7 Tips to Increase Traffic 10X

Write a review of book, experience, movie, radio show, or anything else you really enjoy. People like honest reviews.

Write Book review


Write a hint about what you really know. No need to do a lot of reaseach. What I heard recently opinions, advice, information etc. People loive Tips!

Write a Tips that you know


Choose some questions people want to know the most. Do some research and answer their questions. they will love you.

Choose some Questions


Write as you speak. very casualand can be more interesting for people to read. You don't have to be good at writing. Write whatever comes to your mind.

Write as you speak 


Choose topics that are less likely to conflict with other articles. Instead of home business, you can write"how to start a home business" or "how to find an online business that really works".

Choose your Topics


Provide an Introduction to what you want to tell your readers. When you get their attention, say it in your body. 

Make an Introduction


Write a short paragraph about yourself at the end of the article. This helps people get to know you better. As you write more articles, there is no better way than to introduce yourself first.

Write a short paragraph


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