Best Social Media Platforms To Run Ads



If your target audience is B2B rather than B2C, LinkedIn may be the most cost-effective social media advertising platform. LinkedIn stands out among the top social networks as a meeting place for business leaders. Given that 69 percent of LinkedIn US users earn $50,000 or more per year, this platform has the highest average disposable income and high-quality leads in specific industries.



YouTube reaches more people aged 18 to 49 than any other network or cable channel. When traditional marketers wonder where their audience has gone, they should look no further than YouTube. Because YouTube has so many users creating and sharing content, it’s a great place to share unique advertising content. Product reviews, testimonials, walkthroughs, and exclusive demos can all help propel any business forward.



Instagram is an excellent platform for brands with visually appealing products easily incorporated into visual media. Instagram has a massive user base, albeit significantly younger than that of other advertising platforms. So, if your company and target audience fit both of those criteria, Instagram advertising may be the best option for you.



Twitter is a popular social media channel globally, as the go-to platform for discovering breaking news and engaging with small and big-name influencers. Tweets are automatically promoted to your target audience by Twitter. All you have to do is select a promotable Tweet from your timeline and specify your target audience, and Twitter will handle the rest.



Pinterest is a visually appealing platform with whimsical wedding photos, cooking videos, and fashion reels. However, with a 71 percent female user base, Pinterest is primarily geared toward women. Given that Pinterest users use the platform to find and purchase products, Pinterest is one of the best platforms for social media advertising. 85 percent of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on brand Pins.

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