Ideas  for Start-ups



 Billboard Advertising


Billboard advertising must use creative copy and the purpose of such advertising is to help people recall a brand when they enter the purchase funnel.



Word of Mouth is the best marketing that happens when people talk about the product or service with their friends, family, or colleagues. This marketing is however intended to create an opinion in the user’s mind by other customers who review the product and their experience.

Create Graffiti


Graffiti marketing uses city walls in a creative way to draw people’s attention by writing or painting some creative drawing or message on the walls that draws attention to your brand.

Social buzz


Social Buzz marketing” is a kind of marketing that focuses on generating interest in a product or service through social media and word-of-mouth. In this strategy, they communicate with their target market using social media, influencer marketing, microblogging sites, peer reviews, and so on. Its aim is to convince people to become loyal customers.


Treasure hunts

Another guerrilla marketing tactic that possesses active engagement of the audience is treasure hunt. You can make customized and high-quality treasure hunts that include posting online hints to hidden items scattered over a single or few cities.


QR Codes

Using a QR code that can link back directly to your website or anything that you are selling. You need to mark the prominent location where there’s high foot traffic and use such QR Codes with a message that pursues them to open the message.



Influencer marketing is the promotion of a company or service by someone who is already successful on social media in a certain area and engaged with followers. More than 69.5 percent of marketers in the United States use this technique to advertise their business. Influencer marketing is quickly becoming one of the most efficient methods of attracting customers and clients.

The Author: Webjinnee