Starbucks is a coffee industry giant that has been promoting sustainability and humane sourcing for its products for over a decade. Starbucks promotes environmentally friendly materials such as disposable cups and green packing material  while also attempting to reduce the use of plastic and harmful materials. They also take part in environmental programs and Starbucks marketing strategy is unique.


Ikea is one of the world’s leading furniture companies. This furniture giant launched its own eco-friendly strategy called “People and Planet Positive.” In Alone USA, solar energy is used in 97% of their stores. Ikea’s marketing strategy is unique in that they deliver products in parts that customers must assemble.

3. The Body Shop

This famous cosmetics brand is committed to animal cruelty prevention and sells 100% vegetarian products. This is the first international cosmetics brand to advocate cruelty-free policies.

4. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is reducing its carbon footprint and operating in a more sustainable manner. They will also recycle their Coca-Cola bottles and cans. According to them, 61% of the equivalent bottles and cans we put on the market in 2021 were collected and refilled or recycled. Coca-Cola’s goal is to collect and recycle a bottle and can by 2030.

5. Apple

Apple launched the Macbook Air and Macbook Mini in 2019 with 100% recycled material, aluminum.  Apple tries to develop new products with less waste because electronic waste is harmful to both the environment and the user. Their slogan at the time was “Truly Innovative products leave their mark on the world but not the planet.” Apple is now a Big Brand that has created its own blue ocean.