How to Make Money through Vlog


Both vlogs and blogs are dependent on advertisement and audience for revenue. A major chunk of revenue for vlogs comes from these advertisements and vloggers make good money from them.


Vloggers also earn from affiliate programs or affiliate marketing such as selling or promoting a product or service between their vlogs. This is mostly useful and has a higher response rate than blogs. 


Another way is also interesting: you can insert a link in the video for making a purchase or in the description and every time a product is sold through that link you receive a commission. You can also get sponsorship which is common for vloggers and promote the product by reviewing it and get the desired fees as per your reach.


Almost all successful vloggers end up getting sponsorships but then they have to have  a huge subscriber base and a lot of organic views coming into their vlogs on a regular basis. Successful vloggers also sell their own merchandise and this makes them a lot of money.

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