writing purposes. Alex brush, great vibes, Lobster, Allura and Kaushan are some well known script fonts.

Display fonts


Display fonts are generally being used to help formal or informal designs. Display fonts often make them to the headlines or headings due to their individual, unique and expressive and powerful character. Display typefaces are more eccentric and have variable designs that offer great contrast to the simple, and composed typefaces generally used for body text. These typefaces were a common practice in print but have become more popular after extensive use in digital platforms.

Decorative  fonts


As the name itself suggests, Decorative Fonts are used for ornamental purpose and are advised to be strictly avoided for writing or in use in the body, they are generally stylish and large in size that possess a unique and bright typeface. They are used in Headings or titles to offer a contrasting effect.

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