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Webjinnee’s Online best ping website tool is widely used by the webmaster to submit sites to search engines. Pinging your website's URLs to the search engine is very important. It helps you to submit your webpage on Google and other Search engines. You have to ping your Url on the Search engine. Search engines usually take the time to recognize and index your data without pinging. So, Ping your new URL because indexing your URL is essential.

How Online Ping Tool Works?

This free online tool will extract URLs one by one and ping those links to more than 70 search engines. The URL's title is used as the pinged URL's name. It is important to ping the URL to search engines so your article can rank high.

How do Online Ping Website tools help in Google Ranking?

If you have a quality backlink from a website with a high authority score, submitting that page to search engines is the first step. When Google, Bing, or Yahoo are not scanning a particular web page, it is also necessary to ping backlinks.

Using our Google-indexed pages checker, you may determine whether certain content is listed in search engines after submitting it for indexation.

How to use Online Ping Website Tool?

It is very easy to use the Online Ping Website Tool by Webjinnee. Just follow these simple steps to ping your URL:-

Step 1- Go to the page

Step 2- Enter your Blog URL

Step 3- Enter the Blog’s Updated URL and blog RSS feed URL

Step 4- Hit on the Enter Button and Ping Your Website

Remember, to Index your URL on Google Index Checker and also Ping your website on Online Ping Website Tool

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