5 Best Elements of Guerrilla Marketing


Create your own kind of content that stands out from others. Come up with something unique, creative, and unusual type of content and present it in such a way that your intended audience would understand and appreciate it.


Make use of low-cost unconventional tools that are mostly intended to create something which is more shareable among peers. Considering its emotional  impact on users and the brand awareness it creates, Guerilla marketing ideas are highly cost effective compared to other means.


Guerilla marketing heavily depends on the creativity of the team that has been assigned to do it. Make sure to create content that energizes individuals to get engaged and interact with its emotional aura. Reaching your audience to take part effectively in your campaign is important for its success. 


Your promotional message should be inspiring, clear, funny, etc. It should be designed in such a way that it conveys a clear message that can catch your audience’s attention immediately. Make sure that your message reaches the audience in one go.


Timing is the most important key element as you need to amaze your target audience at the perfect time. Examine and launch your campaign when your audience least expects it.

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