7 Ways to find Great Content for Blog in 2022



Quora is an excellent source to get a content idea. It’s a Q/A platform that really helps you understand what the market is thinking, what kind of questions do they have. Enter the website and type the topic or keyword as per your industry.



Reddit is a great place to go to get real insight from real people. It introduces you to millions of niche specific communities discussing their topics of interest, which you can tap into, to find great content ideas. What you can do with Reddit is find real questions that people are asking. You can see what other people are suggesting.


Ask your Audience

Ask your readers to answer some questions in the form of a survey or go live on social media platforms and ask your audience what problems they are facing. You can generate a lot of great content ideas from the answers and the most trending content ideas.


Social Media Analytics

Use social media analytics to check out the posts with the immense number of views or engagement. Get ideas from the posts and create a blog around them and drive more traffic to your site.


Competitor Websites

Check out competitors websites, see the content they are creating and check their FAQ section. Look at the type of questions they are getting and answer those with some sort of content. 


Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to find relevant comparison phrases and shows the historical search popularity for any phrase.  Open google trends, type in a phrase inside it. Scroll down and look at related queries and inside related queries, you’re gonna see a lot of relevant terms that people are also searching for related to that phrase and you are going to come up with a lot of ideas as you do this research.



Hashtags can be a great way to track topics, especially across Instagram and Twitter. Through trending tags, you will be able to see the most popular topics and questions. From there, you can get the topics that you should be focusing on with your content. 

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