5 Important things that we should keep in mind before Buying a new laptop for blogging



I don’t need to explain to you why you need a laptop with a good battery backup obviously we all need the best battery backup in our laptops. In some of the best available laptops, the battery capacity lasts for more than 8 hours. However, a decent one will easily run for 6hrs and that will do your job.



Laptops usually come along with two types of storage, one is Hard Disk Drive (HDD), An automatic common data storage place. And Solid State Drive (SSD), a more advanced hard drive that writes your data onto flash memory chips. This laptop with lots of storage.



We all are so tech-savvy these days that we definitely know the difference between the various generations of processors, RAM memory, HDD space, and their impact on our computer’s performance. I will strongly recommend buying an Intel i5 or above processor laptop with at least 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD for their sturdy performance and lag-free work.



As a blogger, we might need to work hours carrying our laptops and if your laptop weighs a lot it might get difficult for you to work carrying it on your lap, heavier laptops are sometimes unbearable and disturbing. So, when you are choosing a laptop for blogging, look for the one that is lightweight and easy to carry, especially when your work makes you travel a lot.



The display is the most underrated department in a laptop, that much don’t care about, however, we all need a good, bright display in our laptop that offers the best viewing angles and above all should produce crisp and clear images. A good display with accurate brightness as per surrounding conditions is quite necessary.

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