9 Proven  Off-Page SEO Techniques You must Use in 2023

Guest Blogging


There are various websites that offer free blog posts or guest posts on their pages. You just need to identify the most relevant website for your work and target audience that can bring you a lot of backlinks. In case you do not know any such website search on google with any of the following Keywords such as: “become a guest contributor”or “write to us” or “guest blogging”, etc.

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is one of the key tools of gaining the best Off-Page SEO activity for your webpage. People now-a-days spend a lot of time on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat and other various local social media webpages. 

Blog Commenting


 Blog Commenting is more simpler than Q&A forums and it has become an effective practice these days. Leaving a comment on other websites and blogs with a relevant link to your webpage is considered a simple way of gaining traffic and getting more backlinks.

Press Release


Press Release is a very cost-effective way of interacting with your target audience and getting backlinks from other websites. Creating interesting headlines for your Press Release is very important. However, there is a strategy to do so. You have to include the most updated and recent content in your press release and make sure to keep it short, compact and easy to read so that it brings the audience back to your website.

Social Bookmarking


Social Bookmarking is a new term for many of us, however, this has been in use since many years. It is considered as one of the most instant practices for getting backlinks and increasing your website’s authority. Though experts have always doubted its relevance in today’s marketing environment and whether to use this method or not, it surely works to a certain extent.

Broken Link Building


Broken Link Building is the most useful and strategically well-positioned method. You might have come across many broken links such as “Error 404, Page not Found”. In this method one has to find broken links which are available in abundance over the internet, and then contact the owner of the website for the broken link. 

Brand Mentions


 Brand Mentions play an important and vital role in helping search engines find the most authoritative webpage. If your webpage has more mentions across various social websites, blogs and relevant and official brand webpages your webpages chance of ranking is increased by a larger fold. It also builds trust and reliability among users for your websites. 

Influencer Outreach


I hope you are not alien to this term in the world of digital marketing. Outreaching influencers are considered as an important practice to reach the most suitable audience and gain plenty of backlinks through Off-Page SEO strategy. if you don't have enough budget so you can contact to not so much popular influencers at low cost.

Q&A Forums


Over the years, Q&A forums have become a very relevant and employed source of generating backlinks and a popular Off-Page SEO tool. Visiting the most relevant Q&A forums and appointing your activity there can be fruitful in building an Off-Page SEO strategy.

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