Differences between a Blog and a Vlog?



Vlogs have a favourite destination called Youtube which is a free video sharing platform for bloggers. Youtube blogging is best for newbies and you can learn many things by video blogging. While blogs need a website or a specific blogging platform where you can post all your articles. However, this requires a paid platform where you need to to buy a domain, build a website, and pay for hosting services. You can also use other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter and many more free to use free platforms.


Content Publishing

A major important difference between a blog and a vlog is that is the content. A blog generally consists of writing work and writing consists of a big share of the work. The major challenge in a blog remains researching and writing content. Then you may also add pictures, videos, tables or other things to enhance the information in your page. words count is the only diifference between article and blog. While writing can be a challenging task, video content is not easy to make as well and is a laborious task, it does depend on the video content you are making.



Content Editing is not an easy task, however when compared between a blog and a vlog you see both are poles apart. While blogs require editing, grammar check, proofreading, and adding what your readers like, video content are not so easy to edit. In a video content you need to go through a longer and much more time taking process of editing where the content is edited with help of professional software and syncing both audio and video needs a high level of expertise.


Equipment or Tools

The cost of publishing a vlog on the internet is absolutely low but when you compare it with other equipment and tools you realise that vlogging is an expensive task, the equipment required for blogging is expensive when done in a professional way. In case of blogging you just need a laptop or a computer and an internet connection, but when you are vlogging you can also get it done through your smartphone but since demand for quality content is growing then you need to hire a professional camera, microphone and a high end computer for editing your videos.



Vlogs and blogs have a separate audience base, based on the various audiences you need to try things and experiment with it. Both blog and vlog have a different audience portfolio which mostly depends on the type of content. People who need a more methodically laid and researched data may prefer to choose blog as a tool while vlogs are preferred by a category of young and creative people who need faster access to knowledge and better visual data. Audiences who are young, and under 20 usually prefer to watch vlogs as a normal way to spend time and respond in the same way to these vlogs.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or the more familiar SEO is a tried and tested way that has been found useful for blogs rather than blogs, while they have not been found of much use to vloggers. Bloggers often use a lot of SEO techniques to optimize content and get your content into top ranking over the internet. Blogs are mostly made of text and they get an advantage with SEO techniques but vlogs are not that privileged to use SEO methods for ranking on youtube or other social video sharing platforms as there is not much written content.

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