3 Small Must Take Steps in SEO


Audience Assessment

In order to drive traffic into your website, you must first assess who your audience is and identify what actions or what kind of content pursues them to take action. You might be shocked, but this is true. You need to understand your customer and then put the right things on the plate. The evaluation needs to begin from the ground work that involves the evaluation of readers or customers and what they like and dislike.


Website Assessment

Content is the key in deciding everything in a website you need to evaluate your content wisely to be a better blogger; plagiarism or any kind of unverified data or misinformation that is there in your blog or website can be flagged by Google and hence hurt your page’s ranking. You need to closely monitor your competitor’s website, on what is being put on their websites and whether the content supplied by you matches the quality of what your competitors tend to offer.


Audience Assessment

Keywords have been found to play the most important role in ranking your article. You need to identify the most valuable keywords for the topic you are writing and based on its relevance and popularity. You must avoid using unpopular search keywords as it is of less value. what keywords are most searching on google. Your audience is the most important source of survey in your business. You need to understand how they search and what they search over the internet and give a clear glimpse of what they are searching and try to solve their problem. 

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